Well it’s been a long time since we’ve actually done an end of year round-up! And it’s actually filling me with such joy that I actually get to write one of these this year. As the last few days of 2022 slip by, and we prepare to greet the fresh new days of 2023… I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the last 12 months of the blog; and celebrate what we’ve accomplished. 

2022 was a good year, content wise, for us. In 2020, we posted just 8 articles. To be fair, we were in the grips of a pandemic and everywhere was shut down… so not surprising. As we moved into 2021; we still only managed to publish 8 articles. However this year, we’ve posted over 40 articles – and most of those were done between July and December. I’m so incredibly proud of what I’ve managed to put out this year; especially as the year has not been an easy one. For a while, I had seriously been considering closing down the blog; not taking it offline – but at the very least I was going to hang up my reviewing hat.

But something kept me going; and when the opportunity presented itself for me to focus on the blog on a more full time basis; I knew I had to give it a try. And I am so glad I did. We achieved some amazing milestones in 2022. And we’ve reviewed some amazing products; some not-so great products and we wrote a buttload of sexy thoughts. So let’s get into the end of year round-up and see what we got up to in the last 12 months…

Top Sex Bloggers 2022

In a twist I didn’t see coming, we placed at number 4 on the Top Sex Bloggers List that is curated by Molly’s Daily Kiss every year. The last time we were included on the Top 100 was back in 2018. We’ve been missing from the list for too long… and it feels so amazing to be back! Its a huge smack of validation that ensures me that I made the right decision to continue the blog; and it’s certainly helped spur me on to continue producing content and making 2023 another successful year! Our ‘Ode to Dick‘ was also chosen as one of the best Non-Fiction entries as well. Don’t forget to go and check out the full list and take a good look at all of the blogs that made the list. I’ve already found myself some new blogs to read in the new year!

First Article to achieve over 1 million page views.

This year saw one of our guide posts hit the milestone of over 1,000,000 page views! A figure that is just insane to me. When I wrote our Anal Douche Guide all the way back in 2014; I didn’t think it would go on to be the most viewed and searched for article in the blogs history. But here we are… 8 years later and it’s still the best performing post on the blog by a mile. I wonder what page view milestone will be set next?

Top 10 Performing Posts (by Page Views)

These were the most popular posts for the year 2022. It will come as no surprise as to what is #1..

  1. Anal Douching 101 – A Guide to Anal Cleanliness
  2. EDGE 2 by Lovense (Review)
  3. A Gay Man’s Guide to Wand Massagers
  4. The Handy Automatic Masturbator (Review)
  5. TENGA Aero (Review)
  6. ARCWAVE Ion (Review)
  7. MAX 2 by Lovense (Review)
  8. Tom of Finland Head2Head Vibrating Sleeve (Review)
  9. LELO Hugo Prostate Massager (Review)
  10. TENGA FLIP Orb Blue Rush (Review)

The Best Sex Toys of 2022

For our ‘best of’, any toy that achieved a score of 8.5 or above is included in this list. These aren’t necessarily products that launched in 2022, but they were reviewed (and loved) this year. So without further ado; in no particular order; my tops picks of the year are as follows:

TENGA Bobble Crazy CubesTENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes (Review November ’22)

Score: 10

A late entry but one that very much deserves a spot here. This little stroker is an absolute delight and it’s such a simple concept! A soft stretchy sleeve filled with firm little cubes that create the most interested dual-density sensation as you thrust your cock deep inside it. I cannot adequately put into words how amazing it feels… it’s one of those toys that you are just going to have to try out for yourself.

LoveBotz The Milker Pro EditionLoveBotz The Milker Pro Edition

Score: 8.8

This one came as a bit of a surprise; but oh my the fun we had with this one. I was worried it was going to be awful; I had tried a similar machine a long time ago when I was reviewing for Lovehoney directly and the machine was just… terrible. But we were pleasantly surprised at what this noisy beast could do. I certainly have had lots of fun hooking the MR up to this and having him teetering on the edge for ages… It wasn’t perfect but it’s still definitely worthy of the list.

Doxy Die Cast 3R

Score: 9.5

I was very absent from the sexy toy world for most of 2020/2021; so the fact a rechargeable Doxy slipped past me for this long is not surprising; but it is absolutely unacceptable – and this year I as able to rectify that mistake and bugger me; was it worth it. Long time readers will know how much I bloody love a Doxy. The fact they managed to pack a tremendous amount of power into a smaller and wireless option astounds me. But they did it and holy crap; I’ve not put the damn thing down. In the summer, when we were all melting from the heatwave; the 3R was my absolute best friend. The laziest and most efficient wanks ever.

Aneros Prelude Enema Bulb Kit

Score: 9.7

Granted it’s not a Sex toy; however it was hands down one of the best products I reviewed in 2022 and has completed changed my douching routine. The bulb douche is a fairly simple piece of kit to use but can be fraught with issues; especially if you are brand new to douching. The Prelude takes way all of those headaches and makes douching a fuss-free experience. I don’t really have anything else to say, other than it’s an absolute must-buy.

Arcwave VoyArcWave VOY

Score: 10

The perfect 10 club is very small this year; but I was genuinely surprised at the negative backlash I received for posting this review. I was accused of being paid off to post a positive review; to lying about it; some of the comments I received where abhorrent. But despite that, I stand by my review. We loved this. The VOY is the perfect example of how you can introduce sex toys into the bedroom with a partner; believe it or not – many of use use sex toys with partners to enhance sex; not just to squirt out a quick orgasm! We had lots of fun experimenting with the VOY and it throughly earned it’s perfect rating.

PalmPower ExtremePalmPower Extreme Rechargeable Wand

Score: 8.9

The second wand to have the honour of being ‘one of the best’ but I was quite surprised at how well the PalmPower Extreme worked. Rechargeable wands often don’t always quite match the power of their wired counter-parts; but the PPE held it’s own incredibly well. Strong vibrations and yet weirdly quiet? It just does the job, and it does it with speed and efficiency. My only gripe was that it wasn’t waterproof; but thankfully it’s performance was enough to keep me feeling generous with the score.

And the worst…

I want to preface this section just by saying just because *we* didn’t get on with a product; it doesn’t mean you won’t either. Pleasure, like most things, is a uniquely personal thing – you may enjoy what we didn’t (and vice versa). Unless a product was fundamentally broken; most of these products just didn’t do it for me. Anything that scored less than a 3 is included here, and thankfully… there isn’t many.

Silicone Rim JoyControl by Sir Richards Silicone Rim Joy

Score: 3

A hand-held rimming device; the concept on paper seems like an absolute winner but sadly, our third review of 2022 was the Silicone Rim Joy and boy did it leave a lot to be desired. It’s under-powered and offers such little sensation; which is such a shame. I was so looking forward to trying this but both myself and the husband did not enjoy this product; and it is now gathering dust in the Sex toy graveyard of shame.

BestVibe Hand Held Rotating MasturbatorBestVibe Hand Held Rotating Masturbator

Score: 2.8

The lowest scoring product of the year; another product that has a decent idea but the execution is lacking. It takes a little bit of finessing to get the best out of it, and even then.. it was just ‘meh’. I’m not wanting to rule out the idea of spinning masturbators; but this one certainly didn’t get more excited to try out any more. Perhaps it’s best suited as a torture device; I would imagine you could certainly edge someone for hours with this. That’s just not something I enjoy too much.

Sexy Thoughts

I wanted to ensure that I wrote about more personal experiences on the blog; and that’s where the Sexy Thoughts posts came about. We hadn’t posted one in over a year so I had some catching up to do; and truthfully they turned out to be my absolute favourite pieces that I worked on this year, and are my personal favourite posts of 2022.

  1. Sexy Thoughts #13: Beg Me… An intimate retelling of a Friday night session that ended with me forcing the husband to beg me to let him cum on my arse.
  2. Sexy Thoughts #14: Building a better relationship… During the hot summer of 2022, the world was gripped by the Netflix show ‘How to Build a Sex Room’. A viewing late one night opened up a major discussion that led to some incredibly positive changes.
  3. Sexy Thoughts #15: An Ode to Dick … Well, I think this one is self explanatory.
  4. Sexy Thoughts #16: So I sat on his face… Again, I think this is pretty much obvious.
  5. Sexy Thoughts #17: Edge of Glory... So whilst I’m not someone who enjoys being edged, I do enjoy having that power over someone else…
  6. Sexy Thoughts #18: (Role)Play it again… We decided to let loose and indulge in some serious role play; with costumes and a fully fleshed out scenario. It certainly was an interesting evening…

I also waxed my butt for the blog as well… the things we do for content.

Honourable Mentions

Other posts that I feel should received some extra attention:

Do You Want To Build A Dildo – The first part of a series where we are learning to design and make our own dildos. Due to unfortunate circumstances towards the end of the summer, this series was put on hold but you best believe I’m resurrecting this in 2023.

Doll Diaries: Volume 4 – back in 2021, during the lockdown in the first part of the year; we received a life-sized sex doll to review. Finally, in the April this year, we were able to finally publish our final review.

Roadside Assistance – I haven’t written erotica for a LONG time; I only turned out one story in 2022 but I thought it was alright; but I haven’t decided if I should continue writing them. You’ll have to come let me know on Twitter.

Thank You

And… that’s it! I want to end this post by saying a huge thank you to each and every one of you that has supported us over the last 12 months. Whether that’s by simply viewing an article; sharing it, liking or RT us in Twitter, making a purchase through our affiliate links… Thank you. I couldn’t keep doing this without your support; and as long as you keep coming back and reading; then I’m going to keep writing.

I can’t predict what 2023 will bring; but I’ve already got a good feeling and I can’t wait to start working on some new content in the new year. If there is any specific content you would like to see from us, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter or you can message me through our contact page. But for now, wishing you all a super prosperous and happy new year! I’ll see you on the other side.

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