It’s that time again; the annual Top 100 Sex Blogs have been compiled and this year… we came in at No. 4! I am beyond THRILLED. What a fantastic way to end the year. 

When Molly over at Molly’s Daily Kiss announced the nominations for this years list were open; I was anxious that I wouldn’t be eligible; we’d been off our posting game for a long time and we haven’t made the list since 2018. But I had worked so hard this year, and after double checking a couple of items – we were eligible! Nominations were collected throughout October; and then Molly spends the entirety of November painstakingly checking every site submission and compiling the list. I want to take this opportunity to shout-out Molly and all of the hard-work that goes into creating this list every year. It’s such a lovely uplift to look forward to at the end of the year.

And the fact that we came 4th this year… incredible. We’ve been absent from the list for a long time, and the last time we were on the list, we were in the 20’s – so I see this as a huge boost and will certainly spur me on to make 2023 just as good, if not better than 2022.

Category Winners & New Voices

This year, there were some additional categories to nominate specific pieces of work; Non-Fiction, Fiction and Photography. There were some truly incredible pieces submitted for these categories and would you believe it; our submitted piece was chosen as one of the winners in the Non-Fiction category! Our Ode to Dick… It is a glorious love letter to the wonderfulness that is dick and I totally agree; Cocks are beautiful.” (Thanks Molly!)

Dick is just amazing. I love the way it looks. How it feels in my hands; feeling it pulse and twitch with every stroke. The way it tastes; bitter and sweet. Cut or uncut… all dick is beautiful

Also in the Non-Fiction category was this piece by Queer Earthlings that delivers a passionate rant about small penis jokes; and the intersection between them and transphobia, fatphobia, body shaming and more.

Obviously you can have sex with who you want and seek the body parts you want…but let’s leave alone the idea that a big phallus is the one and only key to satisfaction, because for most people, that ain’t how it works.

And lastly, the third winner in this category was from Julie at Master’s Pleasing Bitch; who after beating breast cancer, talks about finding herself again after having breast reconstruction surgery. I admire this post for Julies openness in a topic that a lot of people shy away from discussing.

My new breast doesn’t quite look like the other one. It has no nipple and is smaller and rounder. I can have further surgery too lift my left boob. But I don’t think I’ll bother. I’m pretty much done with putting myself and master through all of this. Instead I’m going to enjoy my breasts.

Please go and check out the rest of the articles that won across all categories and don’t forget to follow the writers on social media (if they have it).

Top 100 Blogs

So here’s what you’ve been waiting for; here is the list for 2022, along with Molly’s comments on the top 10 blogs. I am in great company here; there are so many talented writers, reviewers, photographers… every single person on this list deserves to be there.

The Top 10

1. Focused and Filthy

“I don’t think there has ever been a photography based winner to the list. Yes some of blogs have a strong element of it but this blog is all about photography, mostly self portrait photography but not exclusively. Missy’s work is quite frankly outstanding. The variety and quality of images she creates is amazing and maybe most importantly of all inspiring. Her work is a true celebration of bodies, sex, pleasure and love ranging from fun and playful to down right filthy. I am constantly in awe of her work and she absolutely deserves this number 1 spot on the list.”

I agree with Molly; Missy has a great eye for composition and there is a playful use of colour and close-ups to create some fun and enticing imagery. It’s fantastic to see bodies of all shapes and sizes featured. A worthy winner, in my opinion!

Follow them on Twitter: @focusedfilthy

2. Girly Juice

Being a great blogger is one thing. Being a constantly great blogger is even harder to do but Kate is absolutely that. This is her 5th year in the top 10 of the list and that is an achievement to be admired. Her blog is a constant source of excellent sex and relationships. If you are new to her blog, firstly where have you been? Secondly start at her about page which is a truly great introduction to her blog and her work.

Kate has always been a source of inspiration and she is an incredible writer. Knowledgeable, friendly and just an all round nice person. Well done!

Follow them on Twitter: @girly_juice

3. Cara Sutra

I said this last year about Cara but I am more than happy to say it again because it is 100% true. Cara is one of the hardest working bloggers that I know. The amount of excellent content she produces on her blog is outstanding from reviews, to fiction and everything in between she is a blogging powerhouse that I am constantly in awe of.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Cara at the bloggers stand, back when the ETO Show was a thing. Super helpful and as Molly said; works incredibly hard – certainly inspires me to work harder next year!

Follow them on Twitter: @thecarasutra

4. The Big Gay Review

I am so delighted to see David back on his blogging game this year. He is such a great sex writer which is why one of his pieces also featured in yesterdays category awards but his blog as whole is quite frankly phenomenal. The design and layout is so good but that is topped off by the quality and mixture of his content.

Well what can I say? Other than that I am so grateful to be here; and that I’m so proud of the work I’ve done this year. So to have it acknowledged this way… the perfect end to 2022.

Follow me on Twitter: @thebiggayreview

5. Love, Emma

I only discovered Emma’s blog last year but I have continued to really enjoy their work throughout 2022. They have such a lovely writing style that mixes fun and playful with filthy and sexy but there is also a real honesty and frankness to her work that I really like.

This blog is completely new to me as well; but the layout and colourful style of the blog is fun and enticing so I will definitely be adding them to my reading list for 2023!

Follow them on Twitter: @EmmaAus27418832

6. A to sub Bee

Bee leapt into the top 10 last year with their writing about their experiences with sex, relationships and gender. This year that has continued along with their amazing photography and so here they are again with a place in the top 10.

I again, have to profess to not being overly familiar with this blog but another one that features a gorgeous site design, mixed with a healthy dose of photography and written articles. Another one to bookmark for 2023!

7. Princess Previews

Here is another blogger who seems dedicated to their art. Their reviews are always so detailed and thorough but they also review such a wide variety of sex toys as well. Grace’s blog is also beautifully designed, it is easy to navigate but just something about it appeals to my eye and their product images are quite frankly stunning.

Grace is so helpful and I admire her no-nonsense approach to reviewing and has helped me out on several occasions. Fun, Colourful and definitely an inspiration to what we do here at TBGR.

8. Kelvin Sparks

I am delighted to see Kelvin creeping their way into the top 10 this year with their blog. They are predominately a sex toy review but there is a bit of erotic fiction in there too. Also they have just published their first book, Trans Sex : A Guide for Adults, which you should totally check out.

Kelvin is a delight and congratulations on the book! I cannot wait to see what the new year brings.

9. Pain as Pleasure

It has definitely been a year for B1 and that has been reflected in the content he has shared on his blog. I have been a long term fan of his writing. He has a way with words but also is not afraid to be vulnerable and honest and that combination is what gets him a place in the top 10 this year.

Another new one for me; and this is why I find these top 100 lists so useful; because I know there are so many talented folx out there that slip under my radar.

Follow them on Twitter: @bibulousone

10 Beyond Non-Binary

This blog is totally new to me this year and I am delighted that someone nominated it because I have really enjoyed reading back thorough lots of their work. The blog is a frank and honest conversation about their life and their journey with identity, gender, relationships, kink and parenting and it is my top blogging discovery of 2022.

As with Molly, this blog is also completely new to me but another discovery I’m grateful to have found.

Follow them on Twitter: @girlieboy69

And the rest…

11 The Beautiful Kind  @TBK365
12 Coffee and Kink  @coffeeandkink
13 Miss Ruby’s Reviews   @MissRubyReviews
14 Exposing 40   @exposing40
15 Betty Butch  @betty_butch
16 Still Searching For Prince Charming  @SS4PC
17 Emma’s Story Corner  @EmmaXStories
18 Voilet Fawkes  @fireandhoney
19 Master’s Pleasing Bitch  @MPBjulie
20 Tess tesst  @jay_tesst
21 Temperature’s Rising
22 Joanne’s Reviews  @joannesreviews
23 Innocent Loverboy  @innocentlb
24 Poppet subslut
25 Denying Thumper  @thumperMN
26 Sex and Psychology   @JustinLehmiller
27 O Miss Pearl  @OMissPearl
28 The Smut Report   @smutreport
29 Happy Come Lucky  @ht_honey
30 A Leap of Faith  @thebarefootsub
31 E. L. Byrne Writer  @ELByrne1
32 Kinky with a Twist Kinky With a Twist/Facebook
33 A Faded Romantic’s Notebook  @romdominant
34 My Dissolute Life  @nLikes
35 Ready for Polyamory  @ready4polyamory
36 Queer Courtesan  @queercourtesan
37 Little Quean Piggy
38 Tall, Dark and Dominant  @darkanddominant
39 Naked Wanderings  @nakedwanderings
40 The Gentle Domme  @TheGentleDomme
41 Kinky World  @mistress_kay
42 Lilth Likes to Watch  @BWMTweet
43 Pieces of Jade  @piecesofjade
44 Cocktails and Cocktalk
45 Corrupting Mrs jones  @MrsJonesMT50
46 My Wild Lens  @mywildlens
47 Maria Open’s Up  @MSM1647
48 Holden and  @h_and_c_dot_com/
49 Witch of the Wands  @WitchofTheWands
50 Queer Earthling  @threatganglia00
51 Modesty Ablaze  @ablazingmodesty
52 Victoria Blisse  @victoriablisse
53 Male Chastity Journal  @TheCagedLion
54 Lillith Avir  @Lillith_A
55 Evolving Your Man  @EvolvingYourMan
56 Butt Stuff
57 Lucy Felthouse  @cw1985
58 August McLaughlin  @augstmclaughlin
59 Kay Jaybee  @kay_jaybee
60 Spices of Lust  @spicesoflust
61 Sexilicious Ash  @sexiliciousash
62 Dancer in Chains  @Dancer_InChains
63 Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the Lines
64 David Mei
65 Love is a Fetish  @loveisafetish
66 Love Letters to a Unicorn  @AuntieVice
68 Adult Exploration  @We_Fear_Nothing
69 Hannah McKnight  @HannahTGirlMN
70 Wind Whisperer  @_WindWhisperer_
71 Meghan Madness
72 Miss D
73 Loving My Disciplined Life
74 No Pants Endurance  @nopantsenduran2
75 My Sex Life with Lola
76 Breaking Away From Monogamy  @K_Ghislaine
77 Oz Bigdownunder  @OzBigdownunder
78 Olivia
79 The Poet’s Love Letter
80 Finding Strength in my Submission
81 J R Vincente
82 Wolfie Toons
83 The Drew Duality   @dualdrew
84 Deltoya Toys  @DeltoyaT
85 Eros Blog  @ErosBlogBacchus
86 Tabula Erotica
87 Mistress Lisa’s Femdom Diary
88 Abigail Storm   @EroticaStorm
89 Femdom Think Tank
90  @sexlifeandevery
91 A German Brat
92 F dot Leonora  @fdotleonora
93 Madam Mayhem  @madam__mayhem
94 Mistress Scarlet’s Blog
95 The Sword  @THEswordcom
96 Morgan Destera
97 Girl Spanking Stories
98 Erotic Tales for the Visual Woman 
99 O and P Spanking Stories

100. YOU! The last spot on the top 100 sex blogs 2022 is for the all the other awesome sex bloggers out there. It is just not possible to include everyone, I relied on the nominations to gather the list and I am sure there are people missing, but this place is for you because every single one of you counts and contributes towards this community.

Congratulations to everyone on the list; I’ve already found so many new blogs to read as the winter nights draw in. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who nominated me. A huge thank you to Molly for compiling the list, and a thanks to Chaturbate for sponsoring the list, and allowing Molly to take the time to do the research that goes into putting this altogether.

Until next year…

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