There comes a time, when a product you try out just seems way too good to be true. Companies are always trying to come up with revolutionary ideas that seem great on paper, but in reality, never quite pan out.

But not the LoveArc. The idea is simple, but extremely well executed, and for once, actually lives up to its bold claims and ideas. I had seen a few of my fellow bloggers talking about the LoveArc, and I was (admittedly) supremely jealous. And then a rep got in touch and asked if I would be interested in reviewing. “Oh yes!!!” I exclaimed. And within a couple of days, it was here. So why is the LoveArc so amazing? Well read on to find out…

First Impressions

When I went to pick it up from the post office, I had no idea what to expect. The rep told me that I was receiving the finalized product, including packaging. I was handed a rather large, but deceitfully light box (the LoveArc only weighs 3kg). When I got it home, I opened it up and inside was the LoveArc wrapped in a large plastic bag, with a tag. It was very minimal, and when you look at it, it doesn’t look like it’s a sex toy accessory. It looks like it would fit in some posh high-end gym.

It’s made from Aluminium (hence the lightness) but it’s incredibly sturdy. It has an overall length of 37 inches, and a height of 7.5 inches. At one end, you have what I like to refer to as the ‘handle bars’ and the other end has a smaller support base, both of which have rubber ‘grippers’ to prevent the LoveArc from slipping.

The LoveArc was designed to work with almost any suction cup toy (as long as the size of the suction cup doesn’t exceed 8cm in diameter (otherwise it won’t adhere to the surface). Almost all of the suction cup toys I have fit within that criteria and would expect most suction cup toys do, but I know there will always be a few exceptions to the rule.

Admittedly, it doesn’t look like much and I was initially quite apprehensive, as to whether it would actually work as well as the makers claimed it would. But there was only going to be one way to find out.

In Use

There are several ways in which you can use the LoveArc – You can ride it, rock with it or you can rest it up against the wall or a chair (or bed etc etc) and go doggy style. It’s all going to depend on what is most comfortable for you.

LoveArc Self-Propelled Sex Machine

When I first tried out the LoveArc, the position I was most interested in was actually rocking with it. I took myself upstairs to the bedroom, lay the LoveArc on the bed and grabbed the Suko dildo (as I needed to review that too). The dildo stuck to the LoveArc with ease, and held fast. After getting myself and the dildo all lubed up, I straddled the LoveArc so it was almost like a seesaw – and I carefully lowered myself on to the dildo.

When I was comfortable, I leant forward slightly, and grabbed the handlebars. At this point, I initially just started to just move up and down. At this point, I wasn’t overly impressed. Sure, it was nice to be using a suction cup dildo on the bed, but I just wasn’t feeling what was so great about the LoveArc.

And then it hit me. This time, I kept myself still, and this time, I just pushed down on the handle bars, so the LoveArc was now rocking, and the dildo was now thrusting in and out on it’s own, rather than me doing all the work. This was where I had, what I can only describe as a ‘biblical moment’. I bowed down and pumped those handle bars like I was on one of those old-fashioned Handcar’s you see in old western movies. And before long, I had achieved an explosive and rather disorientating orgasm.

Even if I never used the LoveArc in any other way, I would have been whole-heartedly telling people they need this, because hell – that was one incredible experience. And it was, each and everytime I used it.

One night, when the Mr. and me were fooling around, I decided to give him a little show. I grabbed the LoveArc and my Leo dildo, and got into the same position, and began pumping and thrusting. The moans of delight coming from him told me that not only did it feel great for me, it was providing a visual treat for him too. Eventually, it got too much and I got extremely weak in the knees and had to stop (to his disappointment) but as I lay back down on the bed, he whispered deep into my ear “that….was HOT”. Another WIN for the LoveArc!

For me, using it in the other positions just isn’t as exciting for me, but to be fair, it does mean that I have much more control over where I can now use my dildos – no more traipsing into the bathroom, just so I can use a suction cup dildo – I am now free to use them wherever and whenever I want.

One of the more ‘interesting’ claims of the LoveArc, was that it was also designed to allow to people to use it at the same time – stick a dildo (or other suction cup toy) at either end and then you and rock and roll together. This, I was most keen to try out.

After getting ourselves all ready and sufficiently turned on, we chose our dildos, slapped them on the LoveArc and got ready to ride. He got on first, and just as he was getting comfortable, I took great pleasure in rocking the LoveArc, his face said it all. I then got into position – and for a few, brief seconds, it was heaven. Admittedly it all felt a little comical for a moment as we’re rocking backwards and forwards like we were at some erotic playground – but as we were face to face, both getting pounded – I don’t think I’d ever been more aroused.

Sadly, the moment didn’t last, as my suction cup dildo (which worked well on it’s own, every time) kept coming loose. Before long, I was just getting frustrated and gave up. On reflection, I think the surface of the LoveArc had just become too slippery from lube, and the suction cups just weren’t able to adhere as effectively. So it can be achieved, and you can rock and ride together, but be warned – keep the surface of the LoveArc lube free otherwise you’ll find yourself coming unstuck – and it’s a total mood killer.

As I mentioned earlier, the LoveArc is designed to work with almost ANY suction cup toy – that’s right – you don’t just have to use dildos and butt plugs – but if you have a male masturbator with a suction cup, you can use it on the LoveArc too! Using it in a rocking motion like I would with a dildo was just simply fantastic.

I also wanted to see if I can be fucked and fuck on the LoveArc – so I lined up a dildo and a masturbator on the LoveArc and again, using it in the upside down seesaw position, I was able to enjoy a virtual threesome – with the dildo thrusting in and out, and then my cock thrusting in and out of the masturbator. Solo sessions just got far more interesting!

Clean-up and Maintenance

The LoveArc is best cleaned with a damp cloth, and sanitised with toy cleaner. As it’s made from Aluminium, it’s completely non-porous, so it doesn’t need any special treatment – but do avoid using anything like bleach on the LoveArc, as it could ruin the anodised surface. Storage wise, well it is a large piece of kit – but thankfully it’s inconspicuous. In our bedroom, it can fit under the bed, in the wardrobe… but if you left it out, I don’t think anyone would be able to understand exactly what it was, so it is relatively discreet.

Just a word of caution – the LoveArc is not designed to completely support your body weight – so you should always keep feet/hands/knees on the ground for the best experience.


So, to cut a long story short – the LoveArc does indeed ROCK. It’s breathed new life into every single suction cup toy that I own, and has allowed me to use them in ways that I haven’t been able to before – I can now be completely comfortable when I want to take a suction cup dildo for a ride.

Who is it ideal for? Anybody! It’s great for solo play but even better when used with someone else – and I think this is where most of the appeal will lie. There are all kinds of ‘sex’ machines out there – but there are always in excess of a few hundred pounds, and can only really be used by one person at a time. Here, we have a product that essentially works the same way, is half the price of a top end sex machine AND can be used together, allowing you both to share the experience and intimacy in a whole new way.

If you are looking for a luxury piece of kit for the bedroom that you can both use, this is definitely a worthy investment. And the possibilities are endless. The only thing that will limit you is your imagination.

 Where to buy

If you are in the UK, you can order it from UberKinky.

Shopping from Europe? You can order from


I would like to thank the makers of the LoveArc for sending me this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, experiences and opinions presented in this review are 100% my own, honest thoughts. Receiving a product for free does not affect my final decision, and I will always present my honest thoughts and findings. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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