As the blog has grown, we constantly receive requests to work with us, and this is fantastic! Still, to ensure that any mutual working relationship The Big Gay Review enters with anyone, there are few things that we need to make clear from the get go, just to ensure we don’t waste anyones time.

Before you contact me, please ensure you have read the below policies. I will assume when you contact me that you agree to, and will abide by these policies. We will not be held accountable if we enter into an agreement and you have not read these.

I would like to thank Lilly from Dangerous Lilly and Girly Juice for giving me the ‘template’ for this page.

To make this easier to navigate, please select from the below list to go direct to the relevant section:


At this moment in time, The Big Gay Review will only review products that are body-safe (especially when it comes to insertable products) – so if you want me to review a dildo, a butt plug or a prostate massager, it needs to be made from either Silicone, Glass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Wood… any material that is indeed safe, non-toxic and non-porous. If I have any concerns that the product that has been sent does not qualify, then I reserve the right to not complete the review. I would never personally use anything that wasn’t safe, and I do not expect our readers too. For masturbators, we will consider most, providing they are gender-neutral, butt or mouth shaped. At the moment, we are not currently accepting offers to review Books, Condoms, Cam Sites, Pornography or any sexual enhancements including, but not limited to; delay sprays, arousal gels, de-sensitising lubes etc. If you are not sure, then get in touch. We reserve the right to politely refuse any review request if we feel it is in any way inappropriate or could be detrimental to the reputation of the blog.

Whilst we endeavour to get all of our reviews out in a timely fashion, sometimes delays may occur – I don’t blog full time, therefore my other work and home life may cause a delay. If this indeed is the case, you will be notified in advance. However, under usual circumstances, we expect a review to be completed and published within 60 days of receiving the product.

If you are a manufacturer and sending a product, I will only accept a product if I am able to provide links to my affiliates who may also sell the product (from experience, most of my readers don’t buy direct from the manufacturer – unless you are Tantus).

If you are retailer, I will happily review a product if you have an affiliate program. If you do not have an affiliate program but still wish to work with us – you can purchase advertising space on the blog – rates can be found here. The best thing to do would be to contact me directly and we can discuss how we can work together.

All our reviews are 100% honest. I will not accept or honour requests to deliberately write a positive review, nor will you have any control over content or language used within a review. It will be all my own. Once the item has been sent to me, it will be mine, and it will not be returned or paid for, even if the review is negative. I reserve the right to link to relevant posts and alternative products where I see fit (for comparison purposes) and may also link to other bloggers as necessary.

Any items that are sent for review, need to be cleared with us beforehand. Any items sent for review without being cleared may not be reviewed. We reserve the right to refuse a review if an items is sent without consent. We also reserve the right to send out unsolicited items to other users for the potential of a guest review. This is not guaranteed however, so it is strongly advisable that you contact us first, prior to sending anything out to us.

By sending a product to me, you agree to follow and abide by these conditions. Any other stipulations need to be agreed prior to the product being sent. 

Advertisements & Sponsored/Guest Posts

There are limited advertising spaces on The Big Gay Review. Please visit the Advertise page to see the current rates. To check availability, please contact me via

We do not make any promises about click-through rates or conversions.

At this moment in time, we are not actively taking requests for guest posts, or sponsored posts. On rare occasions, we may produce a sponsored article if you have sent us a product for review. If you drop me an email, we can potentially discuss further and I may consider at my discretion. Should I agree to produce sponsored content, a fee may be payable – but will will be discussed prior to any work commencing.

Using Content from The Big Gay Review

If you wish to share any content you have found interesting on the blog, you are free to post a link where you wish. If you wish to use a section of an article for a quote, please limit this to 3/4 sentences and then provide a full link back to my article (with full credit).

Under no circumstances can any content from The Big Gay Review be duplicated in any format, without express permission. Anyone found hosting content that has been duplicated, will have their hosting company contacted requesting the content to be removed.

You may use photos, again provided they are used and attributed back to The Big Gay Review. If you are unsure about anything, then please contact me first.

General Policies

Press Releases

I currently do not post press releases to the blog. If you wish to send me a press release for general reading purposes, that is fine – but this is not an acceptance to post the press release on the blog. Please send me an email before hand, to ensure that it’s relevant to my interests – I don’t want to waste anyones time or bandwidth.

Advice (Personal)

If you wish to get some advice about a particular product I have reviewed, then please feel free to use the contact form to get in touch with me. All advice given is based from my own experiences. I do my best to answer ALL emails I receive, however I may not always respond straight away.

Advice (Business)

We currently don’t offer a ‘consulting’ service for business/bloggers who may want advice about a product/blog post etc. In the first case, I am happy to provide alternative contacts who may be able to provide assistance. I may consider a request, providing it sits within the realm of my expertise, but any work undertaken will be subject to a fee (to be discussed).

In this day and age of sex toys, there are lots of companies out there who produce products or services that may be similar to another. When conducting a review, we are legally obliged to host the review for the retailer or manufacturer who has sent us the product.

We will only remove a review, if we receive the relevant legal request directly from a legal attorney that explicitly states these reviews are to be removed. If you email me directly, this will be considered as harassment and will be ignored. Whilst I can appreciate your frustration, until we have the relevant documentation that confirms a court ruling has been made, we are bound to post the review on behalf of the other company. Please respect this and remember, this is NOT the bloggers fault or problem, so be respectful and polite. Any emails that are deemed threatening and have not come directly from a person of legal standing, will be deleted and ignored. It’s not rocket science – we’re not the bad guys.

These policies are not exhaustive and I reserve the right to add/amend/remove policies at any time. If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact me directly.