For the sake of trying to keep things fresh and interesting here at TBGR, I often find myself agreeing to try things that I would normally do, in the name of creating content. And waxing my ass is something that I had not really considered doing… but for the sake of providing something different to read; I’m putting my butt on the line. Literally.

A little while ago, I was approached by LeCul Skincare, who asked if I would be interested in reviewing there ‘Bum Wax Kit‘. In the past, I would have turned this down – but this time, I decided that actually it’s good to try things outside of your comfort zone. Also the Mr. seemed quite keen at the prospect of being the one to actually wax my butt… almost a little *too* keen… was he revelling at the prospect of my upcoming pain? As that’s the only reason I’ve never waxed anything before; I have a notoriously low pain threshold; a fact my husband relishes in reminding me of.

The kit arrived, and I was actually quite looking forward to it. I’ve never really looked at my own arse before, but I’ve been reliably informed that, you know, it’s on the hairy side. Now I need to preface this with a comment that sadly, there are no before and after photo’s of my butt. It’s one thing to talk about your butt and it’s escapades; I haven’t quite gotten up the courage to flash my bits over the inter webs to complete strangers. Anyway.. what is in the kit, I hear you ask…

The packaging is cute.

The Bum Wax Kit comes in a cute little orange travel bag that is emblazoned with the phrase ‘Booty Starts Here’. The kit is actually much smaller than I had expected – but then again, I wasn’t really sure what to expect – having never waxed before. But it’s very adorable, and the little bag will definitely get re-used once we’ve de-fuzzed my peach.

Inside the kit you get 16 gel wax strips, a little silicone plug (that is designed to protect your starfish during waxing), a little pot of lube and a couple of aftercare wipes infused with Aloe to help soothe the skin (and remove any excess wax). The kit claims to remove “unwanted hair for up to 4-6 weeks” and is suitable for sensitive skin. The gel wax strips are made from Beeswax and something called Microcrystalline wax (a google search informs me this is a type of wax that is used in skincare and cosmetic products to thicken and improve the texture and consistency of the formulations. Microcrystalline wax is a wax that is produced by de-oiling petroleum). To activate the wax, you simply warm between your hands (or you can use a hair dryer) and then apply. I put the kit aside, ready to pick a day when we were both available (as I was going to need help to wax my own ass).

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation…

In order to try and make my first waxing experience as pleasant as possible, I followed the recommended preparation steps to make sure the ‘area’ was ready. This consisted of having a long soak in a hot bath, and giving my butt an intense scrubbing; it’s important to make sure you remove excess dirt, oils and general build-up as this will help prevent against ingrown hairs or infections where the skin my break. Whilst waxing supposedly is less likely to cause irritation, compared to shaving – it’s still a traumatic process for the skin. So good preparation is paramount.

Now I’m not incredibly flexible; so I’m lucky that I had a pair of hands to assist me with this process; but LeCul state if you are doing this solo, the best position to be in is on your back with your feet touching and and your legs spread apart. Personally I don’t really see how this works, and logistically, it’s not comfortable for me to do so. So after I was freshly dried, I plonked myself on the bed, face down with my squeaky clean bottom raised in the air. It’s time to begin the bum wax!

Take a deep breath…

Whilst I was getting comfortable, the Mr. was working on getting the wax strips ready. He was warming them up between his hands (and you want to do this until the wax is warm to the touch). This is to ensure maximum adhesion (and is less likely to leave too much residue behind when you remove). Before he applies the first strip, he dips the little plug into the pot of lube and pops it into my butt. Where honestly, I didn’t stay. The thing was so tiny, my butt just couldn’t keep hold of it. So we left it out, and only reapplied it when he was specifically attacking my puckering hole.

He applied the first strip, and pressed it down firmly. He was starting from the outside, and was going to work his way in. Totally unaware if this was even the best way to do it, but he’d already applied the strip so it was too late to change anything. “Are you ready?” he smirked. “Do it” I said. “Do it, Do it, Do it…”. And with one final breath, he ripped it away.

Yes, it hurt. But in reality, not as bad as I thought it would. It’s more of a short, sharp shock. But either way, the Mr. was giggling with glee back there. And so he went to town. Strip after strip. He managed to get through all 16 strips. I didn’t realise my butt was THAT hairy. When it came to getting the delicate area; I was very nervous. He carefully popped the little plug in, that kept popping out no matter what I did or how much I clenched.

Just get on with it, I begged him. Just get it over and done with. He placed the strip and really pressed it down to make sure it was stuck. I started to break out into a cold sweat. What have I done? I kept saying to myself in my head; over and over again. He was practically dizzy with delight as he knew what was about to happen. He leant down closer and whispered “Are you ready?”.

NO. “Yes, just get on with it” I snorted back. Three. Two. One.

After care…

As I lay there, vision slowly returning – he muttered “OK, I think we’re done”. He knelt there, surveying his work. He seemed pretty pleased with himself. Sticky, but smooth. The wipes that were included were not quite what we were expecting – they were quite dry – but they did ensure that all stickiness was gone. “So, how did my butt react? Is it red raw? bleeding? what’s happening”. Everything was fine. There was momentary redness at the point of removing the strip, but he noted that the colour returned pretty quickly. In order to further soothe, he offered to apply some moisturising oils to my butt – I’m not one to turn down that offer – and so he gently began massaging the oil into my now smooth, hair free skin. And… well, let’s just say we needed to clean up another sticky mess.

It’s been a week since the waxing and my butt still feels lovely and soft; and so far there has been absolutely no irritation, itching or any general unpleasantness. I didn’t really think how a waxed but could benefit me really; but actually I’ve found I’ve been less prone to butt pimples and I also just feel… cleaner… after using the bathroom. That and my silky smooth derriere has been a bit of a turn on for the Mr means that using a bum wax kit is going to be come a regular part of my self grooming routine.

To Wax or Not to Wax…

Do I recommend this bum wax kit? Well, as it’s been my only experience with waxing, and it worked very well and the results speak for themselves… yes, I probably would. The kit that we were sent retails for around $25 which is a hell of a lot cheaper than going to a spa. You can also do it in the comfort of your own home AND I don’t have to worry about some stranger esthetician laughing at my butt. And that’s worth every penny.

I would like to thank LeCul Skincare who very kindly sent us their Bum Wax Kit free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

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