We are well into Masturbation May, and as a follow up from our post on Mutual Masturbation, the time felt right to pull out the review for a toy that has made mutual masturbation incredibly thrilling – and it’s inspired by erotic artist Tom of Finland. Awesome!

I have been waiting for someone in the UK to stock this, after seeing it on a few US sites. And then, when I was casually browsing the Uberkinky website – there it was. BUT IT WAS SOLD OUT! Nooooooo…!!! However, after a few days, it was back in stock and I immediately whipped out the plastic. This bad boy was going to be MINE!

In case you don’t know who Tom of Finland is, ToF (as I shall refer to it henceforth) was the alter ego of Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen. He is most notable for his stylized fetish art, which were almost always homoerotic, and depicted it’s subjects with exaggerated muscles and appendages – and engaged in some rather kinky activities. And this is the inspiration for the line of pleasure toys by XR Brands.

I couldn’t wait to give this a try. I was hoping it was going to be so much better than the last head-to-head stroker we had tried, which had sadly been a massive disappointment. Would the ToF stroker live up to the high expectations I had built up for it? Well let’s find out…

First Impressions

As to be expected, the packaging for the stroker is not at all subtle, but that’s to be expected. The packaging is adorned with one of Tom’s famous sketches, and leaves little to the imagination. Inside the box, you get the stroker, 2 bullet vibrators, a ToF dog tag and a miniature collector’s print. This is a nice little addition, and also states that for ever ToF pleasure piece that is sold, a portion of the proceeds go to the Tom of Finland Foundation – dedicated to preserving and promoting erotic art. If you carefully take apart the box, you’ll find the inside has been lovingly adorned with more ToF art.

The sleeve itself is made from a clear TPR, which is incredibly firm (much firmer than the AdamMale Stroker) but still maintains a bit of flexibility. Inside each opening, there are a series of pleasurable nodules along the length, whilst the central point is just a clear tunnel with a hole in (to allow air to escape). The 2 included bullets need 1xAAA battery each (which are sadly not included). These slot in the top of the sleeve. They are push button operated and offer just a single setting.

In Use

As I mentioned in my previous article on Mutual Masturbation, I love being able to use a toy with my husband. He was also really excited to give this a try. So the night it arrived, we took it upstairs to give it a try. It didn’t take long for us to get ready to use it – the anticipation and excitement was enough.

We applied a good coating of lube to each other, and then into our respective ends of the sleeve, and as we knelt on the bed, facing each other – we both slipped inside. I was pleasantly surprised. I half expected the material to feel slightly uncomfortable, as in the hand, it does feel really firm – but it’s actually much softer than it appears. As you slide in, the little nodules on the inside stroke and tease your shaft and this sensation alone was really pleasant.

With one hand each on the stroker, we used our other arms to hold each other as we kissed and things started to get really intense. The beauty of this stroker is that it’s see through. I have to say, there’s nothing I find more arousing than watching my other half slide himself in and out of a masturbator – and being able to see both of us do that was sending me over the edge. You could see where we meet in the middle, and the tips of our penises brushed, and rubbed together. At this point, I was already reaching the point of no return, and I hadn’t even turned the vibrations on yet. So we dialed it down a bit.

There are 2 bullets provided, and they are both a simple push button to operate. They only feature on setting, which is a mid-power constant vibration. The vibrations are strong, but very buzzy. Usually, this would disappoint me, however as we learnt with the RISE, my penis isn’t necessarily that discriminating against buzzy vibrations – so I still was hopeful that this was going to still feel amazing. We decided to turn the sleeve upside down, so the bullets were now directing their vibrations to the underside, and the frenulum.

The vibrations are somewhat dampened by the sleeve, so they don’t feel as strong as they did before the bullet went into the sleeve – however it still transmits enough of the vibrations to turn things up a notch. As we both ravaged the sleeve, the additional sensation of the vibrations soon sent us both over the edge. I came first. Then he did. And at that point, we collapsed on the bed, gasping to catch our breath. That was a lot of fun.

And each session is always lots of fun. Sure, we could ramp up the vibrations a little bit and bung a Tango in each end (which again, holy crap that feels WICKED). However, in this case, I’m going to say that the vibrations are really an inconsequential bonus. You don’t need them. The sleeve is much firmer to hold, allowing you both to kind of ‘thrust’ at your own speed, and the material doesn’t just wibble about like a slippery eel. The internal texture is far more pleasant and stimulating, and as I said – the sight of us jerking it together is enough to get my motor running. It made us both very happy. Although it just makes me wish there were more ‘fuck toys’ that we could both use at the same time. MOAR DUAL-ENDED MASTURBATORS PLEASE!!!

Clean-up and Maintenance

The bullets are waterproof, however they rarely need a clean, as they are nestled in their tight little pockets. However, it’s still worth removing them and giving them a quick wipe over before you give the sleeve a thorough rinse. Plenty of water and toy cleaner and then a thorough dry is all you can really do with this sleeve. You can ‘dust’ the sleeve afterwards, however I’ve found it doesn’t go quite so tacky as other TPE/TPR masturbators can – so once it’s try, I think you could easily get away with just storing it away – but make sure you keep it in a bag, or it’s box because it doesn’t take much for it to get covered in dog hair and dust.


I think it’s safe to say that this product definitely exceeded my expectations. Sure you can have an experience that’s just as erotic using just your hands, but there will be times when you want that something extra – and the combination of the texture and vibrations here works an absolute treat. I can take a step back and watch him before I then slip back inside and join in the fun, and vice versa. It feels good, and sturdy and I like the added touch of the mini Tom of Finland print that get’s included inside. And you help support the promotion and preservation of erotic art, which I think is pretty neat too.

It’s reasonably priced, and if you are a couple looking for a decent mutual masturbation toy – then I think this particular stroker ticks all the right boxes.

Where to buy

I bought my stroker from UberKinky

You can also order from SheVibe (who do ship to a fair few countries including US and UK).


I purchased the Tom of Finland stroker myself. And I bloody loved it. Like, for reals. I have used some affiliate links in this post. If you want to help support the blog, please consider purchasing your new toys through these links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and we receive just a small comission, which goes towards the ongoing running and maintenance of the blog. Your support really counts! 

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