Whenever I get an message in my inbox, asking if i’d be interested in reviewing a TENGA product, my answer is always unequivocally YES. TENGA is a brand that excites me, and it always amazes me how they continue to innovate and just get… better!

Before we get into the review, however; I just want to apologise for the lack of content updates. | got a promotion back in September, which sees me working 40 hours a week; haven’t done that for over 8 years! So i’ve been feeling very tired, stressed and generally just knackered; the last thing I have wanted to do when i’ve had a day off from work is… well, more work! I’m starting to adjust to a better work/life balance so hopefully this means more content regularly. But for now, I just want to say thank you for being so patient and i’ll do my best to keep up!

Anyway, back to TENGA… they reached out a while ago, asking if i’d be open to reviewing their new TENGA Aero; a masturbator that features a twisting dial to help increase/decrease tightness and suction. The concept reminded me very much of their AirTech toys they released a few years back; but this just looked… better. So of course, I said yes – and it arrived and… well let’s just get into the review and you’ll find out what I thought.

I would like to thank TENGA Global for sending us the Aero Silver Ring to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

First Impressions

TENGA have certainly got their packaging style down to a fine art now. It’s no frills, sleek and elegant. When you open the top, you’ll find a little leaflet and a sachet of TENGA Hole Lotion. The Aero itself is made from sleek white ABS plastic and once again, doesn’t immediately look like a sex toy. In fact, if I saw it on a a night-stand, i’d assume it was either some sort of smart-speaker. It’s very non-descript which is just one of a myriad of reasons as to why I will always love TENGA.

As you take off the lid, you discover the lid doubles as a drying stand; it has a little grate that lifts up out of the lid, and locks into place on a central column, that allows air to circulate through, allowing your toy to be air dried with minimal fuss. Even in this position, it still doesn’t really look like a sex toy.

The Aero is lightweight (much lighter than their Flip range) but feel so much sturdier than their other standard masturbators (it feels far superior in hand compared to the previously aforementioned AirTech’s). But how does it actually feel? Well let’s find out.

In Use

The Aero is incredibly simple to use. Just lube up, slip inside and stroke! The ‘Silver Ring’ refers to the twisting mechanism on the case. In the sleeve itself, it has a section that’s slightly thicker than the rest; when you twist the outer-case, it caused that section to contract slightly; this increasing (or decreasing) the amount of suction you receive. This is where the similarities to their AirTech end, because it appears the Aero doesn’t affect the overall tightness of the canal, rather just the amount of pressure dictated at the point of entry (and how noisy and slurpy it sounds!).

Is that a bad thing? Well no, not really. The Aero still feels pretty darn good. The texture inside still feels very nice, and the actual twisting mechanism is relatively easy to operate, even when hands are a little slippery. It claims to offer up to 10 different levels of suction; but I will be honest with you, I don’t really notice much difference between them. I can definitely notice a difference between ‘Level 1’ and ‘Level 10’ – but in the middle, it all feels pretty much the same.

Still, the Aero does what it sets out to do, and each orgasm with the toy have been strong, intense and deeply pleasurable. It grips me firmly enough that I can really enjoy the lumps and bumps inside the sleeve; but never does the suction hinder my movement inside – this means that i can take full advantage of everything the Aero has to offer.

My husband’s experience is slightly different; he has a tad more girth than myself; so whilst he was able to comfortably use the Aero on it’s lowest level of suction; it did become much more difficult to maneuver as we upped it towards the top level. So if you are of above average girth, this may not be right for you.

Clean-up and Maintenance

It makes me so happy when manufacturers start implementing features to help make cleaning and drying your toys much easier. The Aero sleeve can be completely removed for a thorough rinsing. I mentioned earlier that the lid doubles up as a drying stand; you can pop your sleeve straight on that, and it will allow you to air-dry it before popping it back in the case, ready for next time.

The sleeve is made from the standard TENGA TPE-type material, so I would strongly recommend an antibacterial sex toy cleaner to help keep the material as fresh as you can, for as long as possible. With good care, TENGA toys can indeed last for a long time. We still have our original TENGA Flip Holes, and they are still in pretty good condition, despite the oldest being with us for almost 10 years!


So is the Aero worth it? Well it’s gonna really depend what you have in your collection. I really love the form, design and general aesthetic of the Aero; it looks and feels like a premium sex toy, and if you are looking to gift someone with a new pleasure toy this holiday season; I think it would go down a treat!

For me, I wish the dial function worked to do more than just increasing suction; if it squeezed the full textured sleeve, like in the AirTech – then this would be a hands down winner; because I much prefer the sensations achieved with those; however they just don’t look as nice, and they feel flimsier in terms of material. However, I do appreciate the little extras, like the drying stand feature inside the lid – I want more companies to work on implementing these types of features!

For £65, it’s not bad; and I would imagine with Black Friday just around the corner (at the time of publishing) then you could probably pick this up cheaper; in which case, I say go for it.

Where To Buy

You can pick up the Silver Ring edition directly from TENGA UK or from SheVibe (who ship to the UK/US/CA/AU). In the UK you can also order from CloneZoneDirect.

If you are looking for the Cobalt Ring Edition (which we haven’t tried, but would honestly expect it to feel fairly similar); you can get that from Lovehoney or Bondara.


I would like to thank TENGA Global for sending us the Aero Silver Ring to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinions or experience with this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to continue supporting the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links. It doesn’t cost you a penny more; and it helps fund the upkeep and maintenance of the site. Thank you! 

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