When this beast arrived at my door; I was a little worried that I had bitten off a little more than I could chew. I also thought that my husband would take one look at and scream ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT!’. And given our recent track record with suction toys… I wasn’t exactly feeling hopeful.

Now truthfully, we tried something very similar to this a very long time ago; it’s stuffed away in the sex toy graveyard (aka attic) because I’m pretty sure we had a horrendous experience with it. To be honest, I can’t really remember. But given that it’s gathering dust… we obviously didn’t like. That said, this LoveBotz The Milker Pro Edition that was very kindly sent to us by MEO looks far nicer than the one we had previously tried. It looks a little more… friendly.

But with everything that’s happened in my real life over the last few months, the opportunity to test an item like this just hadn’t really cropped up. When things had finally calmed down, I treated myself to a long hot bath; but prior to that – I went upstairs, laid down the throw and got it all plugged in and set up. Tonight, I was going to milk him… god I hope it worked!

I would like to thank MEO for sending us the LoveBotz The Milker Pro Edition free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

I was a little disappointed that the packaging for this item was so flimsy; it’s also an expensive item as well – so a little more … substance would be nice. But still, everything was securely contained inside the flimsy cardboard packaging and plastic tray. Inside, you’ll find the main power unit (MPU), the milking sleeve, 2 connector tubes, a rechargeable bullet and usb cable and a remote control. The main power unit is 7.4 inches wide, 6.9 inches deep and 2.9 inches tall. The milking sleeve is 7.8 inches in length with an un-stretched inner diameter of 1 inch and has a ball loop to allow for hands free use.

The rechargeable bullet fits into the sleeve and has 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration. The remote control operates the main power and suction speed of the milker. It can also control the bullet as well. Set up is fairly quick and straight forward – took me less than 5 minutes. Note: The Milker Pro Edition ships with a US plug; I did have to purchase a travel adapter in order to use it (the one I bought was this one from Amazon and it works well). Just something to be aware off if you are shipping this to anywhere other than the US. The remote pairs the the main power unit almost instantly, so I’m able to turn it off and on using the remote (one the main power switch is on) and I can control the speed and suction. The milking sleeve is quite large but made from a spongy see-through TPE so you can see all of the action.

In Use

When I came up from my bath, he had followed me upstairs and his eyes clocked The Milker on the bed. “What’s that?” he said tentatively. “Oh you’ll see” as I instructed him to take of his clothes and get on the bed. After a little bit of foreplay, we were ready to try it out. Firstly, we made sure the inside of the sleeve had a good coating of lube. Then we carefully stretched the loop around his balls, before placing it over his penis. The fit was secure and comfortable. He had a little play with the sleeve before we turned anything on. The inside has little bumps and nodules, and he said as he stroked, it felt pleasant.

Before we switched on the main suction, we tested out the bullet vibe. The bullet has a decent amount of settings, but they are not the strongest of vibrations, however when his penis is in the sleeve, they are typically focussed on the more sensitive frenulum area and he noted that it felt nice, but did lament it could have been a little bit stronger. With a little bit more foreplay (and ensuring he was completely comfortable) I asked him if he was ready for to turn it on. He nodded his head slowly and I pressed the power button. The machine sputtered into life; quite noisily but it was on its lowest speed and suction setting.

Already I could see that this was certainly going to be an interesting session. As the machine created the suction, I could see the sleeve physically contract around his penis. There’s also a gentle stroking action that occurs as a result of the contraction. There is a little bit of a slurping noise at this point, but this can be remedied by just ensuring you have a good seal at the base of the sleeve. It’s not perfect, but it works. As he got used to the sensation, we increased the suction power. The Milker has 5 different suction settings. On its most strongest setting, his head was pressing firmly into the pillow, and his eyes were closed, and yet I could tell they were rolled back into his skull.

On the Edge…

With him at the mercy of the milker, I was free to tease him in other ways; the problem was, he was now very distracted by what was going on down below; but this is good – because now I know he likes it. So I put my dick away and just focus on him. I ask him if he’s ready for me to increase the speed; and he nods enthusiastically. As with the suction, there are 5 different speeds that you can work with. For the most part, there isn’t a significant difference from speeds 1 to 3, but 4 and 5; the contractions get very short and seem to be focused more towards the tip. I leaned down and whispered in his ear “How does it feel”. He moaned a little “It’s subtle… but it’s so good”.

So I decided to see how long we could go; I got the feeling that this toy would not necessarily be for me – but I know he enjoys a slow edging session – and this just feels like the PERFECT tool for that. Every now and again, I would mix up the speed or the strength of the suction. His body responded each and every time it changed. His breathing was heavy and his face showed he was feeling a little overloaded. But we continued. Although I was starting to feel a little jealous. It’s my turn to give it a try.

Stop being so sensitive…

As I reached down to remove the sleeve from his now incredibly engorged cock, he motioned at how sensitive it now felt. I carefully placed a hand around it and he immediately pushed it away. “Careful, I’ll cum” he said. And I could see he didn’t quite want to go just yet. So I positioned myself so he could see my cock in the sleeve and I let the milker do its thing. Straight away, I could see what he mean when he said it was ‘subtle… but so good’. The actual sensation doesn’t feel as intense as it looks. But it does feel really nice. Its like a really gentle massage. The suction isn’t too strong, but it is noticeable – and when compared to what we’ve reviewed recently (Fleshy Pro, Kai, SAM Neo) the difference was night and day.

Whilst I am no necessarily a fan of being edged myself; I can understand why some people do really love it, and I fully appreciate why he was enjoying it so much. I could see he was desperate for some more, so I selflessly removed my cock from the sleeve and began to place it over his. As soon as there was enough of a seal, the sleeve contracted and he muttered “oh god…” and before we knew it, the bed was shaking as he orgasmed. Success, I whispered to myself. I know have a new tool at my disposal and I’m already planning new sessions with more sensory equipment… oh he really has no idea what he’s let himself in for.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Clean-up is *relatively* easy although not completely fuss free. The MPU stays relatively clean during use but as expected, it’s a hard-wired piece of kit so DO NOT GET IT WET! If it needs a clean, a quick wipe with a barely damp cloth is sufficient. The sleeve can be turned inside out and rinsed with soap and water to be allowed to dry before storing it away. The bullet is waterproof, so can also just be rinsed before going away.

The tricky part becomes cleaning out the tubes. It’s inevitable during use that some sort of fluid will get into the tubes; there is a little fluid collection receptacle that separates the tube going into the sleeve from the tube going into the MPU. If any fluid has gotten into the tubes, then we were able to flush them out with a little water and a little straw cleaning brush that you get with reusable straws. The little fluid collection part is… well, more tricky – all we could do was try to get water through the holes and then do our best to drain it away. This is the biggest draw back to a device like this.


Cleaning aside… we really liked this. From my own personal perspective – it does feel really nice, but as someone who likes their toys to give them that orgasm a little bit faster, it’s not for me. However, for those who like their masturbation sessions longer, or if you love the idea of tying someone down and then just milking them for hours on end.. then this is a decent piece of kit that works really well!

It is a tad on the noisy side; and sometimes the slurping can be a bit of a distraction; but you know – sometimes it can’t be avoided. He said that the vibrations on their own were a bit ‘meh’ but actually, once combined with the suction – it did enhance the experience and actually said if the vibrations were a little stronger, it might have been a little too much. It is a bit expensive, but I think this would be an invaluable piece of kit for someone who loves to edge. Or better yet, you’re someone who is looking for a new piece of tech to tease and torment your eager subs – either way, we had a lot of fun with it and I think you will too.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the LoveBotz The Milker Pro Edition from MEO.

I would like to thank MEO for sending us the LoveBotz The Milker Pro Edition free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you would like to support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links. It doesn’t cost you any extra and it helps keeps the lights on and my tummy full! Thank you. 

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