I haven’t written any gay erotic fiction for a long time; but I’m feeling inspired after seeing fellow brit-blogger Girl on the Net ask for submissions for her Audio Porn series. So taking that as my inspiration (plus a very interesting dream I had recently); I present to you…

Roadside Assistance (This story is a work of fiction). 

It didn’t take long for me to regret taking the suggested ‘shortcut’. The rain was pounding on the windscreen, making it almost impossible to see. At that moment, a loud bang; followed by a sudden lurching of the car told me that my tire had blown out.

With the car now pulled up on to the hard shoulder, I jumped out of the car to assess the damage. As I pulled my phone out to call for help, the sky started to light up with flashes of lightning. The deep rumble of thunder echoing in the distance. The signal wasn’t great but I managed to establish it would take about 2 hours to get someone to me. Great, I thought to myself. Two hours stuck in the middle of nowhere. Before my tire had blown, I had barely seen another car on the road.

Soaked through, I jumped back into the car. It had been a warm, sunny day when I had set out on my little road trip. My thin t-shirt and shorts, that had done a fantastic job of keeping me cool during the day, were now offering very little as they were now see-through. As I was on my own, and knew I would be for a little while, I peeled off my wet clothes and turned on the heating. This will warm me up in no-time.

The rain continued to cascade down the windshield; angry beads of water snaked their way down the glass. I’ve always found the sound of rain intensely relaxing. I pushed my seat back into a reclining position, and I just lay there, watching and listening. My phone buzzed; a text message from a prospective date. A dick pic. Classy. But it was a bloody gorgeous dick. Around 7 inches, thick and smooth, with one thick vein running from the top to bottom of the shaft. The glans was shiny, glistening with precum. As I stared at the dick on the screen, my own started twitching and stirring in it’s damp surroundings. Sliding my hand down my chest, beaded with droplets of water, I slipped my hand under my waistband.

I closed my eyes, and gently squeezed and rubbed my engorging cock. It had been a while since I had cum, so knew it wasn’t going to take long. Just as I was starting to build up a rhythm, and approached the point of no-return; there was a tapping on the window. My eyes darted open, my body twitched and I let out a huge moan as a huge stream of spunk hit the windshield. I turned and looked into the eyes of the mechanic who had managed to find me faster than I had anticipated. He didn’t say anything, just smiled and walked to survey what needed to be done.

After muttering several obscenities under my breath, I hastily pulled on my clothes that were still damp and jumped out of the car. I profusely apologised but he waved his hand and explained that he had seen much worse. I still felt incredibly embarrassed but he didn’t dwell on it. Said it should take around half an hour for him to fix, and that as it was still raining, I should wait in his vehicle. I didn’t need telling twice. I opened the passenger side door, hauled myself up the steep step and sat down, still shivering but grateful that the mechanic had already left the heating on.

The headlights of the recovery vehicle were strong and cast my car in a bright yellow glow. The mechanic was on his knees, down by the tire. His bright orange overalls were starting to darken as they were now getting drenched from the rain. He stood up and turned towards me. He was about 6 foot tall, with mousey brown hair that was now plastered across his face. He had that classic ‘mechanic’ look, and by classic, I mean he reminded me of picture from a calendar my mother had when I was a child. A bronzed beefcake, covered in grease and oil, holding onto a giant spanner with nothing but a tight pair of pants on. For a while, I thought this was the profession I wanted to end up in…

As he got closer, I saw that his overalls were undone to his belly button. He was definitely defined underneath; not quite like the photo, but he definitely enjoyed working out. It made me feel a little self-conscious, as I sat there gently stroking my rounder tummy. His chest was covered in thick, brown hair which was also now glistening in the headlights. He came over to my side and tapped on the window. He motioned for me to move over, so I slid across the seat and he climbed up into the cab. I was ready to go. As he was filling out the paperwork, my eyes couldn’t stop staring at his chest. The overalls had opened, the point I could now see his nipple, which was erect, and such a delicious bright pink colour. I bit my lip, as I felt a familiar stirring down below. I shifted in my seat, so he wouldn’t notice; especially as my clothes were still wet.

I saw his eyes glance towards me, briefly, before he went back to writing. Did he see? Oh I hope he didn’t. Not again. He passed the clipboard over to me, and asked me to sign and confirm some other details. As I began hastily scribbling, I noticed that he had shifted position, and was now leaning back in his seat. Out the corner of my eye, I could see him undoing his overalls a little more; I could now see his thick pubic bush just sprouting through the opening zipper. I swallowed hard. Was this really happening. I was mesmerised, as he slowly pulled out his own dick. It was rock-hard. Glistening. Twitching. Throbbing. He looked at me with a wry smile, and then gently took my hand and placed it on his dick. Oh, it felt so good… it was warm, and it was pulsing. With each stroke, I could feel it. My finger grazed the tip, and pulled away a long bead of precum; I immediately brought it to my lips. I needed to taste more.

He beckoned me forward, so I am now kneeling across the seats, taking his dick deep into my mouth. He’d obviously been on a long day; he smelled like a mixture of sweat, piss and spunk, but I didn’t care.  I just needed to feel that dick inside me. He gently pushed my head further down his shaft. My eyes started to water and I began to choke; he carefully removed his hand from my head, asked if I was OK, and then resumed once I had confirmed I was fine. As I’m working over his dick, his hands are running down my back, reaching towards my arse. I peel down my wet shorts and boxers, and his finger immediately finds my hole. He began gently stroking his finger over my hole, which is now puckering with anticipation. My face is buried in his musty pubic growth and I can hear him spitting on his fingers.

I let out a small moan as his finger makes it’s way inside. My cock is now harder than it’s ever been. I sit up, and straddle him. We look deep into each others eyes, and he pulled me in close. The kiss tasted of cigarettes and coffee, but it was intense, passionate and left me gasping for air. As I leant back to catch my breath, I felt him enter me. I cried with a mixture of shock and ecstasy; It was stretching me out, and it hurt but at the same time, I needed to feel every inch inside of me. I gyrated my hips, allowing his dick to hit every pleasurable spot. His head was back, eyes closed, moaning softly as my tight hole clenched around his cock.

He motioned for me to turn around. Now facing out the cab, I sat back down on his dick, which was now completely covered in precum. As I rode him, I reached down and started stroking myself. His dick was milking my prostate and I was in heaven. I could feel his thrusts getting deeper, and his breathing was intensifying. Suddenly, his thrusts got a little erratic and he let out a huge cry. Suddenly, I felt the warm gush of spunk flooding my arsehole. At that moment, I pushed down harder, to really feel it deep inside, and with one last stroke, I unloaded another stream of sticky spunk all over his windshield. For a moment, we were both breathing heavily, but I didn’t climb off straight away. I felt myself fall into him, and he wrapped his arms around me and held me there. The sound of the rain was beginning to quieten, and then there was just the sound of our breathing. He offered me a rag to clean up with but I refused. I just put back on my underwear and my shorts. I wanted to feel that load in me.

Just as I was about to leave, he ripped off the receipt from his clipboard and then screwed it up. He smiled, and then climbed into the drivers seat, and as quickly as he had arrived, he was gone. I carefully got back into my own car, my arse still wet but now warm and sticky. As I looked over to the passenger side seat, a bit of paper caught my attention. It was his number and a brief message. If I ever needed roadside assistance again, I should call him direct. Well you know what, I may just do that.

Thank you for reading! I would absolutely love any and all feedback; it’s been a long time since I wrote anything fictional. If you have any ideas of what types of stories you would like to see featured here on TBGR, then please drop me an email or leave me a comment below! Also please go and check out Girl on the Net and her Audio Porn project. Thank you! 

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