Bluetooth and Masturbation. A match made in heaven, right? Bung a bit of bluetooth on anything and you’ve already piqued my attention. Lovense is a brand who seem to have this whole smart sex toy thing down to a fine art. It’s a surprise that this is the first time i’m actually experiencing what they have to offer.

A few months back, Lovense asked if I would be interested in reviewing their upcoming smart masturbator; the Max 2. I was familiar with the original Max, but never tried it for a number of reasons; but one of the more obvious reasons, is that the Max only offered a vulva-style orifice. And whilst I personally have no problems with vulvas, when it comes to sexy times, it’s just not something that works for me. It’s one of the reasons why I champion TENGA so much; because they are all about taking gender and anatomy out of the equation and focusing more on it’s function.

It seems that Lovense have realised that they could be alienating a large portion of their potential customer base, so whilst the new Max 2 comes with a non-descript orifice as standard. If you so wish, you can purchase a separate vulva orifice . So with that in mind, I kindly accepted the offer, and the Max 2 was on it’s way. In typical fashion, life hit me in the face, and we’ve had to take a step back from blogging, but we’re getting back out there and I can finally bring you this review. Lovense, please accept my most humble apologies… but the wait has been worth it. I promise.

I would like to thank Lovense for sending us the Max 2 free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The Max 2 arrives in a pretty sizeable box, larger than I was expecting. But it’s simple, neat and straight to the point. Inside, you get the Max 2, a magnetic USB charging cable and a couple of mini user guides. The case of the Max 2 is a sleek, shiny white ABS plastic, and inside is a removable sleeve made from a clear TPE. Size wise, it’s slightly bigger than a Fleshjack case, but it’s still pretty easy to hold, thanks to the ridges in the case.

This device is packed with features; the Max 2 offers vibrations, 360 degree contractions (more on that later), remote control (via dedicated smartphone/desktop app) and can be controlled by anyone across the globe. For full disclosure, I have NOT tested out this feature. I have only had the option of playing with the device solo; if we are ever in a position to explore some of these more connective features, we will address them in a later update. For now, we are focusing on just the standard use, and control via the smartphone app.

In terms of battery life, the Max 2 takes around 100 minutes to charge, and can last up to 3 and a half hours on a single charge. This will vary dependent on what settings you are using. Since getting the Max 2, i’ve only charged it up maybe twice, and managed to get several sessions from a single charge, which is pretty awesome.

In Use

In all honestly, we haven’t had the best experience with these so called ‘smart’ masturbators. The Kiiroo Onyx was such a huge disappointment, along with the SenseMax SenseTube. They’ve pretty much put me off using devices like this. But when presented with the opportunity to try out the Max 2, there was something telling me to give this a chance… and boy, I am glad I did. So let’s break it down into small sections:

Textured Sleeve

In order to fully test out the capabilities of the Max 2, we have to try it out in all it’s facets in order to get a full picture of what’s on offer. So the textured sleeve inside feels pretty much like a Fleshjack; it’s soft, squishy and inside, there is a range of various bumps and nodules inside to caress and massage your shaft. So using the Max 2 as just a standard masturbator… the results are, well, pretty standard. It does indeed feel pretty nice, but it doesn’t really stand out against any other manual masturbator. But that’s fine; because the stars of the show are the ‘smart’ features. Let’s start with the vibrations.

Good Vibrations?

One of my complaints about the SenseMax was that the vibrations, though strong, just didn’t transmit through the internal sleeve at all. This is thankfully not the case here. The vibrations admittedly are not incredibly strong BUT they are positioned at a point where they can actually be felt pretty much throughout the entire sleeve. I put this down to the fact the vibrations are on the more rumbly side, so they seem to penetrate the texture of the thick sleeve pretty decently.

When controlled via the buttons on the device, there are 3 constant speeds and then 4 additional patterns. The patterns are pretty decent, but I will always and forever be a fan of the constant vibration at it’s highest setting. When sliding in and out, the vibrations help enhance the texture of the sleeve, and it feels sweet. An orgasm always shortly follows.

Expand and Contract

Aside from the vibrations, the Max 2 features this airbag technology, designed to expand and contract, creating tightness, and (i believe) is meant to simulate vaginal contractions. I honestly have no idea what that actually feels like, but I would assume it’s not too dissimilar to how butt contractions feel. There are 3 levels of contractions; Low, Medium and High. Each time you cycle through the contractions, the internal air bag will get tighter and tighter. There is a quick release valve at the base if things start to get a little too intense.

When just stroking with the Max 2, the contractions do offer a certain level of realism that I haven’t felt in any other masturbator i’ve ever tried. The pump is a little on the loud side. It’s not massively distracting, but if discretion is something you need, this might not be right for you. But still, the contractions do actually work well, and it does enhance the sensation.

Put it all together and what have you got?

Bippidi Boppidi OH MY GOD… that’s basically what happens when you combine all the Max 2’s features. In fact, when using the vibrations and the contractions, I pretty much didn’t need to stroke at all. I could jam myself in as far as I could, and just hold it in place; the vibrations and contractions worked together beautifully to get me off in record time. I was actually quite surprised at how quickly it happened. However, with the sound of the vibrations and the air pump all going together, the volume does jump up a little bit; but it’s still at an acceptable level and doesn’t bother me too much. But again, if discretion is the name of the game… you might have to look elsewhere.

Remote Control

Connecting the Max 2 to my iPhone was really easy; you need to download the app, which thankfully you can use without creating an account (at least to just use the remote functions) which is great for those concerned with privacy. Once connected, the app offers basic slider controls between the two functions, which does allow a slightly more customisable experience.

The app also allows you to use music and sound to ‘control’ the vibrations. This is a quirky little feature; not something I would overly use, in fact, I probably wouldn’t use these features. At least not with the Max 2; I feel these would work better with standard vibrators. You can also create your own custom patterns. Again, a cute feature to have but not something I personally utilise. But it’s nice to have it there as an extra.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The sleeve can be removed from the case and can be rinsed out with warm water. You’ll need to really get in there with your fingers as there’s a fair few spots for fluids to cling to. The sleeve is open-ended, so you’ll need to also rinse out the inside of the case. The directions do state that you can run water through the internal casing; you just need to make sure the air valve is closed. Once everything is rinsed and dried, you can powder the sleeve to restore it’s silky texture and then pop it back inside. It does state over time, the air bag can lose it’s ‘shape’ but this will not affect the sensations of functions of the Max 2.


Well congratulations Lovense. You have made up for all of these lacklustre ‘teledildonic’ failures that we have tried in the past. The Max 2 actually works, and I have to say, feels freakin’ amazing. The standard texture sleeve feels good on it’s own, but add in those vibrations and contractions… oh my god, we are in for a proper toe-curling experience. I may have to consider investing in a second unit, as you can connect two devices together; that could offer something new and fun – so watch this space in the future.

But is it worth the money, yeah I really think so. If like me, you have been let down in the past by similar devices, I really do feel this will repair a lot of the damage. The design is sleek, the vibrations and contractions take this onto another level… I definitely will be coming back for me.

Where to Buy

It looks like the Max 2 is currently only available from Lovense directly at the moment. They do ship worldwide. You can also purchase from Lovehoney / Uberkinky

I would like to thank Lovense for sending us the Max 2 free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. This does not affect our opinions or experiences with this or any other product we receive for review. If you wish to support the blog, please consider making your purchase through these links. Thank you! 

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