Phew! We are a couple of days late getting this review up, but finally… our first review of 2021 is here! Just before Christmas, Lovense reached out to me, to ask if I would be interested in reviewing an upcoming release for them. I jumped at the chance.

The last Lovense item we reviewed was the Max 2; and I thoroughly enjoyed it (although I am deeply distraught now that I have LOST it. Right? How do you lose a whole damn ass toy like that? But I have torn the place apart and alas; I cannot find it! But that’s not why where here…). What we are here to discuss is the EDGE 2; the next model of their best selling EDGE Prostate Massager. Now, I need to preface this review by saying I have never tried the original EDGE, so I unfortunately cannot make any comparisons between the 2 models.

However, if you’re new to Lovense; then this review will hopefully help you decide if this is the right toy for you. So let’s not waste any more time, and let’s get down to it!

I would like to thank Lovense for sending us the EDGE 2 Prostate Massager for free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The EDGE 2 is a bluetooth remote-controlled Prostate Massager. The EDGE can be paired with the Lovense Remote app (available on both Android and iOS) for control. This can be done over the internet, allowing for long-distance play. This requires the creation of an account to allow secure access. I haven’t signed up for this feature (as I personally have no need too) but you can still use the app to control the toy, just in ‘offline’ mode.

The box is sleek and small, with minimal excess packaging. Inside, you’ll find the EDGE 2, a magnetic USB cable, a little storage bag and a manual. Made from body-safe silicone, the EDGE 2 is also fully waterproof for easy clean-up. It has a flexible neck (similar to the Vector from We-Vibe) to allow you to adjust the angle for perfect prostate placement (or PPP if you will :p). There are 2 motors; one in the shaft, and one in the base for external perineal stimulation. It has an insertable length of 3.59 Inches, and a width at it’s widest point of 1.38 inches.

Out the box, the EDGE 2 has 3 speed settings and then 4 different patterns. When used with the app, the vibration patterns become much more varied, as you can fine tune the speed and create your own patterns. You can even sync it to music as well, if you want to get down and get funky. So how does it feel?

In Use

In short, pretty good! I have to be honest, it’s been a while since anything has been… up there. So it did take me a couple of go’s to warm up and get the EDGE 2 fully inserted. The shaft is quite firm, with very little ‘squish’; so I felt every mm of the shaft as I slowly began to slide it inside. But once it was in, it was very comfortable. The neck is very thin, and I had no issues with keeping the EDGE 2 inside. The neck can be flexed, so if you find that your massagers aren’t always hitting the spot; you can adjust the angle of the shaft, allowing for that PPP|! Despite having a flexible shaft, it’s very sturdy, and does require a little ‘force’ to bend; but at least you know it’s not going to move once it’s inside!

Connecting the EDGE 2 to the app is really simple. You just need to open the app, make sure the EDGE 2 is on (and the little light on the bottom is flashing) and then simply go to ‘connect’ and then et voila! You are ready to go! There are a couple of ways that you can control the EDGE 2 with the remote. You can simply just slide the little icons around and this will increase intensity of each of the motors. The downside is, as soon as you let go of the buttons, the vibrations stop. This is a mode best used if you can have someone else controlling the EDGE 2 for you. But there are a couple of other modes:

1. Looping Mode

This is basically an interface where you ‘program’ a vibration pattern. Move each little slider and then when you let go; it then loops that vibration over and over. This was probably the most fun mode, especially if you are planning a long edging session; you can play around with different patterns. Also quite enjoyable getting a partner to program a pattern for you. Probably my favourite mode.

2. Float Mode

This is basically a sliding mode; you just slide the motor icons to whatever position you want; and then it will ‘float’ there until you change it. This is great for someone who is less bothered about patterns, and just wants to control the intensity of the motors.

3. Traditional Panel

This is a simplified version of the ‘Float’ mode. Instead of the ‘tap and slide’ panel, you have 2 simple sliders, allowing you to adjust the intensity using a simple slide motion.

The music mode; i’m not sure if I am just using it incorrectly; but after allowing the app to access Spotify; I tried a selection of songs with different BPMs, but the vibrations being put out by the EDGE 2 didn’t feel any different, from song to song. I’ll of course keep diving into this, but at the moment, it’s not a feature I really see any value in.

Once you’ve found your preferred method of control, it’s time to just layback and have some fun! The vibrations from the EDGE 2 are nice and rumbly. They don’t feel like the strongest i’ve ever experienced from a prostate massager; but they are certainly not weak. They are also surprisingly quiet. It’s not silent, but comparatively speaking, it is one of the more quieter vibrating prostate toys.

Whilst sat on the edge of the bed, I turned the vibrations on to full (as that is what I love) and just rocked myself slightly. The shaft’s firmness makes it feel very filling and satisfying, and because it’s so firm, it allows all of those vibrations to be transferred directly to your sensitive spots. The EDGE 2 was able to squeeze out an orgasm from me, with very little stimulation. Hell, I wasn’t even at full mast – so this is a good sign that continued use, I see hands-free orgasms in my future. However, every orgasm attained whilst using the EDGE 2 and masturbating; were pretty darn good.

Clean-up & Maintenance

The EDGE 2 is completely waterproof, so clean-up is as simple as rinsing under the tap. I like to use a little bit of anti-bac soap. Once it’s clean, pat it dry and then pop it in the supplied storage bag for safe keeping. During use, the EDGE 2 can give up to 1.7 hours of play time (less if you are a power-hungry bottom like me who demands WARP SPEED!). Charging is simple with the magnetic cable, which has a good level of security (i.e it doesn’t just fall off, like so many other magnetic chargers do). Time to charge for the EDGE 2 is around about and hour and a half, which is pretty good. When using it seated/laying down, the remote has a reach of around 10ft.


So how does the EDGE 2 perform? Well I really like it. The shape of the shaft is comfortable and stays in place. The ability to adjust the neck really ensures you are direct the vibrations exactly where you want them. It can take a little bit of trial and error to find the ‘sweet spot’ but that’s part of the fun. The fact you even have the ability to do so, puts it above many other prostate massagers, that assume everyone is built the same. And we all know, this is not the case!

The vibrations are strong, rumbly and quiet. I do wish there was a little extra oomph! On the top setting, it was nice, but it didn’t quite reach the peak of some of my other favourite massagers; but I will say the vibrations coming from the perineal motor, where some of the strongest i’ve felt. I’ve often found that folks often tend to skimp out on the vibrations here; but in the EDGE 2, both motors feel pretty comparable.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the EDGE 2 via the Lovense Store; you can also purchase it through Lovehoney / UberKinky

Once again, I would like to thank Lovense for sending us the EDGE 2 free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinions or experience with this or any other product we review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the blog and the work we do, please consider making your purchases through these links! It doesn’t cost you extra and it helps keep the blog running! 

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