We don’t have the greatest track record with ‘automatic’ masturbators. But they just keep coming; are the likes of TENGA and Fleshlight so blasé? The team behind the Handy seem to think so; and claim to have invented the worlds best masturbator. Have they succeeded?

Or do we have another case of Autoblow 2 on our hands? I was approached back in April to see if we would be interested in reviewing this upcoming piece of sex tech. I have to admit, I was sceptical, but i’m always down for a challenge. The Handy masturbator is developed by a Norwegian team, who claim that most ‘automatic’ masturbators are just not simply worth the money. Whether cheaply made, or just don’t offer anything better than what your own hand can offer you. I somewhat agree with that sentiment. Still, many have tried to produce machines like this and have failed. Why were they so confident?

Well when it arrived, and I took everything out of the box, I started to understand their er, cockiness. The Handy Masturbator is unlike any other ‘auto’ stroker i’ve seen. After plugging it in, and playing with the various settings; my interest was piqued. Could this actually be a ground-breaking toy?

I would like to thank the makers of the Handy for sending us the device free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The packaging for the Handy is sleek, and quite luxurious for a first time product from a new brand. It has a minimal, almost Apple-esque feel to it. The matte black box just features a glossy image of the Handy, along with the tagline ‘The ultimate hand-job machine’. We’ll be the judge of that. Inside the box, you get The Handy, a 3 pin plug and power cable, a TPE sleeve, 2 sachets of lube and an instruction manual. The device is about the size of a fleshlight and feels about the same weight. It’s modern black design that does indeed look quite expensive.

Attached to the Handy is the TrueGrip sleeve; an adjustable velcro grip that holds onto the TPE sleeve. As for the sleeve, it’s clear (NB: Prior to this review, we had taken the Handy away with us, and I placed the TPE sleeve in a black storage bag to try and keep it dust free; and the colour transferred and turned our sleeve a more… smokey colour. Still works perfectly fine, and this is the nature of TPE material. It will absorb colours and odours if not stored correctly) and features a series of nubs all the way through the internal portion. The sleeve measures around 4.5 inches of overall length, but the material is VERY stretchy. Overall, the Handy does look pretty smart. It is operated via plug, and the cable provided is quite long, but we do have plugs either side of our bed, so connectivity is relatively easy.

In Use

The setup process for the Hand Masturbator is pretty easy. Simply plug in the AC cable into the side of the device, and then plug this into the main power box, which then plugs into the wall. It reminds me of the type of power supply you might have on a laptop or a games console. In order to use the Handy, you’ll need to first of all get into position. This is definitely a device best used whilst lying down comfortably. Lube yourself up and whilst erect, slip into the sleeve fully. Then you’ll need to then attach the Handy to you, using the TrueGrip band (ensuring the buttons are facing you). You can adjust the grip to find the adequate pressure for you. Once you are ready, press the power button, and the Handy will start stroking. There is a cross control pad, that will control the length of the stroke, and one that controls the speed.

Whilst the setup process sounds complicated, it’s actually pretty intuitive. The control panel is easy to use, the buttons are quite responsive. When I first used the Handy, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I got myself comfortable, got everything connected and attached, and I lay there with my dick in the sleeve, twitching with nervous anticipation. I pressed the power button, and the Handy slowly sprung into life. With a little bit of adjustment on the grip, the device was now slowly stroking me. It felt kinda nice, but wasn’t anything earth shattering. But we were just getting started.

I decided to explore the stroke length first. It’s got quite a range. So no matter the length of your dick, the Handy will be able to accommodate you. This in itself is a pretty good feat, especially as most masturbators assume you’re hung like a horse. Once I had found a stroke length I was happy with, time to turn up the speed. On it’s longest stroke length, it could master up to 160 strokes per minute. At least, that’s what I counted before I started going cross-eyed staring at it. On the shortest stroke length… I couldn’t even begin to count… but it’s fast. Really fast. But not painful. Quite the opposite. Before I really had anytime to react, I came so violently that my whole body convulsed. The speed of the sleeve mixed with the sudden sensitivity that I was feeling post-orgasm had me almost screaming. I desperately fumbled for the ‘off’ button. I lay there panting, sweating, and was absolutely sure my neighbours might be concerned for my well being.

And each go with the Handy always ended up the same. I’d spend a little while just enjoying the strokes at a modest speed, and then, when I was ready to release, i’d crank up the speed and shorten the stroke length; and then BOOM! The first time I tried it out on the husband, he reacted pretty much the same way. “Oh wow, that’s pretty amazing” he whispered. The textured sleeve feels pretty nice. We both agreed this probably was the best automatic stroker we have both ever tried. One of the biggest reasons is how quiet it is. Now, it’s not silent. The manufacturers claim it’s silent but it’s not. BUT; compared to the likes of the Autoblow, on it’s lowest speed and stroke, it’s almost undetectable. Once you speed things up, it does get louder. But not ridiculously. So it’s powerful and quiet. What more can you ask for?

Well, how about being able to use the Handy with your favourite masturbator? Yes, you can use your own sleeve with the Handy… but there are a few er, stipulations. Firstly, full size Fleshlights are OUT. They are just TOO big and heavy – will not work. However, the QuickShot’s work EXTREMELY well with this. You just need to be careful about erm, where you er, shoot… as the Handy is not waterproof; and you don’t want to get any fluids into the mechanism. Any standard soft hand-sized masturbator should also work with the Handy. There are talks about new attachments in the future; so it’s worth keep an eye out.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Handy is a powered device, and therefore should not be submerged in water. Best cleaning practice would a barely damp cloth, to clean the main unit. The sleeve obviously can be removed and washed with warm soapy water. As the material is TPE, I have taken to giving it a little dusting in between uses to keep it feeling soft and less sticky. It’s quite a compact unit, so storage is fairly easy. The TrueGrip band can also be removed and rinsed to get rid of any lube or bodily fluids. Just ensure it’s fully dry before trying to reattach to the base unit.


Well, I for one was fully impressed with The Handy masturbator. As automatic masturbators go, it’s probably been the easiest to use, and the most effective. It’s also not as expensive as I thought it would be. The Handy currently retails for £149, which to put into perspective, my favourite TENGA is £190. It’s definitely a luxury price tag, but’s a product that really does live up to that. They are also introducing HandyExperience; which will allow you to control the Handy remotely, and use with your favourite videos. Unfortunately, this service is in beta, and I just couldn’t get it to work. If this changes in the future, i’ll come back and update.

But even without that, the Handy is still a pretty awesome toy, and truthfully, I don’t really use those kind of interactive features anyway. What do I want for the future? Definitely more sleeve options. I often thought if this could be rechargeable for unrestricted fun (as in, not needing to be near a power outlet) but realised that the Handy can probably only put out the power it has because it’s wired; i’m not sure a rechargeable unit could deliver the same, and I don’t want to lose any of that speed!

Where to Buy

The Handy is available direct, or you can purchase from Lovehoney / SheVibe

I would like to thank the makers of the Handy masturbator for sending us the device free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. And thank you for being so patient whilst we got this review together; the last few months have been like a rollercoaster! 

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