Just a quick little bit of erotica to finish off your week, inspired by very real events… enjoy!

I’m bent over the dining table, my arse framed by the thick nylon straps of my jock. I sway my hips, wriggling my butt in his direction. He gets up, and runs his hand over my smooth, hairless cheek. I reach back and run my hand over the growing bulge in his jeans. His button pops open, allowing me to slip my hand inside and feel the warmth of his cock radiating through his boxers. 

He continues to run his hands over my arse, occasionally running a finger directly over my hole. I clench with anticipation. I haven’t felt his hot load on my hole for a while and I’m desperate for it. His cock is now fully engorged, bursting to be freed from its cotton prison. I turn around, whilst still sat on the table, and pull his jeans down, allowing his cock and arse to be free. He leans in for a kiss, his cock twitching as it presses against my own cock, desperately fighting to get out of my jock. 

I slide my cock out of the side of the jock, allowing the tip of my glans to come into contact with his. I feel it jump with excitement. I wrap my legs around him, my dick now resting on top of his and I begin stroking them together. With each stroke, I can feel his cock getting thicker, harder… he’s moaning as I playfully bite at his ear lobe. He drops his shirt off the floor and pulls his t-shirt off. As I lean in, the slightly musky scent of sweat fills my nostrils. I pull him in close, my tongue desperate to taste him. As he takes over stroking our dicks together, I whisper into his ear. 

“Do you want to cum on my arse?”. 

His reply is an enthusiastic yes. 

“How much do you want to cum on my arse?” 

Badly, he says. His face contorting between an expression of desire and ecstasy. I bite my lip and grin. Beg me, I tell him. Tell me how much you want to shoot that hot, sticky load over my hole. Tell me how much you want to push that load into my twitching sphincter, as you shoot rope after rope of spunk. 

Please. He says. Please, let me cum on your arse. I need to cum on your arse. I can sense the desperation in his breathy whisper. My own cock is dripping in anticipation. OK, I tell him as I turn around, giving him full access to my arse. 

Within a few seconds, the tip of his cock is pressing up against me, as he is frantically stroking. He lets out a final moan and I feel the familiar, comforting sensation of his load splashing across my arse cheeks. He pulls the waist band of my jock and I push myself against his dick, feeling the warm tip just barely entering me, but filling me with delight. Sit down, I demand – as I stroke my own cock to completion and shoot my spunk all over his still twitching cock. There’s spunk dribbling down my leg, on the floor and splattered all over the seat of the chair. But I don’t care. I got what I wanted. I got him to beg to drop his load and it was fucking hot.

Audio Porn

This story has been turned into a delightful piece of Audio Porn. You can listen below:

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Thank you to Girl on the Net, including me in her wonderful Audio Porn project.

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