For many people, role-play is an absolute staple part of the bedroom experience. And then there are others like me and my husband; who just get giggly and awkward at the prospect of acting out some sort of scenario; like we’re on a porn version of ‘Whose line is it anyway?’

But following on from our discussions after watching that sex room show on Netflix; it got us talking. Sex isn’t meant to be serious. Who cares if you get a bit silly and have a bit of a laugh? It’s only us in the room… so I had asked him whether he had any specific scenarios or fantasies that he would like to explore and with almost no hesitation; he reeled off being in a Doctor’s office; having a physical exam with the GP starts to get a bit.. handsy… and he gets aroused and… well I’m sure you can imagine the rest. Well when I tell you I was absolutely down for this, I was immediately on to Amazon and looking for white coats and stethoscopes.

When I put my mind to something, I want to go all out so before I knew it – we had a lab coat, a stethoscope, one of those little torches they like to shine in your eyes, a clip board and some nitrile gloves. To top it off, we got some little silver trays like they put their little tools on and the cherry on the top;  a pop-up massage table that could be used as the examination bench. Could not believe how excited I was to try this, given how nervous we were but at the end of the day… it’s a bit of fun, isn’t it?

So the time came to have some fun; we started setting the scene earlier on in the day; I had told him I had booked him an appointment for a for a physical. I took a long hot bath and got myself into costume; the lab coat was actually far too big but we’ll make do. Underneath, I was wearing my favourite sheer black top and trousers with some sexy underwear from Lovehoney. Enough to cover up but enough to tease… and then I needed to set the scene.

I popped up the massage table, and on it, I placed the squishy butt I bought recently; my back story was that I had been teaching medical students about prostate exams earlier and this was the training aid we had used. I thought it was bloody good! There were butterflies in my stomach; I was so nervous and yet could barely contain my erection at the thought of what might be about to happen. I sat pensively on the edge of the table, and waited for him. He knocked on the bedroom door. “Come in” I called, and he slowly came up the stairs.

“Hi, I’m here for my appointment” he said, with a half-smirk on his face. I knew he felt silly. And I felt silly, but as I stood up to welcome him in, my lab coat fell open to reveal my outfit underneath and by the look on his face, I knew we were about to experience something very special. “Take a seat” I said, as I motioned for him to sit down. I asked what seemed to be the problem, and he said he just needed to have a full check up. “Absolutely” I cooed as I hastily pretended to jot some notes down on my clip board. “Let me pop on some gloves and I’ll be right with you”. It all starts innocently enough; as he sits on the table I ask him to lift up his top so I can listen to his heart.

It’s surprisingly intimate, listening to your partners heartbeat. Leaning in close and hearing the soft ‘thudum… thudum’ of his heart; and then hearing it get just a little bit faster as my face hovers close to his. “Perfect” I say quietly. I gesture for him to lie down on the table, and begin to gently run my hands over his body; giving his thighs a little squeeze. My hands get very close to his crotch; and I accidentally graze over his bulge. I see it twitch, just a little. “Oops, sorry” I whisper coyly. “It’s OK” he says.

I tell him everything is looking (and feeling) great and was there anything he had any concerns about. He looks a little shy and sort of looks at the floor for a second. I could tell he was really feeling a little insecure about what we were doing. But to his credit, he kept it going. “I’ve had some concerns with my performance lately. In the bedroom. Can you check to make sure everything is normal?” With a cheeky grin, I tell him to strip and we’ll have a thorough look. I get down on my knees and I cup his cock in my gloved hands. As I move around to examine his flaccid dick and balls from every angle, I run my tongue over it; softly. “What was that?” he says. “Oh, don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal. I just need to see what we’re working with”. “Well you’re the doctor… ” he says. And I continue; this time, I take his whole prick in my mouth and I can start to feel it swell. “Woah…” he says. “I’m married… ” and he blushes. “Don’t worry” I say; “it’s all part of the procedure”.

He is now stood there fully naked, with a raging boner. I turn to the butt on the table. I grab a bottle of lube and squirt some into my gloved hand. I begin to massage his dick and I tell him that I want to see his technique. He points to the toy “on that?” he says and I nod. He gets into position and I watch him slip his cock inside the tight little hole. “Yeah, just like that” I say. He grips it and begins thrusting. I stand behind him with my hands on his hips. By now, I’m bursting to get my cock out but I just stand behind him so my dick is now pressing against his arse as he thrusts. He leans back a little and whispers “Fuck me”. I don’t need telling twice.

The lab coat is flung onto the bed, and I tear off my bottoms. I grab his waist and with a bit of lube, I plunge deep inside his hole. He moans loudly but keeps the rhythm going. He’s fucking the toy and I’m fucking him. God it felt fucking amazing. Before long, I had to pull him away and take the action to the bed. We fucked whilst he lay on the jacket; I still had my gloves on and the stethoscope was still around my neck. But we didn’t care. He was grabbing hold of my waist and trying to pull me deeper into him. His cock was glistening and the veins were popping. “OH FUCK” he cried as he pumped his dick a few times, and the spunk started to flow. “YEAH” I said, as my own load started to fill his arse. We collapsed into a sweaty, sticky pile on the bed, struggling to catch my breath.

“That… was HOT” he whispered, as he wiped away the sweat from his forehead. “Shall I book you in for another check up next week?” I said and he nodded enthusiastically. “Yes please.” And there you have it; we enjoyed our first proper role play session and YES; it was awkward. YES there were giggles. But oh my god… when you finally just let go and have fun with it… it was one of the sexiest things we have ever done and I am honestly so PROUD of him for going along with it, especially as I knew he was more apprehensive then I was. But that orgasm was enough to tell him that we are doing this again; and I can’t wait to see what other sexy scenarios we can conjure up.

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