I’ve officially been blogging for over 8 years now; so I’ve written a LOT of stuff. Reviews in their hundreds… some sexy guides and a few scintillating confessionals of the naught escapades that we get up to here at TBGR HQ.

Blogging can be really difficult though; especially writing about sex and sex toys.Naturally days will come around where the last thing I want to be doing is even *thinking* about sex or masturbation; let alone doing it. Sometimes it’s even external factors like the weather; I very rarely was looking to engage in a bit o’ hanky panky in the 35 degree plus weather we’ve been having. This is also why we haven’t got a review going up (yet). Now the weather is somewhat cooler; testing has begun again so look out for a new review *very* soon.

But sometimes it’s difficult to come up with something to write about, if your heart just isn’t in it – which is why I’m thankful for Girl on the Net’s recent post (and call to action) inspired by another writer Betty Butch. As GoTN says…

“A while ago when I was struggling for blog ideas, Betty Butch suggested a round-up of the hottest posts I’ve ever written. I love this suggestion, not just because it allows me to openly engage in the kind of shameless self-promotion I’d usually have to shoehorn in subtly, but also because ‘hottest posts’ is such a subjective measure that it gives me the chance to pick from a few different types.”

So it got me thinking; what posts have I written that get me hot under the collar? What reviews have I felt so incredibly passionate about? So off the top of my head; here are ten of my steamiest, hottest or funniest posts that I think you should read right now (if you haven’t already). Or even if you have – I’d love to know which post was your favourite.

Sexy Thoughts…

Beg Me – Our most recent ‘sexy thoughts’ post recounted a simple Friday night session in which I got him to beg me to spunk all over my arse. Honestly, this was written prior to GoTN’s post about loving spunk; which just emphasised how much I bloody love feeling his hot, sticky load dripping off me. It just feels so fucking good and get’s me rock hard even just thinking about it.

Please. He says. Please, let me cum on your arse. I need to cum on your arse. I can sense the desperation in his breathy whisper. My own cock is dripping in anticipation. OK, I tell him as I turn around, giving him full access to my arse.

The Workshop – During lockdown, my husband began converting our garage into a little haven for himself; filled to the brim with power tools. I’d be lying if I said I’d never dreamt of having hot, sweaty sex with a burly carpenter; who grabs me roughly with their calloused hands and takes me over his work bench. Well it turns out, I don’t need to dream about it any more.

“Oh shit…” I cried; as I unloaded several spurts of spunk all over the surface of his work bench. He nuzzled his face into my neck and softly kissed me, as I stood, shaking. The last drops of semen dropped to the floor. The surface of the work bench was covered in sawdust, sweat and spunk. After a quick clean up using an old rag; I pulled on my shorts and began to head back inside.

The Security Camera – After an incident outside, we made a decision to purchase some security camera’s for the property. The ones we bought have an app, allowing you to access the camera feed from wherever you are. We both have a kink for voyeurism; and before we had them installed in their final locations; I had a little idea…

The cameras don’t record sound, but at this moment, that wasn’t a problem. Just watching him sat there, showing off his thick cock, was enough of a turn on. I was rock hard. I too, sat down, unbuttoned my jeans and began to stroke along with him. No words or sounds were exchanged. He just sat there, intently, stroking and looking directly into the camera. Every now and again, his head would go back, he would bite the corner of his lip, and I could see him let out a huge moan. This was just insanely hot.

A Teachable Moment – Even after being together for so many years; there’s always room to learn new things about your partner; he gave me a bloody good show whilst also showing me what he really likes – a truly scintillating moment; made achingly frustrating because he made me cum before giving his little display… the sadistic bastard!

… he lays on his back, and just starts stroking. I’ve seen him do this hundreds of times, but there was something about the way he had his body positioned. I was at prime viewing angle, and he was wanting me to take it all in. My heart began to raise, and I couldn’t turn away. Watching his hand glide up and down his shaft, as it become thicker and firmer, was hypnotising. One again, under his breath, he muttered “It’s all about the pressure…”, and I could see he was gently squeezing as he stroked.

Oral Delights – The only thing I love more than having his hot sticky load plastered all over my crack; is sucking dick. Honestly, the sense of power it gives me; taking his soft prick in my mouth and feeling it swell and engorge as I work my tongue over every inch of it… yeah give me a moment.

All cares go out of the window; for right then it’s all about him. And he knows it. As I can sense him getting closer to the brink, I switch things up using my hands; and just as he’s about to explode, I pull back. I want to prolong that sensation for as long as possible. His cock is wet and my jaw aches, but I don’t care.

Favourite pieces of Erotica

I don’t write as much erotic content; I personally just feel that I’m not very good at it! But now and again, I will write something that I do feel particularly proud of; and it’s possibly because they aren’t just ‘made’ up stories – they are inspired by very real events. A few details might have changed here and there; enough to classify them as works of fiction… just know that most (not all) were inspired by true events…

Silence – The thought of catching my partner pleasuring themselves excites me a lot. I love to watch. The thought of him lying in bed next to me whilst I slept, carefully pleasuring himself so as not to wake me… I dunno, I just find that really freakin’ sexy. But the truth of the matter is, I’m a light sleeper … but that could work in my favour though… right?

I could make out the silhouette of his body, arched, in the throes of intense pleasure. His head was pressed back into the pillow, and he was quietly moaning. I could make out his fist, clenched tightly around his cock, as he stroked it deliberately, firmly. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I lay there completely still. But already, I could feel my own cock stirring.

Humidity – Written a few years ago during another heat-wave we had. This post is the literal definition of hot; because it bloody was. Not as hot as it was recently… but still.

At this point, our bodies are soaked; the temperature has risen and we’re getting tangled up in the sheets. But I keep thrusting and he keeps grinding. “I’m getting close” I whisper. “Yeah…” he says, as he begins to buck his hips fast. “Oh god…” I pull myself out and unleash several thick spurts of spunk all over his ass, his cock and the bed.

Reviews (and other posts I think are hot)

Fucking a Sex Doll (for the first time) – In the second entry to our ‘Doll Diaries’ series; we took out our new ‘friend’ to get better acquainted with; and it ended in an impromptu fuck session. It’d be a shame that our overall experience wasn’t the most positive; but that first time… delicious.

We swap over; I position myself behind the doll, grab onto that squishy ass, and slip my cock deep inside. “Oh my god” I said. Where David had already been inside; the orifice was warm. It felt incredibly real; it was also surprisingly tight. My husband grabbed hold of my hips as I was thrusting, all the while he was kissing and breathing heavily down my neck. We each took it in turns; eventually, David was getting close. I urged him to keep going, and he soon started to tremble as he reached orgasm; splattering the cheeks and hole with his warm load.

We’ve all got to start somewhere – The first piece of erotic fiction I ever wrote. I am including it here because to me… it was HOT and I think this is important; we all have to start somewhere and I look back on my older writing with a fondness; like a proud parent looking back.

“Alan, what are you doing?”. My heart was racing now.

“Listen… I have to be honest… we spend a lot of time together, and I won’t lie, I’ve thought about what it might be like to be with a guy… I’ve just been too scared to explore. I’ve got a reputation to keep up, remember?”

Abracadabra – I wrote a guide to using Wand Massagers from a gay man’s perspective – but the techniques included are fun to explore for anyone with a penis. This article is hot to ME personally; because I have very fond memories of us trying all of these out, in order to come up with the content. Wands feature very heavily in our bedroom – and this is one of the articles I’m most proud of – especially for my attempt at making a home-made sex machine:

I came up with a nutty idea. Grabbing a couple of pillows, a couple of belts, my wand and the attachment, I MacGyver’ed myself a sex machine. It wasn’t beautiful, but you know what… it worked. And I was SO PROUD of myself. It meant I could ride the wand/dildo’s hands-free. You can experiment with the pillows, but you basically want it to form a shape you can ‘straddle’ and hold in place with your thighs, whilst you ride

And there we have it; a quick little round-up of the posts that I think are hot; whether it’s because we had a really good time OR because I’m just proud of the content; and think you should check it out. Because loving yourself and what you do is really hot. Thank you so much for checking this out and let me know down below; what was your favourite? And don’t forget to check out both Girl on the Net and Betty Butch for more awesome sexy writings.

Until the next time, stay safe and stay hydrated!

Much Love. x

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