I first need to apologise for how long it’s taken to get this review up. When you are dealing with completely new technology, you want to ensure that you’ve covered every single base possible; especially when said technology is pushing over £160.

But after a round of extensive testing (and a few setbacks due to some technical difficulties), I can finally present our thoughts on the brand new Ion Pleasure Air Stroker from ArcWave. I was approached a few months back by a representative from WOWTech Ltd (who own brands such as Womanizer, We-Vibe etc).

They explained they were launching a new brand, and that their first product was going to be revolutionary stroker device. I was intrigued, of course, and after signing an NDA, the information started to come through. And then, a couple of weeks later, the Ion arrived on my doorstep. To say I was excited is a bit of an understatement. I think this is the most excited i’ve been about a new sex toy for a very long time. So let’s not waste any further time, and let’s get straight on with the review.

I would like to thank WOWTech Ltd (ArcWave) for sending us the Ion Pleasure Air Stroker free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

ArcWave Ion

Image courtesy of ArcWave

Pleasure Air™? What’s that?

Good question. Before we get started, I want to take a moment to talk about what makes the Ion so different to any other stroking device that’s on the market. Back in 2014, Womanizer introduced the first ever product that utilised changes in air pressure, rather than vibration, to deliver powerful orgasms. In 2017, the concept of the ArcWave brand was born, with eyes on using the same pleasure air technology to create a device that would stimulate the penis, the same way the Womanizer stimulated the clitoris. It took 13 prototypes; but the Ion was finally completed.

First Impressions

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that the ArcWave Ion is the most impeccably presented sex toy I have ever seen. Everything from the packaging, to the design of the toy and it’s charging unit… it doesn’t even look like a sex toy. At least, not in the ‘conventional’ sense. It feels like i’m about to unbox  a laptop or an iPad or something. It’s very tasteful.

Inside the box, you’ll find the Ion, a charging dock, a USB cable, a sample of Pjur water-based lubricant and an instruction manual. The Ion is made from soft, flexible silicone (for the stroker part). It twists into two parts to allow for easy clean-up afterwards. There are some ridges inside the canal to offer additional sensations when stroking. Operation is via buttons placed towards the top of the device.

The charging dock is the most beautiful charging dock i’ve ever seen. Because it doesn’t look like a charging dock at all. The Ion sits inside, and once the lid is on, it literally looks like it could be ANYTHING but a sex toy charging unit. It also doubles up as a place to dry the device as well, as inside is a little ‘cage’ that you fill with a ‘DryTech’ sachets. I really love the simple, self-contained nature of everything. Charging takes around 85mins, and should give you about an hour of playtime.

In Use

ArcWave suggest it can take up to 5 uses to find your best rhythm with the Ion, as it’s unlike any other stroker device. So with that in mind, I honestly wasn’t expecting too much to happen on the first session – it would simply be an exploratory sessions. The Ion utilises something called Smart Silence™; the idea being that the Ion only powers on when it senses skin contact over the Pleasure Air™ zone. Silence is a bit of a misnomer here; because the Ion is absolutely the furthest thing from silent that you can get. It does indeed work in the sense that it’s meant to though; when switched on, it is completely silent until you rub your finger (or penis) over the sensor.

On it’s lowest setting, it sounds like a little rumble, not too different to what a vibrator would sound like. Once you increase the intensity, it starts to sound… well, a bit like a growling dog. Honestly, when it first arrived and I was playing around with it by placing my finger over the sensor, the growling it made sent my two dogs into a frenzy. So if you are someone who needs absolute discretion; i’m not sure the Ion will be right for you.

The first time I used the Ion, I have to admit, the orgasm came very quickly and surprisingly easy. The sensation initially felt no different to a vibrating device such as the Pulse; but the difference here, was it didn’t feel… numbing. However, after orgasming, my mind was confused. That didn’t really feel any different to an orgasm that came from using, say, a wand. It still felt incredible, but how was it revolutionary?

It definitely took me a few tries to really finally understand what the Ion could offer. My natural instinct with the Ion is to stroke; after-all, it does call it the Pleasure Air Stroker. But actually, the best and most intense orgasms have come from just simply holding the Ion so the sensor is resting just underneath my frenulum, and just letting it do it’s thing. Sure, the orgasm doesn’t build up as quickly as it does if I stroke with it. The difference is the actual depth of the orgasm. It’s an orgasm that I can feel building in my toes; it slowly inches it’s way up my leg, until I can feel it at the base of my groin. That familiar tingle starts to work it’s way through my shaft, and then, it erupts into a knee-trembling, body-shaking orgasm.

With the different range of intensities, you can really set yourself up for a good, long edging session. That’s not to say that you can’t just whip out a quickie when you want too; on it’s highest speed, combined with a stroking motion – the Ion can deliver an orgasm that’s quick and satisfying. But the best, strongest and deepest orgasms occur when you take it slow. I truly wish I could really put into words what the sensation actually feels like. All I know is, it feels really good.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Ion has been designed with easy and simple clean-up. The Ion twists apart into two pieces. The silicone side can be submerged and rinsed with warm water and soap before being lightly towel dried. The main motor part of the device can also be submerged (but personally, I didn’t want to risk it, so instead just use a damp cloth) before lightly drying.

The charging/storage unit contains a silica stick inside which will ensure every last drop of moisture is removed from the Ion whilst it’s storing/charging. I think this is such a cool feature, and shows that the team at ArcWave have covered almost every angle.


As I was reading through some of the promotional materials that were sent alongside the Ion, I do have to note a lot of the heavily-gendered language that’s used throughout. The push that the ArcWave is a male brand, focusing on the male orgasm… I mean, I get it. Not everyone is woke yet. But when the leaflet makes a point that ‘nerve endings have no gender identity’ and then say ‘the glands of the clitoris find their male counterpart in the frenulum’, comes across as exclusionary (trans folk exist, and are just as likely to be a customer as any cis person). Just something to consider. Sex toys are for EVERY BODY, regardless of gender identity.

That aside, the ArcWave Ion does indeed feel every bit the revolutionary product that they claim to be. The sensations that the Ion can provide are different to a standard vibrating stroker, but it does indeed take a few goes to really get into the groove, and find the style that works best for you. I initially balked at the price of £170; but you are getting your money’s worth here – from the design and style of the toy, to the very swank charging/drying unit. It looks like the money, feels like the money, and sits pride of place on my bedside table; so it’s ready for action whenever I am.

Where to Buy

You can buy direct from ArcWave .

You can also order from SheVibe (US/UK/AU/NZ) / Lovehoney UK.

I would like to thank WOWTech Ltd (ArcWave) for sending us the Ion Pleasure Air Stroker free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of this or any other product we receive for review. Some affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the blog, please consider using these links when making your purchases. It doesn’t cost you any extra! 

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