As I’m sure you are aware, there was a period of time over the last 12-18 months where I just hadn’t really been involved in the sex toy world. Yes, reviews were still happening but I wasn’t keeping in touch with everything that was going on in the industry.

So imagine my complete and utter shock at discovering that Doxy had released a brand new version of their Die Cast wand… in a RECHARGEABLE version.

Since the original doxy , which we reviewed way back in 2018 – there have been several incarnations of the wand. We had the Die Cast come out next; which was honestly at the time, the most beautiful piece of equipment I had ever held in my hands. They changed the game again with the launch of the Doxy 3 – packing the doxy power into a smaller, more light weight unit. The one thing they all had in common though is the plug. Now, luckily Doxy thought about this and give you an extraordinarily long cable; to ensure that you can reach no matter where you are. The downside to this tough. is storing it is a pain because the cable never wants to go back in the box as tidily as whence it came out.

So as soon as I discovered there was now a RECHARGEABLE version… well, I knew I had to make it mine. My insomnia struck a few nights later, and as I was browsing Lovehoney at 3am in the morning, I discovered they had the 3R on sale; combined with a discount code, I was able to nab the limited edition Lovehoney X Doxy 3R (in a gorgeous snazzy purple colour) for just £90 (with an RRP of £149) which I thought was a bargain! Sadly, the purple colour has been discontinued (which I think is why it’s on sale). But the 3R still exists so the review will still be relevant.

I purchased the Doxy Die Cast 3R myself, so this review is not sponsored in anyway. I have still used affiliate links in this post as hey, we still need to pay the bills…! 

First Impressions

When the Doxy Die Cast 3R arrived, I let out a proper little ‘SQUEE’ of delight; because the packaging is the BEST they have ever done. Now they don’t need to add a cumbersome plug, they can reduce the size of the box significantly – and the Die Cast 3R now has it’s own gorgeous aluminium tube to store it. It feels both luxurious and industrial at the same time. It almost looks like a long, slender thermos. Embossed with the Doxy Logo in the top, you unscrew the cap and you’ll find your 3R secure inside.

At the bottom, is another little cap that you unscrew, and you’ll find your USB charging cable. As a package, it’s honestly stunning and I wasn’t expecting that; it just looks so good! As for the Die Cast 3R itself; it’s the same size as the original Doxy 3. It’s just now cable-less. The Lovehoney version is made with a gorgeous shiny aluminium body in a shimmery purple finish. Photo’s don’t really do it justice. But in person/hand it’s absolutely gorgeous. The functions are the same as with any other Doxy; Turn it on and it rumble into life or if you hold it down, it will launch into a pulsing mode.

Like the original Doxy 3, the head of the 3R can be removed for cleaning, or you can use any of the attachments that were made for the Doxy 3 with the 3R (for example, this Rabbit attachment). There was a range of attachments by Nexus (we tried the masturbator attachment, but didn’t really vibe with it personally). If these are still available, then these will work too.

In Use

My biggest concern with items like the Doxy going ‘rechargeable’ is that often, they never quite match up to their mains-powered counterparts. I’m happy to report that (at least compared to the Doxy 3 that I already own) – the power feels pretty much the same! It’s not as powerful as the full-size Doxy, and the vibrations are definitely not quite as deep and rumbly as the full-size. But when compared to the plug-in version of the Doxy 3 – they feel almost identical.

To me, this is incredible. To go to a rechargeable version and not lose any of the power? Amazing. This won’t be for everyone though; as I noted in my original Doxy 3 review – the vibrations of the 3 (and 3R) whilst very powerful, they are on the slightly buzzier end of the spectrum. Those of you who crave the deep rumbles of things like the original, or perhaps even the WeVibe Wand or LELO Smart Wand will be disappointed as whilst the size is better than both – the 3R cannot come close to the rumble of those.

For me, however – it’s not an issue. I tend to find that my penis just needs POWER (it’s not necessarily the depth of vibration) in order to get a good reaction. My prostate on the other hand, well the deeper the better… but here, the vibrations are perfect. And given we’ve been experiencing a heatwave for the last few weeks; having a device like this that allows me to get off with very little effort is a god send. I don’t even need to get hard. The 3R can drain me in a few moments without me even having to move too much, or break a sweat. The laziest wanks ever… and I love it. The fact that it’s now cable free just means I can now wank with abandon wherever I so wish, and not have to worry about being near a plug.

Fancy a wank in the bathroom? Sure (just not in or near water as the 3R, like the rest of the Doxy range, is not waterproof). In the garden? Why not. I might even pop it in my man-bag – you know, it’s important to always carry the essentials round with you. The point is, the freedom losing a cable gives you is invaluable. And whilst we’re in the middle of renovating our bedroom; this wireless wand will become an absolute necessity in our box of tricks.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The silicone cap is removable, allowing for a good thorough cleaning of the tip. The rest of the 3R will need a wipe over with a barely damp cloth. Charging takes a good 4 hours to full and this will give you around an hour of playtime (which is more than enough for me). The 3R then stores away nicely in it’s aluminium tube, which I will most likely just have out on display in the bedroom for easy and quick access.


So should you get a 3R? Well that really depends on you. Personally, I don’t mind the slight reduction in power over the full-size units – and the fact that it packs the same punch as the Doxy 3, it’s kind of a no-brainer for me. The power to wield orgasms anywhere I want is just too much of a draw. If you have the Doxy 3 and want a more travel-friendly version – go for it. If you are someone who needs deeper, rumblier vibrations – then this probably won’t be what you are looking for.

Still, for a rechargeable unit to pack the same amount of power as its corded version? That’s still something to celebrate and I applaud Doxy for being able to do that. My only complaint? They need to bring back the Purple colour somehow. It’s gorgeous!

Where To Buy

You can order the Doxy Die Cast 3R from the following:

Lovehoney (Matte Black)    SheVibe (Matte Black / Blue Flame / Rose [Exclusive])

Bondara (Matte Black / Blue Flame)     UberKinky (Blue Flame)

I purchased the Doxy Die Cast 3R myself. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the blog, the content we produce etc – then please consider making your purchases through these links and it helps keeps TBGR afloat! Thank you xx

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