It’s finally here; it;’s been 16 months in the making – it’s time to give you our WM Doll review. Affectionately known as ‘Sven’, who has been taking up a corner of our bedroom for over a year. This will not be like our regular reviews; so buckle up.

When it came to writing this post, I didn’t want to treat it like our regular reviews – because it’s absolutely not. A $1900 sex doll is not something one just ‘impulse buys’ or purchases without any real consideration – there are a load of complex factors that need to be taken into account – and this is everything we will cover through the length and breadth of this article – so grab a snack and your favourite hot beverage and strap yourself in – this is going to be a long one!

Making Your Decision

Obviously we were sent our doll by the company we are working with (Doll Training) who have graciously provided the doll to us free of charge in order to write this ‘review’. But we still had to make a decision on what model we wanted – and there are several ‘male’ dolls to choose from; even more ‘female’ doll varieties are available. So making your choice as to what one suits your needs best will really come down to what you find more aesthetically pleasing. Most of the dolls will have the same general function; with some dolls there is an element of customisation available (eye colour, hair colour etc).

When it came to choosing Sven, we chose the Male WM Doll with #78 Head. We chose this one as it was the tallest of the models available (at 175cm/5ft 9). It’s also one of the heaviest (at 57kg) which at the time (and will be important to note for later) didn’t seem too important. From the marketing photo’s as well, it looked the most ‘visually’ appealing to us. But to be fair, it’s a tough decision – and this was without us having to spend a penny… I would imagine for those who are dropping hard-earned money on an item like this will want to ensure they have found their perfect buddy.

NOTE: Doll Training is an official reseller of WM branded dolls. There are many sites that claim to offer WM dolls, but these are often poorer quality ‘duplicates’. Inside the manual that came with our doll, is a certificate of authenticity which can be checked on the WM Doll website, that will confirm if your purchase is a legitimate WM product – and I am happy to report our doll is 100% legit. 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

Once you’ve made your choice (and paid for your new playmate) – now comes the part nobody likes – the wait for it to be delivered. Our shipping notification dropped into my inbox on the 29th January, and as the doll was shipping direct from the factory in China, we expected it to take a little while. We were both feeling very anxious but excited at this point. We truly didn’t know what to expect – we’ve reviewed masturbators of various shapes and sizes over the years, but nothing quite at this level. Well, to be fair it’s more than ‘just’ a masturbator. But we’ll get to more of that later.

The 8th February rolled around and I got a text to say my delivery via FedEX would be that day; and lo and behold at 9:45am, the doorbell rang:

I opened the door; and the courier simply said “I need your help offloading this. It’s f**king heavy”. Oh christ, I thought to myself. So I grabbed my slippers and headed out with him to his van. Remember how I said I gave no second thought to the weight of the doll?

I was completely not prepared for how heavy and awkward the box would be to bring in, nor the fact that I needed to assist the courier with getting the box out of his fan, or the fact they sent one of the eldest drivers to deliver this ridiculously large and heavy package.

“What’s in there then, mate? A trampoline or something?”. Not that it’s any of his business… “Erm, of sorts” I said. Then realised that sounded a bit weird, so said “No, it’s some bedroom furniture – but I ordered it from Wish, hence why it’s come from China”. That was believable, right?

So this is absolutely one of the first things you absolutely need to consider when making a purchase. You need too remember it’s a LIFE-SIZED object – the box it comes in is not inconspicuous. Thankfully the outer box doesn’t give too much away – so should my neighbours had been looking out the window to wonder what all the swearing was about – they would have been none-the-wiser. I am grateful that the driver hadn’t really paid any attention to what was on the shipping paper-work (doll scale model resembling a human being certainly would have raised a few eyebrows).

The BOX (with a Ludo to scale)

Rather than whittling on about the fun and games we had setting it up, you can go and check out the first volume of this series here.

First Impressions

The only part of our regular reviews that I am keeping is our ‘First Impressions’ – I want to talk about the general build quality and appearance of the doll. Firstly, the doll does indeed look pretty impressive. The fleshy six-pack is appealing to rub (although I’ve never touched a real six-pack before so cannot attest as to how life-like it feels) but visually it looks pretty realistic!

We got two penis attachments to use; one long, one short but both have a similar girth. They both have adjustable rods inside so you can change the position, and that also gives them a slight ‘dual density’ feel which doesn’t feel quite as real as a proper dick, but feels close enough. When he’s all kitted up, Sven does look quite attractive; and I appreciate the inclusion of second head/wig allowing you to change up the appearance when you want.

We had to grab Sven some alternative clothes as it only arrived with a basic vest – sadly neither myself nor David were able to donate; but once we got him into a better fitting shirt and some underwear; the ‘fantasy’ was turning into ‘reality’. All in all, it’s been built incredibly well, and looks and feels how something that would normally cost $1900 should feel. So first pro – visually, it’s a 10.

Getting down to it…

As we are now into the giving our final verdict – it’s time to get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of it all. We’ve given you an idea of what it was like to use in Volume Two and we answered some of your questions in Volume Three – it’s time to go through all the ins and outs, the pros and cons (and sadly there are indeed a LOT of cons) so we can try to help you decide on whether this is a purchase for you.

The biggest thing that I was not prepared for, when bringing a life-size sex doll into your lives, was the odd effect it had on me mentally. Because of it’s size, it’s shape, the fact it looks like a damn human being – it has presence – something you don’t get from your run-of-the-mill pocket pussy. It’s a fully-fledged analog person – It takes up the space of a person, it feels… like a person. There are unpopular opinions that dolls are ‘creepy’ or ‘weird’ and whilst I don’t 100% agree with those comments, having one sat on your bed, I can sort of understand where they are coming from. It veers so deep into the uncanny valley that there have been moments when I’ve gotten Sven out of the box to take some photos, gone away and then come back a couple of hours later and freaked out because I’ve forgotten he was there. To that extent though, I can understand (and appreciate) why some people turn to dolls for companionship – when you are in the vicinity of a doll, it doesn’t feel like you’re alone.

Weight a minute…

The second biggest factor we hadn’t really taken into account when agreeing to review an item such as this, was the size and weight of the doll. I mean, we of course knew it was ‘life-sized’ but we didn’t really appreciate how heavy it was actually going to be when it arrived. 57kg doesn’t sound like a lot. But when talking about an inanimate object, it’s incredibly heavy. And we struggled. There are two of us; and we struggled to get this thing in and out of it’s box; to get it onto the bed; hell to even just get it into position to use, it took a lot of sweat, tears and several choice swear words.

And this is where I started to think; if we are struggling to manoeuvre this thing around with the 2 of us, how in the world does someone do this solo? I mean, maybe me and David are both incredibly weak; I don’t do a lot of heavy lifting on a regular basis. But there wasn’t a session with Sven that didn’t end with us panting and cursing. The most recent being about a week ago; when I wanted to give Sven another outing before we published the review. I had a dream about utilising Sven in a threesome situation; with Sven-David-Me – a sort of ‘chain’ if you like.

After getting him out of the box (which we are now able to do in one swift motion; it’s taken a LOT of practice), we got him on the bed. We then had to figure out the best position to get him in. The delicate skeleton frame has to be positioned carefully; and you need to bear in mind that the weight of the doll means you cannot be putting to0 much strain on the delicate joints (especially in the wrists and elbows) (so no hands and knees). We found the most natural looking position is downward facing dog (or something similar) – it allows the weight to be even distributed whilst still being a position that a human could get into.

Face down, ass up…

The only trouble is, getting him in this position requires a lot of effort. The joints don’t quite move as freely (or smoothly) as most humans – if Sven was real, I would be directing him to a chiropractor or something. However, once he was finally in position, we had to take a few moments to catch our breath and ‘get back into the mood’. So in essence; when it comes to having some fun with your doll; you really do need to ‘plan’ in advance. As such, I’m gonna have to call this a con; there are lighter options available – there was another model that was around 30kg – but without feeling it, I couldn’t tell you whether that was better.

Cocks Galore

Once you’ve gotten your doll into your desired position, what does it feel like? Well let’s focus on the dildo aspect first. The replacement cocks require a little effort to remove and replace; there is a large rod that gets inserted into a cavity on the front of the doll (a little cornstarch helped make this smoother and easier). As the penises provided are also made from TPE, I would recommend using a condom over them (especially if using anally) to try and help keep them in as decent condition as possible. TPE is a porous material and it doesn’t take much for odours and fluids to get into the material.

The first penis is a fairly modest size but has very pronounced veins all over it, to the point it does look more unrealistic – once it’s added onto the doll, it drops the realism down a notch. It’s just shy of 6 inches in length and has a circumference of around 4 inches. There is a good level of detail on the testicles and in terms of size, it’s perfect for someone who isn’t necessarily experience in anal. The rod inside is flexible but is pretty firm, so holds up under some heavy thrusting (or in this case, it would be bouncing).

The second penis supplied is much larger, coming in at an insertable length of 8 inches, with a circumference of around 5 inches. This was the penis I preferred. Whilst the detail is slightly lacking, it’s tone matched the rest of the body better, and visually it was slightly nicer to look at. Again, the flexible rod inside is strong enough to support some serious bouncing but with a good firm grip, you can manipulate fairly easily. So despite their shortcomings (made of TPE), the actual physical properties of the dildos are decent and they do feel quite pleasurable in use. And I like the idea of being able to swap them out dependent on my ‘mood’.

Aural Oral

The next aspect of the doll that proved to be a pretty big success, was the oral capacity of the doll. Each head contains a penetrable mouth, and I have to say; was probably the most realistic in terms of sensation I have ever experienced. And not just visually and physically… aurally too! I am terrible at describing sounds, but that sort of ‘slurping’ noise you hear whenever you are vigorously sucking dick (or having yours sucked); it’s here. If you closed your eyes, you would honestly have a hard time telling the difference.

Visually, the sight of my dick plunging deep inside the doll’s throat was a pretty decent turn on; and the sensation; I genuinely cannot explain how good it felt. It was warm, tight and when all of those aspects combine together; it’s definitely my favourite part of the whole thing.

Butt; it isn’t all roses…

The doll also features fully penetrable anal orifice; ironically my least favourite part for a number of reasons, that I will try to explain the best as I can. The biggest issue is the ‘location’. For some reason, it feels like it’s slightly in the wrong position; so whenever we try to replicate positions and scenarios that we would normally do, it just doesn’t quite… work. Case in point, we’ll refer back to our most recent experience.

After getting Sven into position, David got behind Sven and found that actually, Sven’s hole is lower down than you would normally expect. We tried bolstering Sven up with some additional pillows to try and bring his hole up to a more natural position – but it didn’t quite work. Add to that the fact we had to break another sweat just to get the pillows under him and then all sense of excitement had disappeared. If you did finally get the position right, it wasn’t sustainable and also meant that when I tried to get behind David, it just wasn’t comfortable.

It is possible to get some level of enjoyment out of this position, but truthfully it’s not the most comfortable. Our first experience may have been more of a success because of the initial ‘thrill’ and the fact we were both incredibly turned on at the time. Subsequent outings have shown that actually, it’s a but of a pain. Missionary position is a little better; not perfect, but better. And actually, with Sven on his back, going in with your body positioned horizontal to his, allows for deeper and better penetration (and it requires very little manipulation of his frame).

In terms of sensation, once you are in, there is good amount of tightness, and there is a small amount of texture inside. If you have managed to get the doll into doggy position, and can get it going, the big squishy butt feels great to hold on to, and you know, instinctively I couldn’t help but give it a bit of a slap as I’m thrusting. Maybe I’ve watched too much porn? When in missionary, the doll does need a little extra support but you know, I’ve held my husbands ankles with ease and actually it all helps with getting the ‘right spot’. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag not quite a pro, not quite a con either. It’s a bit of a ‘fixer-upper’.

Menage a Trois?

I’ll be 100% honest with you. The idea of a threesome has never really interested me. Sure, it’s fun to watch and enjoy in the safety of a porn scenario. But for me, mentally, I am not strong enough to deal with the emotional fall out that can occur as the result of bringing another person into your relationship. So it’s never been something I have ever proposed or discussed. But I guess somewhere in my subconscious; there must have been a little spark of curiosity. And maybe this would be a safe way to explore those side of things without getting emotions involved. I have to admit, I wasn’t quite prepared for the slight pang of jealously I felt when I first saw my husband railing Sven.

It was very disorientating. For a brief moment, it was honestly like a nightmare had burst into vivid reality right in front of me. It wasn’t a real person, but as I mentioned earlier, Sven does indeed have a presence, and when you get lost in the moment – you can forget. And I definitely felt the pangs of heart-break – the fear that your partner might enjoy something or someone more than you. I know deep down that that is 100% not the case. And we did briefly talk about it afterwards; and we both agreed that we were not prepared for these sorts of feelings to manifest.

Should I charge rent?

Once you’ve had your fun and games with your doll, then comes the real hard work. Maintenance on a product like this is not something to be taken lightly. It’s not like a TENGA that you can give a quick rinse and then throw into a draw. Firstly, the weight and size of this means that clean-up usually occurs in the bedroom, with a bunch of towels thrown underneath. Luckily, the head and penis can be removed – so the penis can be cleaned in the sink, and once the wig has been removed, so can the head. Yes, it’s slightly disturbing holding the head under the tap and water-boarding it, but it’s the quickest and easiest way to clean it. The oral orifice is quite deep, so I recommend using a douche to help reach deep inside, to flush everything out.

It’s important to let everything dry fully before being stored away. TPE, being porous, means that it can hold onto moisture so if you store it away whilst it’s still damp, you will actively encourage and speed up any bacteria to begin discolouring and warping the material. Once dry, they can be dusted with cornstarch and stored away (in separate bags, where possible). With the head, I found it easiest to dust this using a large face makeup brush (like a nice big face powder brush) to lightly dust the surface to help keep it smooth and relatively dust free. Due to it’s very nature, TPE attracts every item of fuzz, lint, dog hair… anything and everything.

Providing you have been careful, the body can be wiped over with a damp lint-free cloth and some anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Once dry, you can again take your powder brush and give the skin a good dusting. As for the anal orifice, like the throat, it’s quite deep – so just getting in with your fingers won’t be good enough. Using the provided douche can help flush out deeper bodily fluids (much easier if you are able to move the doll into the bathroom) but in this case, I can highly recommend something like a soft-bristled bottle brush to carefully get right into the orifice and help remove everything. Following up with a dry-lint free cloth into the hole to try and remove as much moisture as possible, and then allowing it to fully dry before storing away.

When it comes to storage, well that’s really going to depend on you. You may wish to use the provided ‘hanging’ kit to hang your doll up in a closet or wardrobe. Or, like us – you could be lazy and keep the box that it came in as your storage of choice. Either way, whatever you choose; there are a few things that need to be considered. Firstly, TPE sweats over time. As you can see from the above picture; the box has patches where the oils in the TPE naturally leach out over time (hence why I’m wearing a condom if I’m riding the dicks).

You maybe tempted to keep your doll out of the box, so it’s ready for action whenever you want. This is not recommended, but if you do, you should ensure it’s not left in any position where its limbs are flexed in anyway, as this will lead to creases in the material. The manufactured recommended storage is as we have been doing – in a flat ‘lying’ position with arms and hands turned downwards. The box comes with a small amount of padding which helps keep it protected when not in use.

Unfortunately, with the layout of our bedroom, there is no way for us to store Sven discreetly; so he essentially lives in his cardboard coffin, on the floor. So another thing to bear in mind when choosing if this is the right product for you; do you have the space for him?

So do you recommend one or not?

Unlike most things we have reviewed over the years on The Big Gay Review; this is not a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ situation. Let’s look at the Pro’s and Con’s again.


  • Realistic Appearance
  • Well Made
  • Can be used for companionship, sex or modelling.
  • Multiple Penis/Heads/Wigs allowing to change up appearance
  • Mouth Orifice feels incredible!
  • Cheaper(!) than a silicone sex doll.


  • Heavy(!)
  • Not easy to manipulate on your own.
  • Anal orifice not positioned the best!
  • Maintenance process is lengthy and quite involved.
  • Still quite expensive.
  • Not the easiest item to store discreetly!


Do I regret this experience? Not at all. Sure, it’s been a surprisingly stressful experience. Mainly because it took us so long to actually get this article done. But in-between life getting in the way, and also wanting to ensure we did it justice – it just took a long time, but now we’re getting it out there; I’m breathing a sigh of relief.

What do I personally think? If I was to do this all over again, I would definitely consider a lighter model. The main reason why Sven doesn’t see as much action over any other product we’ve reviewed, is the simple fact it requires so much more effort, and I just don’t always have the patience for that. In that respect, I realise now that a doll isn’t necessarily for me. Not because it’s bad in anyway – I just live in a way that means I don’t always have the time or energy to dedicate to something like this; and had I actually spent $1900 on something like this, I would be PISSED if I didn’t use it all the time.

Then there is the emotional/mental side of things. For some people, this could be the perfect companion for someone who is lonely and just wants someone to cuddle up to (and fulfil those other base needs). Or you could be a couple that wants to enjoy threesomes, free of the complicated feelings that can arise from introducing a third person into your relationship. Either way, there is a component of owning a doll like this that I didn’t even comprehend when we were approached with the prospect of reviewing one.

I’m glad for the experience though, and this isn’t to say that Sven will never see action again – one thing I read about dolls like this, people often use them for photography; purely for the simple fact they can be moved and manipulated better than a regular mannequin – so maybe Sven could find future use a model for the blog – who knows?

Final Thought

If you managed to make it all the way through this post – thank you – I told you it was going to be a long one! I do want to thank Ben from Doll Training for arranging for us to review this doll for the blog. He’s been incredibly patient – and it’s been a review that’s been a long time coming! A lot has happened at Casa TBGR over the last 18 months, so thank you for being understanding. I’m sorry that I can’t end this article with a definitive recommendation because… well, it really is going to be up to you to decide if  this doll (or any sex doll) fulfils your needs. But I do hope we’ve been able to give you an insight into what it’s like owning a sex doll. We appreciate any and all feedback, so if there is anything that you feel we’ve missed in this article or if there is anything else you would like to know – please leave a comment, drop me an email or sling by my Twitter and I’ll do my best to answer any and all questions when I can. In the meantime – thank you for your time and I’ll catch you on the next review.

A huge thank you to Doll Training for sending us the WM Male Doll free of charge in exchange for this review. This does not affect our thoughts or experience with this or any other item we receive for review on this blog. Affiliate links have been used on this post. Purchases made through these links don’t cost you a penny, and they help support the work that we do (by paying for blog upkeep or purchasing new products to review for you!). If you wish to support us in anyway, please consider making your purchases using these links. Thank you! 

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