Sexy Thoughts #16: So I sat on his face…



I finish drying myself after the bath, slip on a pair of briefs and head upstairs to the bedroom. As I enter, he’s fresh out of the shower himself. He lies across the bed, his skin still glistening with water droplets; and the room is filled with the sweet, musky scent of his shower gel. 

My cock starts to stiffen. I walk over to the bed, lean down and plant a firm kiss on his lips. I watch his  cock twitch a little. Carefully, I climb onto the bed, and straddle his face; and he instinctively buries his  face into my arse. I move back a little, so my cotton-covered cock is hovering just above his lips. His tongue reaches out, and he starts frantically licking at my prick through my underwear. It doesn’t take long for them to be soaking. And not just with his saliva. 

My dick is aching to be released, and he knows it. He slides my briefs enough to allow my cock to spring free, and I slip it deep inside his open mouth. I can now see his getting stiffer with each slurp on my cock. It’s like watching a flower bloom; it gets thicker, and longer and every now and then, it twitches in anticipation. 

He takes every inch of my cock, occasionally he chokes a little and I can hear him struggle to breath, but when I move, he just pulls me closer. With my cock deep in his throat, I lean down and take his in mine. I can hear him gagging and moaning; and yet his dick continues to get harder. It feels like it’s going to explode. 

I lean back and sit with my hole over his mouth. His tongue is straight in there. His cock is now dripping, and as I reach down he motions for me to stop; not yet. So I grind my hips back and forth, my arse hole now gyrating on his tongue. I’m stroking my dick and I’m getting close. His tongue presses deeper. I worry about suffocating him, but each time I try to move away, he just pulls me in closer. 

With a couple of strokes, I can feel myself reach orgasm, and as I do, I clench around his tongue and I shoot thick ropes of spunk over his glistening, hairy chest. Without even touching it, his cock spurts into life, and soon our loads are indistinguishable from each other. His chest is a sticky mess and I collapse to the side; panting heavily. I look over, and his face is wet with sweat and saliva. I come in to give him a kiss, and I can taste myself. 

I get up to hand him a towel to clean-up; but my knees tremble and I fall back onto the bed, giggling. Holy shit, I cannot wait to sit on his face again. 

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