I’ve once again found myself in a position where I am struggling to contain all of my toys. I have dildos spilling out all over the place, and more masturbators than I can shake a dick at…

But there is a particular brand of masturbator that I consistently seem to come back too (quite literally) and that’s Fleshlight/Fleshjack. Fleshlight (or FL/FJ as it shall be referred too for the rest of this post) is officially one of the biggest selling ‘male’ sex toys in the world today. And to be honest, I can totally see why – but my relationship with Fleshjack hasn’t always been a smooth one.

Initially, my first fleshjack was bought over 6 years ago – when I was able to find one on sale for just £25.99 through one of my favourite online retailers, Lovehoney. It was a ‘Stamina Training Unit’ which is designed to help you ‘last longer’. I wasn’t really fussed by that – it was going to be my first masturbator and it just looked really interesting – in fact, I had been long after a Fleshlight for many many years, when I first saw them introduced on the tv show ‘So Graham Norton’ back on the day.


My first ever review of a Fleshjack

Initially, I loved it. But the maintenance just frustrated me. At the time, I just wanted my toys to be simple, and I have to admit, I neglected this to the point it went bad and I had to get rid of it. But after a few years or thinking things through, I was prepared to give them another try – and knowing what I know now about good toy maintenance – I was certainly not so put off by the clean-up routine, and I have since then had my eyes opened to the wonderful orgasmic world of pleasure that awaits with a good Fleshjack toy.

But what is a Fleshlight/Fleshjack?

So, FL/FJ are a brand of masturbators manufactured by Interactive Lifeforms. The idea was patented back in 1998 and have since become one of the top selling sex toys in the world. Fleshlight got it’s name due to the ‘realistic’ flesh sleeve that is housed inside a case, which is supposed to look like a flashlight. After the release (and success) of the Fleshlight range, ILF released a brand new line of products aimed towards gay men – Fleshjack.

The sleeves are made from a ‘real feel’ material. ILF have kept the make-up of this ‘flesh’ a closely guarded secret – however it is referred to as ‘SuperSkin’ but is confirmed to be Phthalate free. It’s most likely an elastomer similar to TPE/TPR meaning that it is porous, but is not toxic. Because of this, it’s really important to follow a strict cleaning and maintenance routine in order to ensure it lasts for a while. But more on that later…


So why do I love Fleshjack?

Truth be told, I just love their products. They are well made, sturdy and with good care and maintenance – designed to last a very long time. And unlike most products that are made from a so-called ‘real feel’ material – upon being warmed up, it does indeed feel moderately realistic. And they don’t have that awful chemical smell that most similar products have.

And they appeal to almost everybody. They have units modelled after lady porn stars, male porn stars, aliens, vampires, zombies…whatever your kink or niche, I guarantee there will be something for you. They even have non-specific, discrete orifices as well.

And the textures… oh lord, there is so much to choose from. Whether you are looking for a smooth, gentle ride or something much more intense and stimulating, they’ve got you covered.

It’s really not hard to see why they are the No.1 best selling male pleasure product. And I love them, and would happily continue adding more to my collection, and before long, I’ll have a different FL/FJ for every day of the week/month/year.


So how do you look after a Fleshlight/Fleshjack?

Because the material is porous, you need to pay extra special attention when cleaning and storing your FL/FJ – this is what puts some people off when it comes to decided on a masturbator – however, the toys are designed to last a long time, and as they are a more ‘premium’ toy – it’s worth taking the time to properly maintain.

  1. Once you have ‘finished’, carefully remove the sleeve from the casing.
  2. Give the case a good rinse through and leave to dry.
  3. Carefully flush the canal of the sleeve through to remove all traces of lube and bodily fluids.
  4. Ensure to only use warm water –  soap/other cleaners might degrade the material. For tough cleaning, we suggest using a little isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Once fully rinsed and clean, you will want to leave this somewhere to air dry and make sure it is completely dry. To help, you can use a lint free cloth to help dry the inside of the sleeve.
  6. Once it’s dry, you’ll want to apply a coating of renewer powder as this helps restore the sleeve back to it’s soft, smooth texture (as once washed, the sleeves can feel tacky and sticky). There are cheaper alternatives available – or you can just use regular cornflour from the supermarket (as thats all renewer powder is).


How to tell if your Fleshlight/Fleshjack has gone ‘bad’

Because of the porous nature of the material, if you don’t look after it properly, then mould can take hold in the sleeve. A regular FL/FJ sleeve doesn’t really have a ‘smell’. This is a good indication that something is ‘amiss’ if you notice your FL/FJ starts to give off an odour.

If you notice any black spots, or sleeve discolouration – this is an indication that mould might have taken hold inside your sleeve. There is nothing you can do about this – you can scrub the top layer and reduce the appearance, however mould has a ‘root-like’ structure, so whilst you may remove the visible mould – it will still be entwined deep in the sleeve – so your best bet is to replace the sleeve.

You can prolong the life of your sleeve by ensuring you follow the strict cleaning and drying routine. You could also use condoms as well. Make sure you use only water-based lubes with the sleeves – anything else again could degrade the material.

Fleshjack Boys Austin Wilde Butt

How can I enhance my Fleshlight/Fleshjack?

So whilst FL/FJ’s are great fun to use on their own, there are lots of other ways that you can use a FL/FJ to really enhance your experience:

Warm up the sleeve

If you place the sleeve in some warm water for about 15 minutes before use, you can bring the FL/FJ to a temperature closer to body heat and this provides a slightly more ‘realistic’ experience. If you want to make it easier, then you can buy a USB warming rod that is again, designed to bring the internal temperature of the sleeve up to a toasty 40 degrees. If you don’t like plunging your penis into a cold, wet cavity – it’s definitely worth investing in (or at least taking the time to warming up).

Experiment with sleeve tightness

If you want to enhance the tightness of the texture, i’ve found that placing a couple of elastic bands around the sleeve at various points can help the sleeve feel even tighter, and thus provide more intense stimulation.


Use it ‘hands-free’

There are several ways that you can use the FL/FJ hands-free. Firstly, you can buy a Suction Cup adapter that will allow you to use it in the shower for some wet, aquatic fun. You can then also attach it to tables, counters… expanding your play potential.

You can also buy ‘mounts’ which will allow you to use the Fleshlight in a more ‘natural’ position – look out for things like the Liberator ‘Top Dog‘ or ‘On a Mission‘ mounts. For those looking for something a bit cheaper could consider the Pillows Foreplay pillow for FL/FJ.

If you are on an absolute budget, you can consider wedging the FL/FJ underneath some pillows, or between the cushions on the couch; or even under the mattress. Let your imagination run wild!

Go ‘Interactive’

The VStroker for Fleshlight is an interactive device, that when attached to your FL/FJ, monitors how you use your device, and then this syncs up with specific video content that has been created to extend your fantasy even further. Currently it’s only available for the Fleshlight.

Speaking of movies, have you ever struggled to watch porn on your phone, whilst masturbating with your Fleshlight? Well, I haven’t – but if you have, FL/FJ again have this covered with the Phone Strap – allowing you to strap your device to your leg so you can watch your movies hands-free whilst you stroke away with your FL/FJ.

A slightly larger version was designed for your iPad which I should imagine would be the perfect accessory for those of you who enjoy POV porn. Or perhaps you could combine it with Skype or Facetime for some long distance sexy times?

Add a little ‘Buzz’

Utilising some elastic bands and your favourite bullet vibrator, you can add some vibrations to the mix by attaching the vibe to the sleeve. I wrap that in a thin bit of cloth before popping it back inside the case to help dampen the sound of the vibrator rattling against the case.

Alternatively, you can buy the Fleshjack VIBRO – a unit that comes with three removable bullet vibrators that get tucked inside the sleeve.


Interactive Toys

Fleshlight/Fleshjack have expanded their line-up to include a selection of automated/interactive devices. In conjunction with sex-tech company Kiiroo, Fleshlight have launched 2 electronic masturbation devices.

Kiiroo ONYX

The ONYX was the first interactive masturbator I had tried. It connects via bluetooth to specially coded video content, and the internal canal contracts in time with the action on the screen. You can also control the device over the internet as well, allowing for interesting play scenarios; where you don’t even have to be in the same country as your partner.

The most recent line up was the Fleshlight LAUNCH. This device works with your existing Fleshlight/Fleshjacks, and is an automatic stroker machine. You can either use the device manually, or like the ONYX, you can sync it up with video content. Technology is certainly advancing and making masturbation an other worldly experience!

Fleshlight Launch

Fleshjack Reviews

So we’ve reviewed a few FL/FJ units on the blog – below is a list of what we’ve done so far, and there are still a few more to come in the future:

Fleshjack Boys

The Fleshjack Boy’s line is a series of exclusive sleeves, moulded from the butts (and mouths) of some of gay porns hottest stars. The textures included in these sleeves are exclusive to Fleshjack, and can only be purchased direct. Outside of that, there is a basic texture that most retailers will carry.

These are beautiful, and come in the most gorgeous powder blue cases. I’ve found myself wanting to collect them all, and some of the textures available are truly awesome. Check out some of the Fleshjack Boys sleeves that we’ve tried out, including:


Did you know they also have a range of dildos? Yes, yes they do! Moulded from some of the hottest gay porn stars, these dildos are all made from 100% medical grade silicone and are incredibly realistic and so much fun to use. We’ve reviewed several for the blog over the past 2 years, and there are still so many more to add to my collection.


Check out our reviews for the following Fleshjack dildos:

So hopefully you have found this guide useful and informative, and if you’ve been considering a Fleshlight/Fleshjack before, but haven’t been too sure – I hope to have made this decision easier for you.

Do you have a favourite Fleshlight/Fleshjack? If so, why don’t you get in touch and let me know. You can shout out to us on twitter @thebiggayreview