It’s very rare that a ‘sucking’ masturbator has me completely and utterly obsessed. But that’s what we have happening right now; the wizards over at KIIROO have created an attachment that you can add to a compatible sleeve and turn it into a milking and sucking machine.

I have to admit; if we go back a few years; my first impressions of KIIROO were not great; I really didn’t get on with their first interactive offerings. But they thoroughly piqued my interest after they launched the KEON. Whilst admittedly it’s a bulky offering; the limitless possibilities presented to you with the ever expanding range of interactive content; certainly makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone who is serious about their stroking sessions. And with the launch of the KIIROO Power Blow; this is going to add even more dimension to an already rich spread of sensations.

The Power Blow is essentially a vacuum pump that you screw onto your ‘Feel’ sleeve (currently it’s only compatible with a select few sleeves, but more are coming!). Once you turn it on, you can create and control an intense suction. You can hook it up to your favourite blow job* scenes and lay back and experience mind (and load) blowing oral pleasure. At the time of writing, it has sold out twice and is currently on pre-order with shipping due to commence from September. So let’s jump in and find out why this device is so hyped (and hard to keep in stock!)

I would like to thank KIIROO for sending is the Power Blow, Feel Victoria and Feel Sensation sleeves to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

In order to test out the Power Blow, KIIROO also very kindly arranged for us to test out 2 of the compatible sleeves; a mouth sleeve modelled after Victoria June and the non-descript ‘Feel Sensation‘ sleeve. The Power Blow itself comes in a a small box and features a charging cable, the main suction unit and a couple of adapters that you will need to use with the sleeves in order to get the Power Blow to function properly. Packaging for the sleeves is the same as their previous offerings; very similar to Fleshlight/Fleshjack boxes.


You’ll need to charge the Power Blow using the provided USB cable; an hours charge will give you about an hour of play. To prepare your Power Blow for use, you first need to take the stroker you want to use and remove the soft TPE sleeve. You’ll them need to remove the plastic O-ring around the top. You’ll then need to slide in the vacuum adapter into the case. You can then replace the O-ring and slide your sleeve back in. Flip the device around and unscrew the bottom cap. You’ll then need to slide over the rubber gasket ring and then re-attach the cap, ensuring a snug fit. Apply a liberal coating of lube to the sleeve and your erect penis and then you are good to go!

In Use

There are a few ways you can use the Power Blow; it has manual control, an automatic mode or you can connect it using the FeelConnect app to allow you to sync it to some interactive content. I did my best to try and cover all bases; so let’s start with manual control.

Manual Control

Once you’ve got your Power Blow all set up and ready to go, press and hold for 4 seconds to turn it on. Press and hold it for another second and it will go into Manual Mode. Here, you can control the suction simply by pressing and holding the up arrow to start the suction. It will keep sucking for as long as you hold it. Once you let go, it will ‘hold you’ and then you can press the down arrow to release the pressure. It took a little practice to get a good rhythm going but if you are quite particular about the sensations you like, then this would be the best option to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Automatic Mode

Once you turn it on, if your press and hold the power button for an additional second; it will switch to automatic mode. This is where the Power Blow will cycle through an automatic pattern that loops. You can control the intensity by pressing the up arrow; but it will automatically suck and release, suck and release… This is the mode I like for when I’m feeling lazy and just want to get off with absolutely minimal effort on my part.

FeelConnect/Interactive Mode

Connecting the Power Blow to interactive content is the same process as connecting any of the other KIIROO devices. Load up the FeelConnect app, then switch the Power Blow on. It should kick into ‘bluetooth mode’. Once connected; you can then scoot over to feelxvideos; scan the QR code for the media you want it to connect to and then lay back and enjoy! Whilst the process was easy; I couldn’t find any video content in my flavour that really showed off the true capabilities of the Power Blow. The few videos I did try; the action on screen wasn’t really being replicated by the Power Blow. It was doing ‘something’ but it didn’t really match what I was seeing. That aspect was a little disappointing.

However using the device with the App was better; I could create my own custom suction programs. I can then just pick one and then let it go and do it’s thing. You can pair the Power Blow with your KEON as well; you just have to connect your KEON via the app first and then use the app to connect the Power Blow to the KEON. Again; despite how great the KEON is at simulating the action on screen – the content I was testing it with, the Power Blow didn’t really add much for me.

So what’s the final verdict on how it feels?

Well I was incredibly impressed with the suction! Using the Power Blow with the ‘Feel Sensation’ sleeve provided an incredibly intense sensation. It was like I was using a cock pump! It gripped my shaft incredibly firmly and the tight canal and bumped texture had me clutching at the sheets. The first time I tried out the sleeve and used the manual mode; it didn’t take me too long at all before I was exploding with orgasmic bliss. It doesn’t quite feel like a blow job but compared to several other devices we’ve tried recently that offer suction; this was the most consistent and offered the strongest (and best) suction.

The Victoria June mouth stroker also feels pretty good. Whilst I don’t really know (or care) for who it’s moulded after – out of the box, the sleeve is just a sleeve and the internal ribbed texture pairs incredibly with the suction. It’d be great if KIIROO started to add male stars to it’s ‘Feel’ line-up. Whilst there are a couple of ‘non-descript’ or non-gender specific sleeves; I do feel that maybe KIIROO are alienating a large potential market. I hope that this changes soon.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Power Blow is NOT waterproof; so you’ll need to take extra care when cleaning. Firstly, remove the Power Blow from the stroker. From the few times I’ve used it, there’s never really been any mess that I’ve needed to clean from the inside of the Power Blower. If any fluids have made their way into the unit – you can remove the little sponge ring that’s inside; clean it and let it dry. The inside can be carefully wiped with a damp cloth. The same with the outside case. The inner sponge will need to be replaced (you are provided with a second one in the box). The manual doesn’t really say when or why you’d need to change it (I can only imagine is that over time, it will deform or possibly tear? if I can get that information – I will update accordingly).


So generally, I am pretty impressed with the Power Blow. The suction it creates with the compatible sleeves is absolutely delightful. I still would like to see some more sleeve options that aren’t just female porn stars. You do get a voucher for 30 free days of access to feelxvideos inside the box; you will need to set-up a payment card (or use PayPal) to verify age but you can cancel your subscription and still maintain the access for 30 days if you just want to test it out. As I said, the downside I had to this was that the gay content didn’t seem to be synced very well so it didn’t really do much for me in that respect.

Still, the app control and automatic mode still worked an absolute treat and I can definitely see myself reaching for the Power Blow often. If you really enjoy a good amount of suction on your masturbators, I can highly recommend trying to snag a Power Blow when they restock.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Power Blow by itself for £67.

You can also pick it up in a bundle: PB + Feel Sensation, PB + FeelVictoria

Get a month of FREE access to FeelXVideos when you purchase any interactive masturbator from KIIROO this Masturbation May! (Offer Ends 31st May 2024). Click the banner below! 

I would like to thank KIIROO for sending is the Power Blow, Feel Victoria and Feel Sensation sleeves to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to help support the blog or show your appreciation – please consider making your purchases through these links. It doesn’t cost you a penny extra and it helps me pay the bills! If not, please feel free to share this article with someone you think will enjoy it! Thanks 🙂

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