Here at The Big Gay Review, I am always looking for things that are ‘different’, ‘unusual’ – something you wouldn’t normally think you would need, but once you have it, you wonder how you ever did without it. Sex furniture is one thing I’ve long thought was missing from our routine.

I was contacted by Pillows Foreplay, who asked if I would be interested in reviewing their inflatable sex pillows – I had a little look at the website and thought “Actually, this has the potential to be quite interesting… I’m game for a laugh anyway”. So I agreed and within a few days, I received 2 of the pillows to road test – one for ‘guys’ (masturbators) and one for ‘girls’ (dildos and vibrators)[I’ll address this issue shortly]. When it first arrived, I opened the box, and pulled out the pillow. Initially, I was slightly confused:

After the initial amusement wore off, I began the process of putting the pillows together, and having a good look at what i’ve got.

First Impressions

So the packaging itself is fairly discreet – a plain black box with the logo on the front. And then you turn it around and you are met with a large breasted lady, leering towards you with lust in her eyes. So erm, OK, perhaps it’s not that discreet…

Inside the box, you get the inflatable pillow, as well as a satin pillowcase. In the ‘male’ (or masturbator box) you get a black pillowcase and in the ‘female’ (or dildo/vibrator) box you get a nice purple pillowcase. So it irks me that we have to label the pillow cases as ‘For Guys’ or ‘For Girls’ – on the website, there’s even a pillow ‘For Gays’ (which is a pillow which features 2 holes) so you can use 2 dildos/vibrators at the same time. Gender shouldn’t really come into play when choosing a product like this. The pillows should really just be labelled by what products you can use with it – not gender. (EDIT: Please see the additional edit towards the bottom of this review). 

The pillows are made from Polyurethane and the pillow cases provided are ‘pure satin’, according to the website. There are additional pillowcases available including ones made from PVC. The pillows are supposed to be made for almost ANYONE to use – there is no weight restriction on the pillows – the website states that they are burst tested to very high limits. I can’t vouch for that, but it supports my weight and I am no wilting flower.

How to put your inflatable pillow together

If you can’t bear to listen/watch then to get your pillow ready for use, you’ll need to:

  1. With great care and finesse, you’ll need to place the un-inflated pillow into the pillow case (in the case of the Masturbator pillow, you’ll actually want to insert your masturbator first and secure using the bulb inflator to hold it in place. Line up the hole in the pillow case with the hole in the pillow where the dildo/masturbator will go.
  2. Once the pillow case is on, you will then need to feed the 2 red tubes through the buttons holes towards the top. The official instructions say that once you’ve inflated the pillow, you can tuck the tubes back inside – however, I prefer to fully pull the tubes through so I can inflate/deflate as I go without having to fiddle about.
  3. Start inflating the pillow – start with the inside tube and alternate between the 2 until it’s mostly full. Then, get into position with the toy and you can then begin to inflate or let more air out to get it to the most comfortable level for you. This is entirely subjective and there is no right/wrong way here.
  4. On the dildo pillow, once it’s inflated, you can then slip in the dildo/vibrator you wish to use and using the bulb inflator, secure it into place.

Now the pillows are inflated – you can jump straight in and use them.

In Use

Masturbator Pillow

The masturbator pillow was the first one I tried, and the one I was most eager to try. After choosing my Fleshlight, I slipped it inside and began to get it all ready. Slipping the pillow case on the pillow is initially quite tricky and does require a little bit of patience – I found the satin doesn’t glide over the PU coating of the pillow quite as nicely and easily as I would have liked – and as you have to place the Fleshlight inside the pillow first, this makes it a little more tricky.

However, once the pillow is inside, inflating is easy and just takes a few moments (and several very large puffs of air). Once it was all inflated, the entrance of the Fleshlight was just visible through the hole in the pillowcase. I grabbed some lube, and applied it to the Fleshlight. After lubing myself up, I get the pillow in front of me, as I knelt on the bed. I carefully slipped inside and leant forward and put my weight on the pillow. Using the inflation tubes, I let out a little bit of air from each chamber to get myself to the desired amount of firmness.

Laying on my stomach, my arms around the pillow, I was then able to just thrust into the Fleshlight, hands free. In this position, it felt relatively natural in terms of motion. I was able to get a good rhythm going on the pillow. Pillows Foreplay claim that the pillow is versatile and can be used in a number of ways, so I experimented with positions.

I inflated the pillow to it’s fullest, and lay on my side with the pillow in front of me and was able to recreate what Cosmopolitan calls the ‘Sexy Spoons‘ position. Again, because of the position of the toy in the pillow, the thrusting motion felt natural and comfortable. I was also able to stand with the pillow, so the masturbator was facing upwards and achieve a ‘pile driver’ sort of position. Although for me, the best way of using the pillow was in the ‘missionary’ position. It’s what felt the most natural, and really allowed me to properly thrust.

The pillow is supposed to be compatible with all Fleshlights, most TENGA products and most other male masturbators. I tried with a Flip Hole but it was a VERY tight squeeze. I definitely think it works better with Fleshlights (or anything that has a slightly harder outer case) as softer masturbators (like the TENGA 3D just get completely squished when you secure it in place and the toy becomes unusable – if you don’t secure it enough, it moves around – too much and then it becomes far too tight to penetrate).

Dildo/Vibrator Pillow

So for the most part, the masturbator pillow was a reasonable success. Time to try out the dildo pillow. Again, I was quite excited about this one, as there are several dildos I have that aren’t suction cup, so using them hands free is a little awkward. So I got the dildo pillow ready. Now the instructions here say you don’t need to insert a toy until the pillow is all inflated – so simply pop the pillow case on and inflate as per instructions, and then, insert your dildo and secure using the bulb inflator.

So I did that, I got the pillow ready and then inserted a dildo. As I inflated the cuff to secure the dildo in place. It held it quite firm and then I got onto the bed and straddled the pillow. Like the masturbator pillow, you’ll want to let the air out until you get it to the right firmness for you. When it’s fully inflated, it’s too firm and the dildo is too ‘high’ – but letting a bit of air out allowed me to get the right position I needed.

As I slipped my chosen dildo inside, I began to ‘ride’. It was great to finally be able to use some of these dildos hands free – and the pillow gave a little ‘bounce’ and once again, it was able to support my hefty weight with no sign of it popping or splitting. When you want to change the dildo, in the middle of the pillow case is a slit – if you reach your hand through, you’ll find a flap that you can reach through in the actual pillow. Once you’ve deflated the cuff, you can then slip the dildo out through this (which is useful if the base of the toy is a bit too large, like on the Gary, for example). You can then insert a new toy through this flap, up through the hole and then inflate the cuff to secure. Narrower toys (like Vibrators) can just be inserter through the top (the LELO Loki fits in their beautifully). The only downside to putting vibrators in there, is that you then can’t change the vibrations without having to get off, deflate the cuff and then re-inflate. It’s a bit of an effort.

But for the most part, the pillow seemed to work with most of my non-suction cup dildos – I tried out several glass pieces, a few Tantus dildos and I even tried a Fleshjack dildo – however thanks to their large, solid bases, this just didn’t quite feel right. So sticking to slender, ball-less dildos is definitely the way forward with this pillow.

Clean-up & Maintenance

Inflating the pillows takes around 5 minutes or so, and deflating also takes around 5 minutes. To deflate the pillow, it’s best to lie on them, and then inserting fingers into the inflation valves – pressing in here will then release the air, and your body weight helps expel out the air, so they can then be folded away for storage.

The polyurethane is wipe clean and the pillowcases themselves can be washed like a regular satin pillow case, so they are relatively easy to look after. If you don’t want to deflate them, as long as you make sure the bulbs and valves are tucked away inside the pillow case, you might be able to get away with leaving them on the bed as ‘accent’ pillows (providing they match your colour scheme!).


So, on some level, I do really like these pillows. Finding products like this that are ‘affordable’ can be quite tricky. The pillows retail for around £89.99 which is competitive with brands like Liberator who offer similar products. Used solo, they can feel a little bit… weird. At least, the masturbator one does anyway. Fucking an inanimate object like a pillow does have you questioning your sanity a little bit. However if used with a partner, then they can just help create a visual treat, and there’s nothing I like more than watching my MR plough a masturbator with wild abandon.

The dildo pillow was quite nice because it was soft, squishy and compatible with most of the dildos and vibrators I have. Fellow reviewer Emmeline Peaches reviewed these last year, so if you want a different perspective on using the pillows, definitely check out her review.

Aside from the heavily (and unnecessarily so) gender biased advertising, I don’t really have anything majorly bad to say about these pillows. They’ve lived up to their claims, and they performed well. I mean, it’s an inflatable pillow you fuck – i’m not sure what else there is to say.

EDIT: Since this review went live, Jimmy from Pillows Foreplay has been in contact to confirm that some changes have been made to the site, and to the product to make it more inclusive. The pillows are now separated into ‘Bolero’ and ‘Tango’ varieties – with the Bolero holding onto vibes and dildos, and the ‘Tango’ holding onto sleeves and masturbators. You even have the option to include a rainbow pattern ‘G’ on the pillow case as well. I am strongly for retailers/manufacturers to move away from marketing products as ‘for him’ or ‘for her’. And Jimmy, to his credit, took the constructive feedback from our review. I have to hold my hands up and applaud them for taking this step, and hope that more people will follow suit. Kudos, Pillows Foreplay! 

Where to Buy

If you want to try out a Pillows Foreplay Inflatable Sex Pillow, head over to the official website now where you can pick one up for £89.99. 

I was kindly sent the Pillows Foreplay Inflatable Sex Pillows free of charge in exchange for my honest review by Pillows Foreplay. This has not swayed my opinion on this product, or any other product I review for this site. Affiliate links have not been used within this post. 

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