Sometimes, reviews can be incredibly difficult to write. I can sit there for days; almost weeks sometimes – just struggling to come up with the right words. Other times, it’s so annoyingly easy that it doesn’t feel like work at all.

And this is definitely the latter. Although it really should come as no surprise to anyone that this was going to be a good review. But the difficulty is, proving to you guys as to WHY it’s so good. But that, I shall do… so let’s not waste any more time and just get straight on with it.

First Impressions

The Fleshlight Quickshot is a brand new addition to the ever-expanding Fleshlight/Fleshjack line-up. After the success of the ‘GO‘ that was released earlier this year, they’ve reduced the size of the toy EVEN MORE making it more compact, travel friendly and so much easier to use. There are two versions of the Quickshot – the ‘Boost’ and ‘Vantage’ – this review will be regarding the latter of the two – the review for the ‘Boost’ will be along shortly.

The QS (as I shall henceforth refer to it) has a total length of 4.25 inches. A full size FL stands at an enormous 10 inches – so the QS is over 50% smaller. It’s usable (penetrable) length is around 3.5 inches. The case has a circumference of around 9 inches, making it fairly comfortable to hold. The QS has a ‘dual-ended’ design and feature non-descript orifices. The ‘Vantage’ is completely clear, allowing you to see every inch of the action when it’s in use.

In Use

One of the biggest selling points of the QS for me, was the fact that it can be used to enhance couples play, as well as being great as a solo toy. I’m always looking for products that I can share with my husband, because I want him to feel as involved as possible. I had read about the QS in Xbiz magazine, and was desperately waiting for a UK retailer to stock them – however in the end, I ordered both direct from Fleshjack (although imagine my surprise when not 2 days after ordering and receiving, they started appearing on UK websites). Oh well… I’m impatient, what can I say.

So my first go with the QS was a quick solo session. I took myself upstairs, threw myself onto the bed, tore into the packaging and got ready. With a generous coating of lube, the QS was ready to be plundered. It’s here, I feel I should give you a small word of warning – don’t over-do it with the lube. In the heat of the moment, I forgot that this was open-ended, and basically squirted lube straight out the other side. Well done, David… Well done.

After cleaning up and getting focused again, I slipped into the QS. The twisted texture on the inside of the sleeve felt good, with a decent amount of ‘tightness’. As I poked out of the other side, I admit I had a bit of an ego boost as I saw myself bursting out of the other end. Now, I would say I have an average length penis (just shy of 6″) so seeing myself poking out of the other side of the sleeve was both arousing and a huge ego boost. It’s here, I feel that for those who are average in the cock department, will find the QS to be an amazing masturbation tool.

Because of it’s smaller size, it’s so much easier to do different things with it – so instead of the usual ‘up and down’ motion I do with a full size FL – here I was able to twist it around as well, so I was able to achieve some newer, more unique sensations – and I was thoroughly enjoying it! But the best fun I had with the QS came when I used it together with my husband.

As he lay on his back, I lubed up the QS and slipped it over his shaft. Sliding it up and down, twisting it around… he moaned and groaned in delight. “That feels really good…” he whispered. As I pulled the QS right down to the base of his shaft, exposing the top of his penis, I leant forward and took him into my mouth and began orally pleasuring him, whilst still twisting and sliding the QS along the rest of his shaft. As his body started twitched uncontrollably, I knew this was going to be a hit. As he began to feel slightly over-loaded, we swapped places and he tried it on me. He commented that being able to see all the way through the sleeve was ‘so hot’ and seeing my cock poking through the end was a real turn on for him.

As things got extremely steamy, I decided to try something a little bit different. I slipped into one end of the QS and knelt before him, so our cocks were touching. I then moved the QS along both of our shafts, and every now and again, we would both get lost inside the QS and indulged in a little bit of frot¹ play. When we both finally came, we lay there, just looking at the QS and muttering “Oh yeah…. yeah…. oh yeah…”.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Thanks to it’s much smaller size, clean-up is even easier (and quicker) than before. As the sleeve is dual-ended, you don’t really need to remove the sleeve from the case – you can just flush water through and use a toy cleaner to freshen it up. However, if you are anal like me, then removing the sleeve is an option to allow for a much deeper clean. Leave it to air dry and then pop back in the case, ready for next time. The smaller size should make it easier for those who need discretion to clean and dry their QS with minimal fuss.


So as I said, this review was one of those that was incredibly easy to write – however, with all of that lovely goodness, there are a couple of things that are stopping me from giving it an absolutely perfect score.

Firstly, the sleeve itself – in order for it to be completely clear, the sleeve is not treated with the renewal powder that most other sleeves will be dusted in, when it arrives. This means that it is completely, and utterly STICKY. Admittedly, it does make it feel a little… gross, and almost like it has been used before and just hasn’t been looked after properly. You can get rid of that by simply dusting the sleeve in cornflour/renewal powder – but you then lose the transparency of the sleeve. If the stickiness really bothers you, and you aren’t fussed about the see through aspect – either go with the ‘Boost’, or dust away. Once you’ve lubed up the sleeve, the stickiness disappears – so it’s really down to you.

Secondly, because of the smaller size, the QS does become a little trickier to keep hold of, once your hands become covered in lube. I almost wished the casing was just a tiny bit bigger, just to give more surface to grip – and having to stop mid-session to ‘dry your hands’ is a bit of a mood killer. For the most part, however, the QS is a brilliant addition to the FL/FJ line-up and would be perfect for travel, for those who find the larger units too big, or just want to help spice up couples play by making hand jobs and blow jobs just a bit more interesting. It’s worth grabbing a flavoured lube though, if you intend to use the QS during oral – sadly, Liquid Silk does not taste good…

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Courtesy of Fleshjack International

Where To Buy

I bought my Quickshot Vantage direct from Fleshjack International for €34,95.

You can now also order these from Lovehoney / SheVibe

¹Frot – A non-penetrative sex act that involved penis-to-penis direct contact.

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