Things have gotten very ‘fleshjack’ heavy around here lately, and for that I apologise. That’s just sometimes how things stack up. I am working on a few other bits, so we’ll have something a bit different shortly. But for now, we press on..

As you may or may not know, we’re still working our way through the bundle of sleeves that Fleshjack sent us a little while ago. So far, we’ve tackled Liam Riley’s sleeve, his dildo and last week, we took a ride on Levi Karter’s dildo. This week, we’re taking a look at his official Fleshjack Boys texture – Explosive. Just one more sleeve to go, and that’s the Boomer Banks exclusive texture Sonic Boom. Watch this space. In the meantime, let’s get back to Levi.

The Levi Karter Explosive Sleeve was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Fleshjack. 

First Impressions

I’ve already covered how the sleeves arrive, so I won’t cover that again. You can go back and look at the previous review for that. Let’s just talk about the sleeve.

As with all the Fleshjack Boys range, there is the standard texture, and then the EXCLUSIVE texture that is only available direct from Fleshjack. Levi’s texture is called Explosive. As a name, it kind of puts up a lot of expectation. As before, the sleeve has a moulded butt entry, which has what I like to refer to as a ‘starburst’ of wrinkles around the entry hole. It looks like a butt, and the soft pink sleeve feels fleshy and inviting. Levi’s signature is engraved on the side, like a little tattoo. So far, it’s pretty standard fare. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

In Use

It’s only in use do you actually get to see (well, feel) the difference. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s break down the texture, so you can see what to expect.

As you first slip inside to Levi’s hole, the initial entry point is quite snug, and features some very tight ribbing. There is a series of low profile bumps about an inch in, but the overall width of the canal stays fairly consistent. A little further down, the bumps become larger and more pronounced, and the canal widens, but only ever so slightly. If you are blessed with an average size penis, then you your tip should come into contact with the slightly spiralled section about 6 inches down.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.56.38

The texture gets quite chunky towards the bottom, but unfortunately, i’m not quite long enough to reach the bottom 3 inches. But to be honest, that’s not really a huge concern. The best parts of the sleeve are definitely towards the top half.

I like to feel a bit of suction, so I keep the adjustable suction cap closed for the first try. With a good coating of lube, I prepped the hole and my cock and got into a comfortable position on the bed. From just putting my finger inside, and having a feel around, I was definitely excited to try this one. As I hovered the orifice over the tip of my penis, I closed my eyes and lowered the Fleshjack down.

As I first tried to slip inside, I encountered a bit of resistance, which I wasn’t expecting. The entry point feels tight, but not drastically so. Still, there was a little bit of pushback which was a surprise, but also quite a nice feeling. It certainly made it feel a little more… realistic, shall we say?

Whilst I couldn’t really make out the individual sections, there was definitely a pleasant sensation, as I could just feel the whole sleeve gripping onto my tightly. I have to admit, on my first try, it really didn’t take me long to reach orgasm. We are talking a matter of minutes. But I don’t know if that was just because I was purely horny as hell, or whether the sleeve really was living up to the ‘Explosive’ name. Either way, the first trial was a complete success.

On subsequent outings, I’ve been able to make myself last a little bit longer, but the Explosive sleeve does seem to find it extraordinarily easy to squeeze an orgasm from me. Especially when the air-cap is completely closed. Everything does feel more intensified when used this way. If I want to make myself last a little longer, then opening the cap all the way means I can thrust away, but the texture feels a little looser, and therefore less intensive.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As always, you need to take extra care of your Fleshjack sleeves. With good care, they should last you a fair while. You’ll want to pay extra attention to the internal canal, as there are plenty of nooks and crannies, where lube and bodily fluids can get stuck. Once you’ve given a thorough wash with some water (and fleshwash, if you wish) – you’ll want to make sure it is thoroughly dry (inside and out) before you put the sleeve back in the case.

In my last review, I mentioned using a hair dryer on a low heat setting to help dry it out. It still seems to be working well for me, but again – take care when doing this. Too hot and you can destroy the sleeve. The important part is making sure the internal canal is dry. Once it is all dry, dust the outside with renewal powder and it will soft and silky, ready for your next use.


Out of the two i’ve tried, this is probably my favourite. Whilst Liam’s sleeve was pleasant enough, this once just seemed to grip me a little tighter (and firmer) and led to stronger sensations, which certainly led to a few orgasms I would deem as being ‘explosive’.

If you are a completist, like me, then it’s definitely worth adding to your collection. It’s one of the nice Fleshjack textures i’ve felt in a while, and I do find myself returning to this one, more than the Liam Riley. But it really is personal preference.

Where to buy

You can order Levi Karter’s Explosive Sleeve directly from Fleshjack for €69.95 (RRP)

The Fleshjack Boys Levi Karter Explosive Sleeve was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Fleshjack. This does not affect or alter my opinion of this, or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used within this post. Please consider using these to make your purchases, as this helps support the blog!