Sex toys are going mobile. It’s becoming even easier to travel with your favourite sex toys as they get smaller and more compact. Fleshlight are the latest to make travel-friendly fuck toys with their brand new Fleshjack GO – all the fun of a Fleshjack, but in a smaller hand-luggage friendly size!

I had read a while back in Xbiz magazine that Fleshlight/Fleshjack were gearing up to release the Fleshjack GO – and at that point, I had no idea what it was. The article was very stingy with it’s details, and a google search found nothing. But at this point, I was excited – the prospect of a brand new Fleshjack was enough to have me salivating. Then it was officially announced – the Fleshjack GO was nothing more than just a smaller, streamlined version of the regular units. Admittedly, my excitement waned a little bit – but then I suddenly thought… actually, this could be AMAZING. I mean, as much as I love them… they are really quite cumbersome. A smaller version might make it more appealing to those who have long saw them as over-priced and over-sized.

So I contacted Fleshjack, and they kindly arranged to send out a Fleshjack GO to me free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. It arrived promptly and discreetly and I couldn’t wait to tear into it and have a good look.

First Impressions

Everything looks exactly as I would expect it to be… just smaller. It’s packaged exactly the same, in a basic cardboard box with a clear plastic window allowing you to see the toy inside. The box is sealed with silver security/authenticity strips so you know that it’s not been tampered with since boxing. As you lift the flap and remove it from the box, you’ll find a little sachet of water-based Fleshlube to get you started straight away.

So how does it actually measure up? Well, compared to a regular FL/FJ unit (which has an insertable length of 9 inches) the Fleshjack GO has an insertable length of 7 inches – meaning those who have been put off a regular size Fleshjack for fear of not ‘reaching it’s full potential’ can rejoice. I, for one, was certainly most happy about this. I wish I was hung like a horse, but it’s not to be – so I welcomed the shorter length.

It’s also much lighter in the hand as well, making it far more comfortable to hold for longer periods. A full size unit weights in at about 630g. The GO comes in at 440g – almost 200g lighter. This may not sound like a lot, but believe me – it makes a significant difference when you are thrusting with it. But more on that later.

The GO comes in 2 designs with 3 orifices. You can order the Fleshlight GO ‘Surge’ which has a vaginal orifice. The Fleshjack GO ‘Surge’ has a pink butt orifice – or you can order the ‘Torque’ which is a clear, generic orifice. I opted for the Pink Butt as the texture of the ‘Surge’ interested me more.

In Use

The internal canal features a texture unique to the Fleshjack GO unit. As you enter the realistic ‘butt’ orifice, you will find a series of diagonal ribs which alternate in direction. As you get about half way, you then get to a series of larger ‘nodules’ before it goes back to the diagonal ribs. Compared to the full size unit, the entry hole is slightly bigger compared to the orifice on an another butt Fleshjack I have – but the canal feels just as tight, perhaps a little tighter.

Initially, I was concerned that the reduction in size would actually cause a problem for those with a slightly girthier member – as there is a reduction in size, there is less room for the sleeve to ‘expand’ to accommodate. But my worries were unfounded. My other half (who is around 6″ in girth) managed to use it very comfortably. Also, it goes without saying really – watching your other half pound that little ass is incredibly arousing. Like, seriously *fans self*. After getting myself thoroughly worked up watching him go to town – it was my turn!

So how does it actually feel in use? Well firstly, the lighter weight made a massive difference in terms of improved stroke rate and sensation. I could go for a bit longer before my wrist started to feel the strain. The actual texture itself feels great – with the diagonal ribs creating a slight ‘twisting’ sensation, whilst the nodules in the middle provide a strong ‘gripping’ sensation as it glides over the shaft.

This was enhanced when used with the strongest suction (so the suction cap completely closed). As you open the suction cap, it becomes less pronounced but still feels arousing and pleasant – even more so if you have taken the time to warm up the sleeve before hand.

The Fleshjack GO is designed to be more discreet and great for those who travel. Personally, I think it’s a brilliant alternative to the regular size Fleshlight’s/Fleshjack’s – regardless of whether you travel or not. All I would want now is for them to market some new sleeves for the GO and I think they would get a brand new set of customers.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Despite the smaller size, the mammoth clean-up and maintenance routine is still very much there – however i’m completely OK with it – in order to ensure the longevity of your toy, you need to take good care of it. If you aren’t bothered by how long a toy lasts you, then I would definitely suggest some cheaper alternatives.

The sleeve is easily rinsed through, and then you will want to ensure that it’s completely clean and dry before you powder the sleeve and pop it back in the case. Any residual moisture trapped inside the sleeve can fester and can cause the sleeve to go mouldy (as the material is porous). But as with full size units – if you take the time and effort to look after it properly, it will reward you with orgasm after orgasm for a long time.


I love it. It’s not ‘revolutionary’ in any sense – it is still a fairly ‘basic’ masturbation device. However what sets it apart from your cheaper alternatives is the fact is that it’s designed to be a bit more ‘durable’, you have a much wider choice of textures and orifices to suit almost any taste. The GO in particular is a fantastic addition to the line up and gives you everything you come to expect from a Fleshjack – it’s just… smaller. Does that necessarily mean better? Well that’s going to depend on you. If you are well and truly blessed in the trouser department, then perhaps the larger unit is still the right choice. However, those of us not concerned, then the GO would be a worthy addition to any toy box.

Where to Buy

If you would like to get your hands on either of the Fleshjack GO! models, you can pick them up directly from Fleshjack for €52,95 (£37.21 at today’s exchange rate).

I was sent the Fleshjack GO free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Fleshjack International. This does not sway my opinion on this, or any other product I review. All thoughts, experiences and opinions are 100% honest and my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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