The sex toy industry is exploding at the moment; new brands are popping up all the time; and I for one applaud and welcome them all. And as a blogger, it means I get to explore lots of new things (that is the job, after all). 

Looking at traffic stats over the last few months; our highest viewed pages are all for reviews for masturbators; so I’ve been making it my mission to get as many masturbators to review as possible; not that I really have any more room for them – but I’m always looking out for the next innovation – or anything that can make masturbation a little more ‘interesting’. So when the email from Fleshy dropped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago; it was like the stars had aligned. 

They had asked if we could review and give feedback on their signature toy; the Fleshy Pro – an automated masturbator that features both vibration and suction; two things I do enjoy very much. Before I knew it, the device was en-route. For full disclosure; the first unit we received was faulty – but they were very quick to get a replacement sent out. I cannot fault the level of customer service that was provided.

I would like to thank the team behind the Fleshy Pro for sending this to use for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The Fleshy Pro arrived in a very discreet box with no indication of what was inside. The item shipped from the US and there was nothing on the box or declaration that would have given away the game. The packaging itself is very simple and understated and inside the box you get the Fleshy Pro, the charging cable and… set of earphones (more on that later). It’s lightweight and the design is quite sleek. 

The Fleshy Pro features a soft squishy sleeve that has your standard bumpy texture that most masturbators like this have. There is a charging port (that you can also plug the earphones into) and the whole unit can break down for easy cleaning (again, more on that later). The Fleshy Pro can be used as a standard stroker, with vibrations, with suction or both. If my counting is correct; there are 10 modes of vibration and about 4 different modes of suction (at least, that’s what I could gather). There is also an option to use manual suction as well – to allow you to have a bit more control.

In Use

The Flesh Pro charges up in about 3/4 hours and has a run time of about an hour (at least that’s what we got in our testing). The control panel is fairly clear and easy to use although the buttons are a little on the smaller side, and I did discover that it was difficult to control once fingers were… lubey. We’ll go through the different modes of use; starting with just using it as a manual stroker. 

Manual Stroking

The first thing I like to do with any masturbator like this, is to see how it feels without using the vibration or suction features; If it ever runs out of juice mid-use; I need to know whether it’s still going to feel good. With generous helping of a good water-based lube, I got myself comfortable and ready to slip the Fleshy Pro over my penis. Now I don’t consider my penis to be small; but I also don’t consider it to be too big either; it’s a solid 5.5 inches around and a good 6 inches in length (so pretty average) and I was quite surprised to discover that this was a *very* snug fit. So snug, I couldn’t really get a rhythm going. So it’s not that I didn’t fit; I just couldn’t really stroke with it the same way I might stroke with a Fleshjack or a TENGA Flip Hole. The textured sleeve still feels nice,  I was just a little disappointed I nor my husband could use it manually – but we still have vibrations and suction to try; so let’s move on. 


The vibrations are provided by a bullet that’s built into the motor part of the toy. When activated, the bullet produces 3 different speeds and a selection of various patterns. My penis usually responds very well to vibrations; but here, I feel like the material is a little *too* thick – and not quite in the right place to really feel them. On the highest of three speeds, there is definitely a subtle tickle – but I have to be honest; it didn’t really add much sensation. At least for myself; but to be fair, my dick is used to ‘Magic Wand’ levels of vibration. So that’s not to say that the vibrations are bad; because they are not – and if you are someone who has never really experienced vibrations on your dick before – you may get more enjoyment out of it. But me, I’m power hungry and I demand more! 

The patterns do offer a nice level of variety though, I definitely enjoyed some of them more than just the standard vibrations; I just wish they were stronger – or at the very least, placed a little lower down. 


The suction function (that sounds like a great indie band name) was touted as the Fleshy Pro’s best feature; so I was very excited to give it a try. Once activated; the suction is noticeable and it does indeed pull you deeper into the sleeve. This is where I think that stronger vibrations would really pay off because whilst the suction was quite nice; it still didn’t quite feel enough to ‘get me there’. I also feel the rhythm of the suction was a little off; it was either a little too slow or it just didn’t grip firm enough. Again, I need to point out that this in no way feels bad or awful; it just didn’t really get me off in the way that I had hoped it would. 

The Earphones…

Ah yes, I bet you thought I had forgotten all about those earphones. Well I didn’t. So the Fleshy Pro also features one more little feature… you can plug in the included headphones into the charging port at the back and… it will moan at you. I’ll be honest and say this is a feature that I will never use. Mainly because the audio quality isn’t the best; but also the voice is meant to be more ‘feminine’ and that just’s something that I personally wouldn’t want my masturbator to do. Not sure I’d want any sex toy to scream and moan at me but hey – if that’s your cup of tea – then knock yourself out. If not; free earphones. We take silver linings where we can these days. 

Clean-up and Maintenance

I can applaud the Fleshy Pro for making clean-up and maintenance a doddle. The sleeve removes quite easily and can be rinsed with water and an anti-bacterial toy cleaner (just make sure it’s fully dry before storing it back inside the casing). The motor can also be completely separated from the case allowing you to carefully wipe that offer with a warm damp cloth, whilst the rest of the unit can be fully rinsed in water. A little storage bag would have been a nice little touch; so you can keep your charging cable and earphones together with the Fleshy Pro – but that is a minor niggle. 


The important thing to remember here, is that this is the first release from this indie brand – and it’s not a terrible product by any means. I think after being a tester for almost 10 years; I’ve come to expect certain things from my toys; and gotten accustomed to getting off in certain ways. If I was to give any suggestions for a ‘Fleshy Pro 2’ – I would make the sleeve wider (not by much, but a little wider) to allow it to be used as a manual stroker. Increase the power of the vibrations OR add an additional bullet located nearer to the entrance of the sleeve. These would help create a more ‘enveloping’ set of vibrations and I think that would certainly be more pleasurable. Increase the suction a little more and I definitely think they could be onto a winner. 

If you’ve never used anything like this before, then you may have a better response to it than we did; As with anything of this nature, your mileage may vary so all I can suggest is that you to give it a try and see what you think. I will certainly be keeping my ear to the ground seeing where the brand goes next – there is potential here and I really hope they can succeed. 

Where To Buy

The Fleshy Pro can be bought directly but at the moment, shipping is US ONLY for the time being. Should this change, we will update the article accordingly.

I would like to thank the team behind the Fleshy Pro for sending this to use for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the blog and the work we do, please consider making your purchases through these links – it all helps keep the blog running and me caffeinated! 

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