In honour of both ‘Steak and BJ’ day, and the twitter hashtag #MasturbationMonday, I thought i’d put together a cheeky little review that encompasses both of these things. You know, just for a laugh.

Whilst I think the whole point of ‘Steak and a Blow Job‘ day is completely misguided, I also do have a sense of humour and I have indeed purchased some steaks for dinner tonight – but the blow job is totally optional. Still, what a perfect opportunity to throw out a quick review for the Banana Cream Soda – another of Fleshjack’s cheeky ‘Sex-in-a-Can’ range – and this one features a pert little mouth, ready to suck you to completion (and what more could you possibly want?). So sit back, relax and let’s skip straight to dessert?

First Impressions

Like the rest of the ‘Sex-in-a-Can’ range, the Banana Cream Soda Fleshjack is packaged in a clear cylindrical tube and features a sachet of Fleshlube included, allowing you dive right in. The toy itself is designed to look like an over-sized can of soda – even going so far as to including a ring pull motif on the cap, and ‘nutritional’ information on the label. You know, from a distance, it could ALMOST pass as a can of soda, until you look at the banana cream motif on the front. Yeah, it’s a little on the nose but you know, it works.

Unscrew the cap and you will not find a refreshing beverage – rather a set of lips that on first glance are disturbingly realistic. There’s even a bit of a prominent chin as well to enhance the illusion. The lips are not too dissimilar to the ‘Count Cockula‘ – however here, there are no fangs. Just soft, luscious lips, waiting to part and devour your member. The BCS features a smaller version of the ‘Swallow’ texture that features in most of the mouth versions of the full size Fleshjack units.

At the base of the BCS is the regular screw cap which allows you to control the pressure inside the chamber. A closed cap allows for a stronger suction, whilst an open (or removed cap) reduces it. The sleeve is soft and supple, and not going to lie, is pretty inviting. I couldn’t wait to slip inside. So how does it feel?

In Use

Well, I definitely found the BCS a lot more stimulating than the ‘Cherry Pop‘ and this is in part due to the fact there is a little bit more going on in terms of texture, but also the sleeve here gets quite tight towards the bottom, which in turn just feels delightful. As you slip into the mouth, the lips part and caress the length of your shaft as you slide in. Once you get past the whole ‘disembodied’ mouth thing, the sight of the mouth wrapped around my member was an extremely arousing site – both for me and also for the Mr. who was watching.

Once you are past the lips, there is a ring of little bumps that then give way to a tight, ribbed section. This then gives way to a ring of larger, tighter bumps before completely slender-ing down. The final inch or so of the sleeve then reverts back to a slightly wider canal. This hodge-podge of textures and tightness was indeed heavenly and it certainly kept me on my toes. The tightness was massively enhanced when the screw cap was completely closed and it didn’t take me long to reach a deeply satisfying orgasm. It certainly had quenched my thirst.

On subsequent plays, it’s been fun to have the screw cap open. Whilst the ‘suction’ is reduced, you still get a strong and mildly intense sensation, thanks to the ribbed section, and those delightful bumps which really stimulate the glans as you thrust in an out. Of course, in terms of realism, this feels nothing like an actual blow job – nothing ever will – but it was still a fun and stimulating experience. I still however, think that the ‘Count Cockula’ is still my favourite – i’ve yet to experience a texture to rival that – but if the idea of being sucked off by a vampire isn’t for you, then the BCS is a great, and inexpensive alternative.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Like all the other Fleshjack toys, you do need to ensure you take care of it, in order to get the most from it. Once you have finished, make sure you thoroughly flush the inside of the canal out with warm water, to remove all traces of lube and other bodily fluids. Rinse the outside of the sleeve, again with some warm water. A good spritz of anti-bacterial toy cleaner also wouldn’t go amiss. If you are able to, leave the sleeve out of the case, somewhere where it can air dry. I run a lint-free cloth through the canal in order to speed up the drying process.

Once it’s thoroughly dry, dust lightly with renewal powder and then place back in the case, ready for storage. Make sure you keep the cap on at all times as the sleeves are magnets for dust and hair. For a slightly more realistic sensation, you can warm the sleeve up in some warm water before use, or you can use the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer instead.


There’s not a massive amount to say about this really, other than it’s a perfectly good, simple little masturbator that has a nice, tight texture – perfect for those who are not massively well endowed – allowing you to experience more of the texture than you would in a full size toy. It’s relatively discreet (but please, don’t put it in the fridge) and compared to other regular Fleshjack units, is certainly more affordable.

Where To Buy

I bought mine from Simply Pleasure, where you can pick it up for £34.99.

You can also get it from Bloke Toys

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