There comes a time when a product has me going backwards and forwards between ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’.

Now I have to be honest – I’ve eyed the Tango up for a very long time. I’ve always been a bit ‘unsure’ whether I should really bother as I don’t have a clit, and therefore always assumed that bullet vibrators are just wasted on me. That said, I have a few toys that have removable bullet vibrators and have found that a lot of them are under-powered. The Tango is always lauded as one of the most powerful bullet vibrators on the market. I also discovered the Bullet Vibrators can actually be used by folks with a penis quite easily – they are excellent at making a boring stroker sleeve a bit more exciting, and actually, when used right – can provide some delicious stimulation to the perineum and frenulum during oral sex and masturbation.

So I think I can be forgiven for being a little bit curious about this new set from We-Vibe? Yes? Well I was lucky enough to be sent the kit to test by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. And never has a review been so difficult to write. I’ve attempted to write it at least 6 times.

First Impressions

I love a nice package. The We-Vibe Tango set is no exception. The box itself is a nice sturdy gift box (perfect for long-term storage). After you lift the lid, you are greeted by the Tango and the 2 attachments nestled in a soft, squishy foam bed. As you lift up the foam, you’ll find a cardboard flap, which hides the USB charger, the manual/warranty card and a soft satin feel storage bag. As I’ve said before, good quality packaging helps enhance the experience.

The Tango itself is a gorgeous pearlescent white colour. The 2 attachments are a beginners butt plug and what I’m going to assume is sleeve designed to stimulate the g-spot. They are both made from high-quality silky smooth silicone and feel wonderful to the touch.

The Tango takes about 90 minutes to charge, and can be charged via USB. The newly designed charger makes it much easier to use, and you are less likely to have any disconnection problems as you can lay it flat quite easily. It has 8 settings (4 speeds and 4 patterns). And it’s completely waterproof, allowing for aquatic fun and games.

In Use

We’ll start with the Tango itself.

First of all – WOW. I don’t know how they do it, but I have never had a bullet vibrator that kicks out nearly half as much power as the Tango does. I genuinely couldn’t believe how incredibly powerful it was. In fact, when I first tried it, I dropped it out of shock (thankfully it was only on to the bed). I can see why the Tango is a favourite among the ladies of Lovehoney. However, my interest was down to the fact that this set has some attachments that I can use – but also, a well placed bullet vibrator can make hand jobs/blow jobs and fun with strokers a bit more interesting too – and this one certainly has the power!

One thing I did notice, and one thing my OH was certainly quick to pick up on and we used the Tango to stimulate the frenulum, was that if you hold the Tango quite loosely in your fingers – it can actually feel like it’s ‘stinging’ where it’s vibrating so fast – and he personally didn’t find it pleasurable. When I took a bit of a firmer grip, it felt much better. On the lower settings, it wasn’t so much of a problem, but definitely on the highest speed, it’s something to think about. Just to give you an idea of how powerful the vibrations are – have a little look at this video (I apologise, I don’t have a proper studio set-up and most of these videos are just kind of shot ‘on-the-fly’):

But with plenty of water-based lube, it was great fun using the Tango on it’s own to stimulate the frenulum, perineum, the nipples, testicles (carefully!) and it really is fantastic. I also (with great care – and using some elastic bands) inserted the Tango into a fleshlight case. With a thin layer of foam around the sleeve as well to cushion the Tango against the plastic so it wasn’t so loud – I had an amazing orgasm that way. I was completely impressed with how the Tango was performing on it’s own, and I had high hopes for the attachments.

G-Spot Attachment

Well as I don’t have a G-Spot, I decided to see how I could utilise this attachment in other ways – and actually, this worked quite nicely at stimulating the glans and frenulum as it disperse the vibrations over a slightly wider area, but it also dampens them a little bit, so whilst you are still getting a fair bit of power coming through, it’s not so intense (but still highly pleasurable). Make sure you use plenty of water-based lubricant, otherwise I found that the silicone could create ‘drag’ against the skin that might be a little uncomfortable.

I did have a go at trying it internally (anally) just for the sake of covering all bases, and it didn’t really do anything for me – due to the shape and the fact it’s not very long – and without a flared base, I didn’t want to go too far for risk of losing it!! However I would imagine if you are a lady, and are familiar with things such as the Lelo Gigi 2 – then you might have a good idea about how this feels/works inside. The vibrations did seem to transfer relatively well through the silicone so it did still feel fairly powerful (at least to me, anyway).

Inserting and removing the Tango into the sleeve is fairly easy, although if you do find it a little bit of a tight squeeze, a tiny bit of lube on the outside of the Tango makes it much easier to slot in. To give you an idea of how the vibrations transfer through the attachment, have a look at this video (again, apologies for the quality – but I think you’ll get the idea!):

Beginners Butt Plug

This was the one I was most looking forward too, but also the one I was most disappointed by. Now I know I am definitely not a beginner when it comes to anal play, but I was highly curious about how this little butt plug would feel – I have the Julian Snelling Steel plug which is also quite small, but due to it’s weight – it’s certainly a challenge. This feels like it’s about the same size, but has added vibrations – so it can’t all be bad, can it?

Well, it’s definitely without a doubt, a beginners plug. To use, you insert the Tango in the tube at the bottom – and this acts as both an external stimulator, but also stops the plug from potentially disappearing. I also found this to be a little bit of a snug fit, so a tiny bit of lube on the Tango helped this slide in much easier. If you have a look at the picture below, this is the best way to insert the Tango – this allows for the butt plug to go in at the most comfortable angle, and means that the flat tip of the bullet should be resting on the perineum externally for maximum stimulation. At least, that’s what I thought it would be. In practice, it was a little different.

I had a couple of issues with this one. Firstly, the vibrations (whilst are felt through the plug) – generally feel much less on this (because most of the vibrations are actually happening on the outside). Secondly, the plug is too small to really provide any major anal stimulation (at least for me, anyway) – I only felt vibrations much lower down (and whilst it felt pleasant) it was nowhere near enough to get me off. Thirdly, the bullet was too short to provide any major external perineal stimulation either – so unless you really are a complete beginner to anal play – I don’t think anyone will find much to get excited about with the butt plug attachment.

Once again – to give you a rough idea of how the vibrations transfer through the butt plug attachment, you can have a little look at the video below (again, apologies for the quality!):

In the past couple of weeks since getting the Tango, I have used the Tango in several other toys that have removable bullets (all the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Range/Rocks Off etc) and the added power of the Tango has made me revisit some of those toys on more than one occasion. So the Tango itself will certainly be finding it’s place in the bedroom without a problem.

And of course, just for the sake of covering all bases – I wanted to do just a very quick comparision of all three bullets. The below video shows the three bullets on their highest power setting. I think it’s easy to see why the Tango is so incredibly popular!

Clean-up and Maintenance

As I mentioned earlier, the Tango and the attachments are all completely waterproof, so some warm water and toy cleaner will get those all nice and clean relatively easy. The only thing that might be tricky is cleaning the inside of the G-Spot attachment (especially if you used a bit of lube to help insert) so I gave it a quick rinse under the high-powered shower and that seemed to do the trick. You can store the Tango in it’s supplied satin storage bag, however I found it wasn’t quite big enough to store the Tango AND the attachments in – so I’m still using the box.

The Tango lights up to tell you when it’s time for a charge, and it doesn’t seem to lose it’s power as the batter wears down (unlike battery operated toys that do become less powerful as they wear out).


First of all, I just want to say I love what We-Vibe have tried to do here – turning something that’s primarily seen as a female toy, and trying to make it appeal to both men and women, making it a great toy set for couples. My problem is, I don’t really think these particular attachments add anything of value. Do I certainly think it’s worth the extra £40 against the Tango on it’s own? No, not at all.

That said, the G-Spot attachment might be a good investment for those that have tried similarly shaped vibrators before, and found it was lacking power – I think the Tango certainly has a decent kick to it. For me, it just made a great massage tool – but that’s to be expected, bearing in mind I don’t have a vagina.

The plug however, was a massive disappointment. It’s a great idea in principle, but it just doesn’t quite work for me.

It’s so difficult to say how I feel – personally, I LOVED the Tango itself, didn’t really rate the attachments – however there are going to be loads of people who will get a lot of pleasure from the attachments. I guess it’s going to be up to you to make up your own mind!

Where to buy

Note: This version of the Tango has now been discontinued. A new version is now available (although I have not reviewed it yet, so cannot vouch for it’s performance!).

This toy was sent to me by lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way swayed my opinion on the toy and my views and opinions in this post are 100% my own true feelings. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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