Now anyone who owns a Fleshlight will know, that warming up your sleeve before use is pretty much a standard practice – no-one likes plunging their penis into a cold, wet hole (well, some of you might, but I don’t).

Previously, you would have to go through the rigmarole of soaking your sleeve in hot water for 15 minutes before use – however this made a bit of a mess and is just too fussy.

Thankfully, the makers of the Fleshlight have come up with the device for you – a USB-powered heating rod which makes the process of warming up your favourite sleeve quick, easy and ensures minimal fuss. When Lovehoney asked if I would kindly review this product for them, I of course jumped at the chance – I’ve longed for something like this for ages, so I was very excited to be giving it a try. So would it live up to all I had hoped? Well let’s find out….

First Impressions

The packaging is incredibly simple, and surprisingly tasteful for a Fleshlight product. Inside the box you get the USB warmer, an instruction leaflet and a USB Wall adapter (although in this box, it appears to be a US wall adapter – no good to me, but thankfully I have hundreds of Apple plugs lying around).

It looks quite funky, with it’s three pronged base and smooth sleek shaft – but please – as inviting as it may look, DO NOT stick this up your ass, or anywhere else. I don’t want to hear about readers who may have gotten curious and inadvertently burnt their bums.

The warmer is capable of warming all size Fleshlights, and according to the leaflet – can take up to 6-9 minutes to reach optimal temperature (dependent on power source). Unfortunately, the back of the packaging contradicts that statement by saying it will take less than 5 minutes… but we’ll get to that later.

How To Use

The USB Sleeve Warmer is incredibly simple to use – simply plug in to your desired source of power. When the unit switches on, the Fleshlight symbol will light up green, indicating the sleeve is warming up. When it has reached optimal temperature, the light will go out and the warmer will ‘switch off’. If you leave it plugged in, when the warmer has cooled down, it will then turn itself on again and go back through the warming cycle – so effectively you could leave it on there for a little while (however, I wouldn’t recommend leaving anything on there for longer than an hour).

In order to provide the best review of how this works, I did several tests and tried to use a thermometer to get some temperature readings.

For the purposes of the test, the Fleshlight I was using was the ‘Austin Wilde’ Fleshlight with ‘Squeeze’ texture (review coming soon!). This is a typical size Fleshlight with a standard texture on the inside. To ensure the thermometer was picking up accurate readings, I took my own temperature with it, and it picked up an average temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius (normal human body temperature).

Test One

Internal Temperature of sleeve before: 21 degrees Celsius (69.8 Fahrenheit)

Power source: USB port on Laptop

Internal Temperature of sleeve after: 38.7 degrees Celsius (101.66 Fahrenheit)

Time Taken: 10 minutes.

The box claims to take the Fleshlight to a maximum temperature of 57 degrees Celsius (135 degrees Fahrenheit). On the first attempt using the USB port, we did not reach anything close to that temperature. Upon inserting a finger into the sleeve, you can definitely feel a significant improvement on the temperature – it does feel incredibly warm and inviting. I was hopeful that perhaps a second run on the warmer might bring it closer to the 57 degrees.

Test Two

Internal Temperature of Sleeve before: 35.7 degrees Celsius (96.2 Fahrenheit)

Power Source: USB port on Laptop

Internal Temperature of Sleeve after: 41.6 degrees Celsius(106.88 Fahrenheit)

Time Taken: 5 minutes (15 minutes in total).

The speed of this cycle was much better. Prior to running the second cycle, there had been a temperature drop, in just 4 minutes, it dropped 3 degrees. After the second cycle, inspection of the sleeve showed that the heat was focused purely on the canal – the outside of the sleeve was still very cold – and it also seemed that the warmer was focusing the heat around the entry hole and about the first half of the sleeve – the bottom half was still cold.

Test Three

Internal temperature of sleeve before: 35.6 degrees Celsius (106.88 Fahrenheit)

Power source: USB port on Laptop

Internal temperature of sleeve after: 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit)

Time Taken: 5 minutes (20 minutes in total).

Another temperature drop and this time, the sleeve only reached 40 degrees – less than what we achieved on the second cycle. By time time, it’s already taken 20 minutes and we’re still nowhere near reaching the temperature Fleshlight claims the warmer can achieve.

At this point, I figured that perhaps the USB port just wasn’t providing enough power, hence why it’s not reaching that high of 57 degrees, as marketed on the box. So I decided to switch it up to a more hardcore power source – the wall plug – in the hopes we might reach those higher temperatures. So I waited for the sleeve to cool down before moving on with the next set of tests.

Test Four

Internal Temperature of sleeve before: 34.7 degrees Celsius (94.46 Fahrenheit)

Power Source: Wall socket Outlet (via USB Plug)

Internal Temperature of sleeve after: 42.4 degrees Celsius (108.32 Fahrenheit)

Time Taken: 12 minutes

The first run on the plug took longer than I expected, but we reached the highest temperature yet of 42.4 degrees Celsius. Still not quite the 57 degrees we were promised, but we were getting closer.

Test Five

Internal Temperature of sleeve before: 36.6 degrees Celsius (97.8 Fahrenheit)

Power Source: Wall socket outlet (via USB plug)

Internal Temperature of sleeve after: 41.6 degrees Celsius (106.88 Fahrenheit)

Time Taken: 8 minutes (20 minutes total).

When the sleeve was ready to start it’s second warming cycle, the sleeve registered a temperature drop of almost 6 degrees in just 4 minutes. That seemed a significant drop in a very short space of time. By the time it reached the end of the second cycle, we only got the sleeve up to 41.6 degrees.

Test Six

Internal Temperature of sleeve before: 38 degrees (100.4 Fahrenheit)

Power Source: Wall socket outlet (via USB plug)

Internal Temperature of sleeve after: 44 degrees (111.2 Fahrenheit)

Time Taken: 7 minutes (27 minutes total)

After another temperature drop, on the third cycle, we were able to achieve our highest temperature yet of 44 degrees Celsius. But even after almost half an hour, we’re still a good distance away from reaching 57.

For the last little ‘test’ – I left the sleeve on the rod without the plastic casing whilst it cooled and put it through one more cycle (which again, took another 8 minutes – so we’re now at 36 minutes in total). The temperature of the canal registered over 43.2 degrees, indicating there was a small temperature drop and that warming the sleeve with or without the case doesn’t make a significant difference.

I was also slightly concerned that the warmer it’s self was starting to remove little bits of the Fleshlight sleeve – which were now stuck to the warmer. Thankfully they cleaned off easily, and from inspecting the inside of the canal, there doesn’t seem to be any significant damage and the texture is still as it should be – but this is slightly concerning, and I would certainly not suggest warming it continuously like I have.

The temperature of the sleeve drops a good 6 degrees within about 5 minutes, and after 10 minutes, the reading is sub 30 degrees Celsius, and within 15 minutes, it’s back to the low 20’s. To cover both bases, I then placed the sleeve in a sink of hot water that registered a temperature of 43.6 degrees for 15 minutes. After warming, the sleeve registered a temperature of 38.1 degrees Celsius throughout the entire sleeve. After 5 minutes, it registered a temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius, and after a further 5 minutes, it was registering a temperature of 35.3 degrees Celsius. So whilst we didn’t quite reach the maximum temperature that the warmer could provide, we still achieved a ‘realistic’ human body temperature and it seemed to hold much longer.

So how does it feel after it’s been warmed? Well as to be expected, using a warmed up Fleshlight feels really good, and more realistic. My only issue here is that the temperatures it produced disappeared very quickly – seeing a drop of around 6 degrees in just 5 minutes, whereas when it was warmed up in water, it took almost thee times as long for the temperature to drop as much. Also, the fact that the warmer didn’t actually provide heat to the entire canal – it was a slightly jarring experience going from the really warm to really cold – at least when it’s heated in water, the temperature is consistent throughout.

The box says to not use lubricant on the warmer – however without a small amount of lubrication, it’s extremely tricky to get the sleeve onto and off the warmer. Prolonged use could potentially see the sleeve getting damaged and at no point did we ever come close to reaching the 57 degrees it claimed – although it did seem to have it fairly accurate when it said it takes between 6-9 minutes to warm up – I’ll give them that one.

Clean-up and Maintenance:

The warmer is just splash-proof – so only wipe the warmer clean with a damp cloth and some toy cleaner. It doesn’t take up much space, and it’s made from plastic, so you can easily store this on it’s own with other toys without any problems.


Well I have to admit, I’m really quite torn with this. On the one hand, the warmer does warm the sleeve up, and it warms it up to a pleasant enough temperature that makes using the Fleshlight incredibly enjoyable and far more pleasurable and realistic. The downside is, it took the same amount of time to reach a really good temperature as it would to place it in the water, it didn’t warm the whole sleeve which meant it lost it’s temperature pretty quickly. Now I’m not sure of this is down to the fact the sleeve warmer is actually just under-powered, or whether it’s the nature of the Fleshlight material – but whether I used it via USB on the laptop, or a wall plug – we never got anywhere near the temperatures described on the box, and that’s really irritating.

If you can find one of these in a sale, then it could be worth to have if you really hate having to mess around with the sleeve and a sink full of water. But for me, the time taken to achieve a warmer temperature is longer than I expected, the results don’t last nearly as long as they should – and frankly, i’m concerned about potential damage to the sleeves through over-use of the warmer (especially for those who do like it really warm).  I haven’t tried using this with any other masturbation sleeves – mainly because I cannot be certain of their composition, and what the addition of heat might do to them – so if you decide to experiment, it’s at your own risk.

If you would like to give this a try, you can pick one up from Lovehoney

I was sent the USB Fleshlight Warmer for free by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion on this product or any other product I am sent. All thoughts, opinions and experiences are 100% my own honest thoughts. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

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