Admittedly, i’m not overly familiar with Liam Rileys artistic work. I’m not a huge consumer of pornographic material, and I have my ‘taste’; which I won’t go into today. I’ll save that for another day. Still i’m always excited for new Fleshjack textures.

A little while ago, Fleshjack (in collaboration with adult site Cocky Boys [NSFW]) announced a new trio of toys based on three of the popular models; Liam Riley, Levi Karter and the impressively hung Boomer Banks. As soon as they were available, I sent a little email asking whether I could review any of the new range, and a few days later, a little package turned up at my door.

Inside was the three new exclusive Fleshjack textures and one of the new dildos (Liam Riley). Colour me excited! I certainly wasn’t expecting all 3 of the sleeves, but Fleshjack have indeed been very kind to us in the past, and it’s one of the reasons I am happy to work with them. So over the past few weeks, i’ve been having all sorts of wonderful fantasy orgies with all three of these sleeves. As i’ve recently reviewed Liam’s dildo, I thought his sleeve should be the first one on the block!

So without further ado, let’s get on with it!

The Liam Riley Fleshjack Boys ‘Forever’ Sleeve was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Fleshjack

First Impressions

When I ordered some of the exclusive Fleshjack Boy sleeves last year (Trenton, Jake and Sean), when they arrived, I was a little thrown off by how they arrived. Instead of the nicely boxed package I got when I reviewed the Austin Wilde sleeve for, I was sent the three sleeves in little cases, along with the three empty powder blue exclusive cases.

In this instance, a similar thing occurred. However, as these were for review purposes, I didn’t get any additional cases. But, as far as I know, when you order direct, you will be sent the sleeve AND a powder blue case. As with most of the Fleshjack Boys range, there are usually two variants of the sleeve. Each boy has their ‘Exclusive’ texture (which in this case, is called Forever). Or you have a more generic ‘Squeeze’ texture – but both have the same orifice, moulded directly from the model (in this case, Liam).

The casting of the butt is pretty good, and it really does indeed look like a butt hole. The sleeve looks like a pair of butt cheeks that have been delicately parted. There is a little bit of wrinkle detail as well to really complete the illusion. Liam has also kindly signed his butt as well, just so you know it’s definitely his.

The ‘Forever’ texture is described as being ‘intense’. What I really like about the Fleshjack website, is the handy little ‘size’ guide they offer. You can see roughly how much of the texture you would enjoy based off of the length of your penis. Texture wise, it doesn’t look anything special; but looks can be deceiving. The only way to find out was to plunge… yeah, that’s a good word… plunge right in, and give it a bloody good go.

Fleshjack Boys Liam Riley Forever Sleeve

In Use

I have to say, I definitely had a lot of fun with this sleeve. To be honest, I wouldn’t have described the texture as being overly intense; but it certainly wasn’t boring either. As always, with these sleeves, make sure you are using a good quality WATER-BASED lube (I’m currently using Sliquid and LOVING IT). So how does Liam feel? Well, in short – I really liked it.

As you first slip inside, there is a modestly tight ribbed section, which feels similar to the opening on the standard ‘Squeeze’ texture. But after a short moment, that rubbing gives way to a slightly wider feeling, where a ring of textured nubs massage the shaft as you slip in and out. As you go further, there is a looser ‘wavy’ section. This gives way to another ring of nubs, before softening out with a sort of, gridded texture.

When used with the air-control cap open, it’s a fairly standard experience. I have to admit, I did struggle to feel some of the texture (unlike on the Air-Tech). However, once you closed the cap, to provide as much suction as possible, it certainly got a little bit more intensive, and I started to really notice the ribbed texture, especially down by the opening. When used on it’s own, with my hands and a little bit of imagination, it led me to orgasm, and it was a fairly happy experience.

Of course, i’m all about switching it up, and had to try it out with both the Top Dog and the On-A-Mission mounts from Liberator. Using it in this sort of configuration felt a little more natural, and for me anyway, it did enhance the feeling, and that tighter ribbed entrance does start to feel a little more realistic on repeated use. I also went hands free with the suction cup attachment (and this is where we got wild).

I pulled out the LoveArc and slapped the Fleshjack on one side, secured Liam’s dildo on the other side, using the leather harness. That’s right. I was about to have a three-way with Liam Riley and… Liam Riley. How many people can say they’ve done that? The added stimulation provided by the dildo certainly made for an entertaining afternoon. Of course, not everyone will have the privilege of doing that, but you know, I had the tools available – I HAD to give it a try… and I’m glad I did.

Clean-up and Maintenance

We all know that we don’t buy Fleshjacks for their ‘easy care’ routine. But honestly, it is worth it. However, you do need to take serious care of the sleeve, and if you are living in a house/flat share, it’s not always convenient; but in order to prolong the life of the sleeve, you need to: Give the sleeve a THOROUGH rinse through with warm water. Do not use soap as this can cause damage to the sleeve. A little bit of Isopropyl (Rubbing) alcohol can be used if you wish. Once the sleeve is thoroughly cleaned (all traces of lube and bodily fluids gone) then you’ll want to ensure it dries fully.

I like to use a hair dryer on a low heat setting. I turned the sleeve inside out (admittedly with a little bit of difficulty) and then flip it back. Once it’s fully dry, you can use a little bit of renewer powder (or cornflour) to dust the sleeve, to restore it to a silkier, softer feeling. Without it, the sleeve can feel very sticky, and will attract every piece of dust, lint and pug hair you might have lying around. Follow a good care routine, and the sleeve should last a good while. I would love it, if one day, Fleshjack could look into maybe creating the sleeves with a soft silicone. Maybe one day in the future…


Who is this sleeve for? Completists, definitely. If you’ve been collecting the Fleshjack Boys sleeves, then naturally you will want to add this one to your collection. If you are a fan of Liam Riley’s collective works, and have fantasised about topping him, then again, this will get you a little bit closer to fulfilling that dream. Alternatively, if you are just looking for a anatomically correct butt masturbator, then you might like this one as well.

The texture is not completely out of this world, but if you take the time to warm up the sleeve (or even the lube) before use, then it can feel fairly realistic. Closing the cap allows the simple texture to create a good amount of suction, so you can help increase the intensity of the texture this way.

Where to buy

You can purchase the Forever sleeve exclusively from Fleshjack directly.

The Liam Riley Fleshjack Boys ‘Forever’ Sleeve was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Fleshjack. This does not affect our opinion or experience of this product, or any other product we receive to review. All experiences are 100% our own, honest thoughts. Affiliate links have been used in this post. Please consider supporting the blog by making your purchases through these links. They offer no extra cost to yourself, but earns us a small commission which helps us continue to provide these articles. Thanks for your support!

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