It has been an absolute hot MINUTE since we’ve reviewed a wand. In fact, it’s been almost THREE years since we got a new one to review. To be fair; I have a fairly respectable supply of wand vibrators to keep me happy… but i’m always looking to see what new innovations folx bring to this absolute bedroom staple.

I have long been a fan of wand vibrators, since we took our first one to the test over 6 years ago. Whilst it wasn’t the best version to have our first experiments with, it opened the door and soon we were drowning in knee-trembling, body-shaking orgasms. And that’s absolutely wonderful. The most recent wand to catch my attention, is the subject of todays review – The Wand by We-Vibe. For 2 reasons. The first; it’s a We-Vibe. I have yet to be disappointed by a We-Vibe vibrator. Their ‘Tango‘ bullet vibrator is almost legendary. And when we tried out their first major prostate toy, the Vector, we were also left thoroughly satisfied.

Wand by We-Vibe

The second reason; the Wand comes packaged WITH attachments for both vulva and penis owners. Not sold separately; actually included in the box. I think this is such a smart move. Whilst many wands can be used with attachments; the fact We-Vibe has bundled it in with the toy, so you can get to playing straight away is pretty sweet.

So how did the We-Vibe Wand shape up to the others in our arsenal of wands? Well there’s only one way to find out; grab a snack and a cuppa and let’s dive in…

I would like to thank We-Vibe for sending us the Wand by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links will be used in this post. 

First Impressions

I was fast asleep, when there was a knock on my door at 7:45am on morning. “Who the bloody hell is that?!” I spluttered out suddenly, as I hastened down the stairs, trying to conceal an erection and put some clothes on, all the whilst NOT trying to fall down the stairs. When I opened the door, I was handed a large package addressed to me. “What is this?!”. I opened the box, sleep still very much in my eyes, and was greeted by the Wand. “Ohhhhh…. cool”.

The packaging on We-Vibe products never disappoints. Always very well presented; opening a We-Vibe is almost like unboxing an iPhone. Inside the box, you’ll find the wand nestled in it’s own little tray. Lift that up, and you’ll find the attachments, a magnetic charging cable. The Wand needs around about 2 hours to charge fully. It’s made from body safe smooth silicone and is waterproof for easy cleaning. The 2 included attachments are also made from soft silicone. One is a ‘flutter’ style attachment and the other is a stroker.

The wand is modestly weighted at around 420g, and has a pleasing-to-hold curve in the shaft. There are 2 main modes of operation. There is the ‘Smart Silence’ mode, in which the wand only vibrates when it makes contact with skin. And then there is the ‘classic’ always-on mode (which is needed in order to use the attachments). There are 10 vibrating patterns and a range of intensities.

In Use

Instructions are so important. Now don’t like; there are so many of you reading this who NEVER look at instructions; you like to figure things out for yourself. And that’s fine. On this occasion, I really wish I had read the instructions first; because I didn’t realise the ‘Smart Silence’ mode was a … thing. I was convinced that the wand was malfunctioning at first. Let that be a lesson to all of us… they don’t just put them in there for fun! Read them!

Now I know that my wand is behaving as it should be; it’s time to have play. The Wand by We-Vibe honestly arrived at the best time. I’ve been having some issues with lower back pain; so this would be the perfect opportunity to test it out as a legit massager. The long handle allows me to easily direct the massager to the point of pain on my own. Of course, it’s more fun when you can have someone else do it for you… As for the vibrations, they are indeed strong and rumbly, just as you would expect them to be. They don’t quite reach the dizzying intensity of say, the Doxy plug-in – but that’s to be expected. For a rechargeable wand, they are incredibly decent. AND they are pretty quiet as well. Always a plus.

So the ‘Smart Silence’ function; it’s an interesting idea. The vibrations only trigger when the wand ‘senses’ its touching skin. As soon as you lift it off, it stops. This is quite a fun feature, perfect for slowly building up the anticipation (especially when you are using it on someone else). It’s easy to switch off though, when it’s time to ramp things up (or use one of the 2 included attachments). Press and hold the pattern mode button for a few seconds, and it will switch into the traditional ‘always on’ mode.

The first time I tried the wand in order to masturbate, I wanted to see what the toy could do by itself. Placing the wand tip against my flaccid penis, I turned it on. The vibrations on the lowest setting are still at a decent strength, and it didn’t take long to get me going. Positioning the wand on my frenulum, I started to crank up the power. Once we reached the top speed, we were only mere moments away from orgasm. And it was a good one. My husband agrees, quite enthusiastically.


The 2 attachments included are a nice added extra, and both have proven to be quite adaptable. The ‘flutter’ style attachment, for example, would classically be used for external vulva/clitoral stimulation. In the absence of those parts of anatomy, it did a wondrous job at teasing the nipples. On one particular session, whilst I had the Mr. lying face down after a massage; I took a little bit of water-based lube and drizzled it between his butt cheeks. That’s right; the little fluttering tongues gave him an expert rim job. The added depth provided by the vibrations had him arching his back. This looked like too much fun, so we had to swap over. I needed to experience this myself. Oh good god, yes. It was intense and tickly. I loved it.

The stroker works exactly as I would expect it to. The ‘cup’ cradles the penis, whilst surrounding the penis with deep, rumbly vibrations. There are some ribs which offer an extra sensation when sliding it up and down (with a good coating of water-based lube). As with other stroke type attachments for wands, the orgasm achieved is always strong and satisfying. You can also use it when flaccid to aid in getting an erection. Both attachments transfer the vibrations from the Wand very well – at no point does it feel like it’s dampening the intensity.

Clean-up & Maintenance

Thanks to the waterproof design, the wand is very easily cleaned up. A rinse with soap and water should be sufficient. Alternatively, a warm damp cloth would do. The attachments can be removed and and be sanitised in the dishwasher, boiled or again, just rinsed with warm soapy water. The box is quite bulky, so may not be the best storage solution – I do wish the Wand came with a storage bag like the rest of the We-Vibe range. But it’s not a deal breaker.


I absolutely adore this wand. It has a quick charge time, a wonderful selection of patterns and the vibrations are strong, rumbly and shake an orgasm out of me every time. The attachments are also versatile and help justify the very luxury price tag this wand has. But it’s absolutely worth every penny for me. The only thing I haven’t tried out is the App control (but honestly, in a product like this, it’s probably not a feature we would really use anyway). But connection and set-up is just as easy as it was with the Vector.

If you are looking at a luxury rechargeable vibrator, I can highly recommend this, over similar massagers (such as the Smart Wand). The soft-touch silicone on the tip feels wonderful, and it has a delightfully flexible neck, allowing you to really guide those vibrations to where you want them. I hope that We-Vibe continue the line, and maybe consider adding some more insertable attachments. That would be pretty awesome!

Where to Buy

You can buy direct from We-Vibe.

You can also purchase from the following retailers: Peepshow

I would like to thank We-Vibe for sending us the Wand by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinions of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate have been used in this post. Please consider supporting the blog by making your purchase through these links. It doesn’t cost you any extra! 

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