It’s been a bit of a slow week here at The Big Gay Review – both myself and my OH were struck down with the dreaded man flu.

With that in mind, my focus has been away from the blog, and instead been trying to get myself back to my regular happy healthy self as I am building up a back log of toys that need to be reviewed! However we managed to find a day where I was feeling a little bit better and decided I would review something relatively small.

So yes, this is ANOTHER glass review, but I promise you – I have some good stuff in the pipeline! I appreciate your patience in this matter. So anyway, on to the review.

First Impressions

This is the second glass plug that I own, the first being the p-spot plug. If you haven’t used plugs before, you are really missing out – as they really enhance the feelings during sex. In fact, you don’t even need to be having sex to use a plug – I sometimes find I have the urge to slip one inside when having a good old fashioned solo session. The added pressure and sensation turns a normal wank into a mind-blowing experience.

The Icicles No. 47 combines 2 ideas in one – it’s a gorgeous little butt plug, but it’s also beaded, so it’s almost like some mini glass anal beads. Like the rest of the icicles range, I cannot fault the packaging. But I won’t dwell on that any longer, other than to say I really like it.

The plug is a total length of 4″ with an insertable length of 3.5″. The smallest bead at the top has a circumference of 2.5″ and the largest bead at the bottom has a circumference of 4.5″. It has a narrow neck with a circumference of 2.5″ with a nice wide T-Bar base to prevent unwanted travel. It’s also slightly curved to ensure it’s more comfortable when resting between the cheeks. With that in mind, I think this is a perfect plug for beginners to intermediates.

How To Use

The thing I love about glass, is that you can use any lubricant, and it doesn’t have the same sort of ‘drag’ that smooth silicone toys can have – so insertion is incredibly easy (hence why I think this would be a great plug for a beginner). As you begin to insert the plug, the graduating beads give a pleasant ‘popping’ sensation and once that final bead is in, it feels really pleasant. I don’t quite feel ‘full’ but it’s stimulating enough inside that it feels really good. The thin neck is allows you to ‘clench’ onto the plug. I actually found this incredibly easy to ‘keep hold of’ and at no point did it feel like it wanted to slip out. I also found that the T-Bar was far more comfortable then I thought it would be (considering it’s solid glass). It does fit quite nicely between the cheeks, and even when moving around, I found it was quite easy to forget it was actually there (then again, I have what I believe Sir Mix-A-Lot called a ‘Juicy Double‘ so it’s entirely possible that all the extra cushion for the pushin’ was having an effect.

So I decided I was going to use this during a little session. So whilst we got on with ‘other things’, the plug was comfortably inserted. With every move, and clench, the plug would be teasing ever so closer to my prostate – unfortunately it wasn’t quite long enough to really do anything, but oddly enough, the feeling of it almost teasing me was enough to send me crazy. Then the Mr. had a wicked idea and snuck out the We-Vibe Tango. As I lay there at his mercy, he suddenly thrust the Tango hard against the base of the plug, and immediately my entire body tingled and arched as the vibrations were transmitted deep inside, through the glass plug. Holy cow, that felt incredible.

The toy alone isn’t enough to help me reach orgasm, but as part of regular bedroom fun and games, it certainly makes getting to the final destination extremely fun. The longest I’ve worn the plug is 45 minutes, and at no point did I ever feel uncomfortable, nor did I feel that I needed to reapply lubricant – however I would still recommend reapplying every half hour or so – as you would with any butt plug. I won’t go into it too much here, as I’ve covered it in every other review, but experimenting with the temperature of the plug is another great way of spicing things up.

Clean-Up and Maintenance

Clean up, as always, is ridiculously easy. A good rinse and spritz under some running water is enough to ensure your Icicles No. 47 is good and clean, ready for your next session. As it’s glass, you can go one step further and put it in the dishwasher or even boil it (although do be extremely careful should you choose to boil – as glass retains temperature VERY WELL!). When it comes to storage, I keep my Icicles in separate glass storage bags. The glass is incredibly resilient, and as long as your not dropping it on solid concrete floors, or throwing it around, it is incredibly unlikely to get broken if stored with other toys. Although, for peace of mind, you can always keep it inside the foam padding that comes inside the box (dependent on how much space you have for storage).


This is a cute little plug. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear, has enough length and girth to leave me feeling happy, I only wish it was just a fraction bigger as it was teasing my prostate all night, and I longed for it to provide deeper stimulation – but at the same time, I kind of like the fact it didn’t as it heightened all other sensations as it had me totally on edge. It looks a damn sight nice than a lot of other plugs that are out there, and even though it’s solid glass, it does still work with your body, and the T-Bar is of a good enough size that it’s going to stop unwanted travel, but also not get in the way too much.

I ordered my Icicles No. 47 from Lovehoney.

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