What a way to begin a brand new year. I would never have guessed that one of my favourite sex toys EVER would be a wand massager. But here we are; I am firmly a wand convert. I cannot imagine being without one now.

I have to admit, I’m definitely a bit of a power queen. I loved my Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand.  Although after a while, there were a few things that irritated me about it. The noise for one, and the general style. It just looks so… eurgh. 1980’s plastic tacky. I was unsure if I would find anything that came close to the bone-shattering power that it could provide. All I knew was that I wanted something with a bit more class and boy, did I find it with this one…

But wait a minute David! Aren’t wand massagers just for those blessed with a Vulva?!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. NO and NOOOO!!!! Sure, Wands are the ultimate weapon of choice for a large percentage of vulva owners in the bedroom, but there is so much fun to be had for those of us with a penis, which makes wand massagers the ULTIMATE couples toy – regardless of gender/genital configuration. If you are still not convinced, check out this AWESOME guide that I wrote all about wands.

Oh yeah? Tell me more!

Well that’s what I was trying to do… so rude.. so without further ado – let’s talk about Doxy.

First Impressions

When I took delivery of the Doxy wand, I thought to myself “WHAT THE HELL HAVE I ORDERED?” as the box was HUGE. However, after opening the over-sized outer box, I was greeted with a much thinner (although still quite long) box for the Doxy. It comes packaged in a beautiful matt black slip with a sturdy white cardboard box underneath.It’s nothing overly stylish or special, but it’s nice enough and still has that air of luxury about it (which is why I think Black works so well with packaging – it always feels a little premium to me).

Inside, the Doxy is wrapped in a clear plastic bag along with an instruction leaflet. This is a mains-powered wand, and this version comes fitted with a standard UK plug (as Doxy’s are born and bred in the UK) but there are versions available with European plugs available. The cable stretches to about 3m which is more than enough for us (as we are lucky enough to have plug sockets down the side of the bed) – but if you don’t, that extra length cable should certainly make it easier to reach.

I, myself, went for the Black Doxy Wand, but I believe it is available in white, pink and purple if black is not your colour. There was no real conscious decision behind choosing the black wand – it’s just the colour I’d seen it in the most and just thought “Well the black one looks nice… I’ll just get that one”.

The Wand is made from ABS Plastic in the handle, the buttons are made from Silicone. The head of the massager is made from Aluminium and coated with soft, spongy medical grade PVC. It is completely body-safe. The Doxy has buttons, rather than a scroll wheel to operate, and also features a ‘secret’ mode (more on that later).

In Use

As I mentioned earlier, Wands are great toys for couples, and they are incredibly versatile and multi-purpose. Aside from using the powerful vibrations to stimulate ones naughty bits – the Doxy is unbelievably skilled at, you guessed it – Massage! Just using the Doxy over my t-shirt to massage my back and shoulders after an awkward nights sleep left me feeling rejuvenated and much much perkier than before!

It helped loosen up those knots all over my back, and gave an amazing deep tissue massage in the thighs, my calves. The only downside is, the noise – it’s not something I would consider using for a ‘relaxing’ massage (you know, the one with candles and soft music – it kind of spoils the mood a bit!) – but more on that later.

Of course, the main reason people purchase these wands, is because they do a wonderful job of making your naughty bits extremely happy – and it was certainly no exception here. Now when you first turn on the wand, it doesn’t start off at it’s lowest speed. I’m not entirely sure why, and personally I would prefer it if it did rumble into life on it’s lowest setting, rather than me having to turn it down – purely because I like to start it off slow and build up – it’s so much more rewarding that way.

Anyway, after the first unboxing, I hastily ripped it from it’s packaging and plugged it in. Just for giggles, I positioned the wand over my crotch, whilst still wearing my jeans. I turned the wand on. I jumped. I totally and utterly jumped out of my seat in a mixture of both shock, surprise and pleasure. (This is why I wish the doxy started off on it’s lowest setting *wink wink*). The vibration I felt was like no other vibration I’ve ever experienced. It meant business. After gathering myself and my thoughts again, I turned it on, switched it to it’s lowest setting and then pressed it against my clothed crotch again. Immediately things began to happen. I felt every vibration throughout the lower half of my body and before long, I was clutching at the edge of my desk. “Holy Shit” I kept whispering to myself – if this is how good it feels now… before I knew it, the deep, intense vibrations just on it’s LOWEST setting had me standing to attention.

“Well… I’m here now… it’d be a shame to waste it…” I thought to myself – and decided to go ‘all the way’. So I unzipped, and placed the head of the doxy against the underside of my penis, where the frenulum is. As I pushed the plus button to increase the speed, I started to see stars, and swirls and all sorts of odd colours – at one point, I thought I was having an out-of-body experience. For a few brief moments, time just seemed to stand still – and before I’d even gotten half way through the vibrations, my body started to spasm, and I let out long stream of expletives as the Doxy reduced me to a shivering mess. When I looked at how long it had taken – 3.5 minutes – I was impressed. It took me at least half-an-hour to catch my breath again, though.

But this scared me too – it was an almost effortless orgasm – I barely had to do anything, but hold the wand in place. I felt… lazy…like I had cheated. An orgasm really shouldn’t be that effortless… should it? But no matter what I did, the Doxy had me orgasming in next to no time at all.

Those of you that may have the deluxe wand will be pleased to know that the attachments for that wand, fit perfectly on this wand. I of course had to test out the hummer attachment, and I am pleased as punch to report that the Doxy and the Hummer make are the very best of friends. The Wand is also brilliant at providing external perineal stimulation as well, and thanks to the soft padding of the Doxy, it’s far more comfortable and pleasurable – just resting the vibrating head against the perineum during masturbation is another thing that really needs to be experienced to truly appreciate.

So basically, the Doxy ROCKS.

But how does it compare? Well the only other mains powered wand I have is the Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand – so I can only base my comparison off that.

1. Noise

When I tested both the Doxy and the Deluxe with a little decibel app on my phone, both wands registered readings of about 90 DB. Essentially, they are both as loud as each other – the difference is that once you get onto full speed with the Deluxe, it starts to rattle – where as the Doxy doesn’t – so whilst they may be as loud as each other – the Doxy ‘sounds’ quieter because it doesn’t rattle. It’s more… pleasant, I guess.

2. Vibrations

This was a very tough one to call. I think that the Deluxe wand maybe has the edge on power, but ONLY SLIGHTLY – and I think this is down to the composition of the vibrating heads. On the Deluxe wand, the head is made from very rigid plastic, where as the doxy is Aluminium and PVC – this helps ‘soften’ the vibrations a little bit. To kind of make it easier to understand, when both are switched on full power and I held onto the head of each wand – I was able to hold on to the Doxy wand for a few seconds longer than the Deluxe before it made me feel tingly. Another thing I noticed, was that the Vibrations weren’t felt as strongly in the handle of the Doxy as they are in the Deluxe – which again, is a big deal as I tend to find after holding the deluxe for too long, my hand will start to feel numb. Whilst the Doxy isn’t able to dampen the vibrations completely in the handle, it does it enough that I can hold the Doxy for a longer period before it starts to become numb/tingly.

I almost forgot to mention the secret mode! Well, it’s not so much a secret mode, more an additional feature. When you press and hold down the power button for a couple of seconds, this turns on the Doxy’s pulse mode! This means the Doxy will pulse from low to full power – and by pressing the plus and minus buttons, you can control how quickly it pulses – from a long drawn out tease to a quick suddenly burst of pleasure. When applied direct, it didn’t do much for me – but when used with the Hummer attachment? Fireworks.

Clean-up and Maintenance

It’s very simple to clean and store the Doxy – the head of the wand is nice and smooth with no grooves (unlike the Deluxe which has a habit of gathering bodily fluids) meaning a simple wipe with a damp cloth and some toy cleaner will see it good as new. Be careful to only use a slightly damp cloth to clean the rest of the unit – this is obviously a mains-powered toy, and should not be submerged or go anywhere near water. I store my Doxy in it’s box to help keep it nice, clean and safe.


Well I think I’ve said it all, really. If you are looking for a really good, powerful massager that’s suitable for everyone, you cannot go wrong with the Doxy. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s also not the most expensive, and it really does give you a lot of bang for your buck. I do, however, feel obliged to express a word of warning – the effortless orgasms the Doxy can produce are almost addictive. I did find that at one point, I had almost made myself numb to the vibrations because I went for it a bit too often – like most things in life, it’s best in moderation.

UPDATE! Now featuring the Die Cast…

So I have been in 2 minds as to whether I wrote a completely separate post, or whether I tacked it on to the end of the original review – and I decided to do the latter, as for the most part – my experience is the same. I am of course, talking about the Doxy Die Cast. Now a little while back, I had been having an epic session with the original Doxy and I unfortunately left a TPE attachment on the Doxy. I proceeded to forget about it and when I came back to it after a couple of weeks – well the attachment had irreversibly damaged the head. BOO. Sad times. After tweeting about my misfortune, Doxy got in touch to offer a replacement, which I turned down at the time because A) it was my fault and B) I had been saving up to get a new Die Cast anyway.

A few days later, a package turned up and when I opened it up, I was greeted by a brand spanking new and VERY shiny Die Cast. I was already a firm believer of Doxy being a truly amazing company, but now this just went and proved it. I love them SO SO MUCH. The Die Cast I was sent was an ‘exclusive’ to Lovehoney at the time. So what are the differences between the original and the die cast?

Firstly, the Die Cast has a silicone head, instead of the padded PVC one. For me, this is a huge improvement as it’s now non-porous making it hygienic and totally body safe. Secondly, it’s a little bit on the heavier side – so it requires a little bit more energy and effort to wield. Thirdly, the finish on it is simply STUNNING. Like, it’s the most beautiful object I have ever seen in my life. The body is made from a highly polished Aluminium/Titanium alloy which goes through a 5 stage process to bring up it’s awesome shine. It also sparkles. Well not really, but there are these little flakes within the finish that look almost glittery – but not in like, a cheap tacky way. Look, just look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean.

In use, the Doxy Die Cast feels just as amazing as the original, and in some respects – it’s even better! The power is pretty much the same, so no improvement has been made to the actual motor. However, due to the additional weight of the Die Cast and the firmer silicone head, the vibrations do feel somewhat… stronger. Perhaps that’s not the right word. They definitely felt thuddier (is that a word? Tough, it is now). I found that I could have the Die Cast on the lower settings, and it just felt like those vibrations were hitting just a little bit deeper.

On the higher settings, it’s still a little bit buzzier, but I have to say, in this respect – it’s not really a problem for me. The Die Cast does the job just as well as the original, but it looks flawless doing it. Like, it’s a proper work of art. I’m determined to get Doxy to ship me one of their stands, just so I can have it on permanent display in the bedroom.

But the real question is, is it worth the hike in price? Yes, yes it is. The Die Cast feels like a more premium product. That’s not to say the original doesn’t, but once you’ve held the cool metal body of the Die Cast, the original does not feel quite so glamorous. You also get an adorable (and extremely useful) storage case as well, to ensure your Die Cast stays in tip top condition.

Where to buy

Original Doxy Wand

The original Doxy can still be bought from the following retailers:

Lovehoney (UK) / SheVibe (US)

Doxy Die Cast

You can get hold of the Die Cast from the following retailers. Some colours are (or were) retailer exclusive:

Lovehoney (UK)  Purple (Retailer Exclusive) / Silver

SheVibe Black / Aluminium / Red / Purple

I originally purchased the Doxy Wand for myself and then chose to review it for the blog. The Die Cast was sent out to me as a kindness from Doxy. There was no agreement to write any review. This post has not been sponsored by Doxy in any way. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you want to support the work that we do here, please consider making your purchases through these links. It costs nothing extra to you and we get a little bit of commission to help keep the blog running. 

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