We have Smart Cars, Smart TVs, Smart Watches and now we have the Smart Wand. But will it out perform the legendary Doxy?

I apologise now, this review is definitely going to be a long one. I was recently contacted directly by LELO, who asked if I would be interested in reviewing the PINO for them. As I pointed out in my email back, a vibrating cock-ring isn’t really what we tend to use, and it’s quite difficult to give them an impartial review. So they asked if I would be interested in reviewing anything else for them – and I nearly went for the Mona Wave. I’ve often wondered how it would work for prostate stimulation, however I foresaw problems in the sense that if it is completely useless, my review would be skewed – as it’s not the direct fault of the toy, as it wasn’t designed to work that way.

However, I have to admit, i’ve been eyeing up a Smart Wand for a long time, but after being bowled over by the Doxy, I hadn’t really given it much thought. However, the opportunity presented itself, and I took it. A few days later, a shiny new Smart Wand arrived direct from LELO and I have to admit, I was very very excited. And I am most definitely glad I took the risk.

First Impressions

The Smart Wand (in this case, Large in Plum) arrives in a sleek presentation box which is tastefully decorated. There is a matte cardboard outer case, and inside is a separate ‘keep-sake’ case. Lift the lid, and you will find your new wand sat snugly, surrounded by foam. A flap at the bottom conceals a neoprene case for the wand, a charger, a sachet of personal lubricant and a warranty card. All in all, it’s very well presented, and feels every bit as luxurious as it looks. I spent the first 10 minutes after taking it out of the box, just stroking it.

The large Smart Wand is coated in smooth, 100% medical grade silicone, except for the handle, which is made from ABS plastic. It has a total length of 12.5 inches. The circumference of the head is 7.5 inches. The Wand has a curved, ergonomic handle – making it delightfully comfortable to hold, and weighs in at 400g (approx. 120g lighter than the Doxy Wand). It’s rechargeable, and it takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge, which will give you 2 hours of wire-free playtime. You can also operate the Smart Wand whilst it’s plugged in as well (although the cable is much shorter, and therefore I do not recommend doing it – but if you are in a pinch, it does work).

I spent the first 10 minutes after taking it out of the box, just stroking it.

The one thing that I have yet to fully be certain off, is how many ‘speeds’ the Wand actually has. I swear I actually get a different number every time. When I go up, I count anywhere between 8 to 10 speeds. On the way down, I counted at least 12. And this varies each and every time. It’s gotten to the point where it’s actually got me questioning my sanity. But that aside, it has several (at least 8) speeds, and has 8 different patterns:

  1. Constant
  2. Pulsating
  3. Faster Pulsate
  4. Fastest Pulsate
  5. Longer/Wavier Pulsate
  6. Calmer/wavier Pulsate
  7. Another Pulsate mode?

OK, so they aren’t the official names – but i’ve described them the best I can. Setting 8 (FUCKING CRAZY MODE) is just a completely random pattern that is incredibly intense and all over the shop. I really cannot begin to describe it in words – it needs to be experienced to be really understood.

In Use

So when the Smart Wand arrived, it immediately went on to charge, because I was just too darn excited. Once it was fully charged, I pulled out the Doxy to do a quick power comparison. Immediately I could tell that the Smart Wand wasn’t as powerful – but I don’t think it was overly far off. From holding them both, I would say that the LELO’s fastest speed, is about the equivalent of the Doxy on 3/4 of speed. So it’s close. The vibrations are incredibly deep and rumbly (just how I like them) and the curved handle makes it far easier to hold and manoeuvre.

So there are a few ways in which the Smart Wand was put through it’s paces, and I’m happy to report, it passed each and every test with flying colours…


When used as an all over body massager, the Smart Wand glided over the skin with ease (provided there was a good amount of oil on the skin). Without any kind of lubrication, the silicone on the Smart Wand can be quite ‘draggy’ against the skin. But as we also use a good dose of oil during massage, we encountered no problems. The deep vibrations penetrated deep into the muscles, and I found it worked best at about half way through the speed settings. Afterwards, I was left feeling incredibly relaxed, and ready to try it out in more… interesting ways….

Penile Stimulation

For me, vibrations on my penis drive me absolutely wild. The Doxy is able to make me orgasm in record time, with very little effort on my part (or it’s part, to be honest). The quickest the Doxy ever made me orgasm from just direct penile stimulation, was 3.5 minutes – from soft to OH MY GOD. Would the Smart Wand be able to achieve the same? The short answer is Yes, Yes it can. In fact, on one occasion, it took less than 60 seconds (however i’m putting this down to the fact I was already horny and it just ‘finished me off’). However, from ZERO to SWEET MOTHER OF MOSES, with the Smart Wand took around about 4 minutes. So a little slower than the Doxy, yet the orgasm was every bit as satisfying. And the story is the same each and every time. Within a few moments of placing the tip of the wand against the underside of my penis, I am writhing around and clutching the bed sheets. And that’s just using it on the constant speed.

The same can be said when I used it on the Mr. The Smart Wand, much like the Doxy, was able to coax an orgasm out of him like it was nothing. And I got to say, it’s incredibly arousing watching him squirm as those vibrations penetrate deeply. The best part, though, was when I set the Smart Wand onto the FUCKING CRAZY MODE. The sounds he was making were almost guttural and animalistic. Amazing.

It’s become quite an obsession, actually. I am constantly finding excuses to take myself off and have a play:

And it always ends the same way…


We have a couple of attachments for the original Lovehoney Magic Wand which thankfully do fit the LELO Smart Wand (as it has the same circumference around the head. The Hummer attachment works just as well with the Smart Wand as it does with the Doxy and with the original Magic Wand. It fits on snugly and isn’t at all loose. We have an additional attachment that fits the Doxy perfectly, but for some reason, doesn’t really fit the Smart Wand (I can’t say what it is, as it’s not available yet) but it would seem that attachments are occasionally a little bit ‘hit and miss’ – but for the most part, they do seem to fit relatively OK.


This will be kept very brief. Pressing and holding the middle button for a few seconds, will switch the wand from regular mode to ‘SenseTouch’ mode. The idea is that the vibrations will intensify as you put pressure on the wand head (as you glide it over the body, for example). In practice, however – all that happens is that it stays low when it’s not touching skin, and as soon as it touches the body, regardless of how soft or hard you press, it immediately goes straight to high. There is no in between. It was completely unpredictable, and in the end I got frustrated. I’ve never gone back to using the SenseTouch function again. It’s not worth it.

Comparison with the Doxy

So this is what most of you are going to want to know – how does it compare with the Doxy. Well, in all honesty, the Doxy is in a league of it’s own when it comes to unmatched vibration power (at least, compared to what Wands I have tried). And for Sheer power, the Doxy will always win out. However, the Smart Wand does indeed have a good few advantages over the Doxy.

1. Size – The Smart Wand is a fraction smaller in both length, and around the actual handle. Because the Smart Wand also has that nice, curved handle – it makes it far more comfortable to hold.

2. It’s rechargeable – Which in turn, makes it Cordless! 2 hours is more than enough play time for me (bearing in mind I barely get passed 5 minutes usually) so it’s ready for a couple of sessions before it needs recharging – and even then, you can still use it plugged in.

3. Noise – OK, so it’s still not whisper quiet, but it clocks in at 78 decibels, which is much lower compared to the Doxy’s 89 decibel range.

4. Price – The Smart Wand retails at in excess of £100. The Doxy Wand retails at most, £90. Is it worth the additional £20? I reckon so. Firstly, it’s much nicer to look at/hold than the doxy, and it’s ‘cordless’ and it has additional features that the Doxy does not have.

The deciding factor, is really going to be down to the how the two wands differ in terms of their output.

I did try to take some videos showing the power, but unfortunately the sound didn’t work, so i’m going to have to get those re-recorded, but for now, there are some photos here that will hopefully show the difference in power:

Left: Smart Wand on Low Right: Doxy on Low

Left: Smart Wand on High Right: Doxy on High

The Smart Wand also happens to be waterproof, so taking it in the bath or shower is an option. You cannot do this with the Doxy. To be fair, i’ve never really had the urge to take a toy into the bath, however the Smart Wand has ventured in with me once or twice… and I can now see this changing.

On the higher setting, much like the Doxy, the Smart Wand does become less ‘rumblier’ and does get slightly more ‘buzzy’ – the difference here, is that it takes a little longer before I become completely over-stimulated, and therefore too sensitive to the vibrations. On downside though, the vibrations do travel through the handle of the Smart Wand much more than they do with the Doxy, so some of you may find your hand goes a little numb after too much use of the Smart Wand. Although as i’ve mentioned, this hasn’t been a huge issue for me, because it never takes me that long to cum when using the Smart Wand.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Smart Wand is best wiped down with a damp cloth and some toy cleaner. It’s silicone coating is an ever so slight dust magnet, to storing it in the provided neoprene storage case is recommended.


So really, I actually adore this wand. It’s not as powerful as the Doxy, or most of the ‘mains powered’ wands out there, but it does pack a really decent punch, and it truly is an elegant design. As with the Doxy, it’s a great couples toy and can be utilised in so many different ways. If you’ve never used a magic wand to masturbate, you are really missing out. Aside from the slightly dodgy ‘SenseTouch’ function, the other varying patterns and functions offer something that most other wands don’t. If you are a true power hungry queen, then perhaps the Doxy (or equivalent) is still the better choice for you. However, for me, the vibrations were plenty strong enough to do their job, and I know I will be reaching for this first every time

The Smart Wand is available in Black, White or Plum

RRP: £154.99

Where To Buy

NOTE: This model has been discontinued. A new version is available.


The Smart Wand was sent to me by LELO free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This has not swayed my decision when reviewing this or any other product I am sent for review. All thoughts, opinions and experiences detailed in this review are 100% honest and genuine. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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