Recently, I had to claim on the warranty of my Nalone Magic Wand after it inexplicably stopped working. However, as the item was sent to me as a tester by Lovehoney, I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to get it repaired – however the kind folks at Nalone have sent me a replacement – and with that in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to re-visit my original review, especially as there has been a tiny change… so without further ado…

When I was sent this item to review, I had only recently been introduced to the wonders of vibrating massage wands. This was down to a silly pre-conception that only ladies can get pleasure from them – but after taking the plunge and purchasing the Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand, I was soon proved wrong – there is plenty of pleasure to be had from a wand if you are a man.

Initially, I thought the Deluxe wand was the best toy I had bought – however there was a slight snag. Whilst I enjoyed it’s incredibly powerful vibrations – my husband did not. It was far too noisy and intimidating for him. So of course, when I found out I was going to be testing this – I was a little anxious – would I be able to convince my better half that wands can be incredibly fun?

First Impressions

Nalone was a brand I was not at all familiar with, however when the product arrived – I was totally bowled over by how elegant the packaging looked. There is a smooth matte black slip cover with some basic product images on the sides. When you take that off, you are greeted by a pearlescent pink keep-sake box – it almost looks like it contains a bottle of champagne inside! As you open the lid, the Nalone is nestled in a soft, padded satin-like bed. They really have put a lot of thought into this, and if presented as a gift, I think you would make someone very happy indeed! Inside the box is the Wand, instruction manual, product leaflet & warranty card. There is also a USB Cable and velvet storage bag.

The Wand itself is covered with a beautiful vibrant pink silicone and has an ergonomic
shiny ABS plastic handle. It really does feel soft and smooth to the touch, and admittedly I did get a lot of pleasure out of just holding the wand. The head of the wand is on a soft, flexible neck – and is much smaller than the deluxe wand. This makes pinpointing those vibrations so much easier. The tip of the wand has a a ‘conductive plate’ with a white plastic ring – this is where the Electro part of the wand comes into play (but more on that later).

There are 2 motors in the unit – one in the head, and the other at the base of the handle. Unfortunately you can’t have both modes running at the same time, although to be honest – this is probably a good thing – I can’t imagine holding the wand for prolonged periods of time if the handle is vibrating too. Although due to the size of the unit, some of the vibrations travel through the handle, but not enough to cause any discomfort during operation. To operate, simply hold down the button for a few seconds and the unit will spring into life. Additional presses of the button will cycle through the different vibration modes and intensities.

  1. Lowest continuous vibration
  2. Medium continuous vibration
  3. Highest continuous vibration
  4. Quick intermittent pulses
  5. Increasing/decreasing Wave
  6. 2 small pulses and wave
  7. 3 small pulses and wave

Each part of the wand (the head and handle) have 7 different settings and speeds. Compared to the Deluxe Wand which only has one setting (but variable speed), this certainly allows you to shake things up a little bit. It’s also relatively quiet – meaning you should be able to get away with some discreet play (if you kept the door closed, and maybe put on some background music). However, if you have used the Deluxe Wand, this is definitely a lot quieter. However, with it’s small reduced size, it does come with a reduction of power – although make no mistake, this pink little beauty still packs a punch – however if you found the intensity of the deluxe wand a bit too much to bear, then this might be right up your street. It’s the perfect size for travel, completely waterproof and lasts for hours. What more could you ask for?

In Use

The vibrations the Nalone produces are both deep, and rumbly, although obviously they are not at the level of a mains-powered wand. However, in comparative terms, I would say it’s almost as powerful as the vibrations in something like the We-Vibe Tango.

So first things first, the Nalone Electro works wonderfully when used for during a ‘traditional’ erotic massage. Gliding the wand over the skin on its lowest setting was enough to get the hair standing on end and the skin tingling. The small head of the wand really allows you to get into all those tangled knots in muscles – and the powerful vibrations penetrate the muscles – after a long, hard day – this certainly will help you feel much better. But that’s not the reason you buy one of these bits of kit. So let’s get on to the good stuff.

As males, I can only provide you with how this works for a man (but I guess you would have figured that out already). With plenty of water-based lubricant, we began to ‘massage’ the intimate areas. The fact the wand is smaller than most, a
nd has a smooth ergonomic handle, really allows you to get those vibrations to go exactly where you want them (in this case, working the frenulum). I’ve never had an orgasm just by stimulating the frenulum alone, but I did using the Nalone. My god it felt amazing. I wasn’t able to achieve that with the LH Deluxe, purely because the head of the wand is so large, it really disperses the vibrations throughout (which I think is possibly why the OH didn’t enjoy it so much).

With the Nalone, it’s kept to a specific area, and it gets all the pleasure. So I could imagine a woman would probably feel the same sort of thing with the wand pressed against the clitoris. Especially when you mix up the different speeds and intensity as well. The Nalone also did a good job of providing amazing sensations to the perineum as well, although not as strongly as the LH deluxe wand did, again, purely because this unit is smaller and not quite as powerful. But it was still highly pleasurable.

Now in my original review, I had hinted at the fact that the handle of the wand could be used as an internal vibrator (mainly because the instruction booklet said you could) – so for the sake of covering all the bases, I gave it a go. Since receiving my new Wand, this appears to no longer be included in the manual – so I’m guessing it’s not recommended any more. If you do want to give it a try – bear a few things in mind (these are things I did not think about the last time I used it): The tip of the handle is not completely smooth, and other uses have noted that when they tried inserting, it actually felt sharp and uncomfortable. Also, the buttons on the handle can also get in the way (and once inserted, you can’t change the settings). If you do go down this route, use a condom over the handle to help – and take it EXTREMELY slowly and use plenty of lube.

Now since comparing the new Nalone with my old one, I have noticed that the head of the wand is now much bigger, and is ever so slightly heavier. Does this make a difference? Well actually, I think it does. When I last reviewed the Nalone, I noted that I didn’t really get on with the ‘Electro’ function – I noted a slight ‘tingle’ but nothing to write home about.

This time, however – the electro pulses are very much more noticeable. I can’t really describe how it feels, but it almost feels like a very minor static shock… it feels deep and tingly like pins and needles, but not in a horrible way. OK, I’ve made that sound terrifying and horrible – but really, it isn’t. It actually feels REALLY good, and I can only assume this has been improved due to the fact the head of the wand is just a touch bigger than before. But it now really adds something to the wand, and is great fun to tease someone with, as the electro pulses tease their most sensitive parts. You can really make somebodies toes curl…

Clean-up and Maintenance

Thankfully, the Nalone Electro Wand is 100% waterproof, so cleaning up is as simple as running under some warm water with some toy cleaner, and then drying carefully with a soft cloth. You can then either pop it into the provided storage bag OR keep it sat in it’s satin-lined bed in it’s keepsake box (personally, that’s the option I’ve gone for as it’s just too nice to just throw away!).


So we’ve had the wand for a while, and generally, I’ve come to favour it over the Deluxe Wand. Sure it’s not quite as powerful, but the fact it is smaller, wireless and completely waterproof does give it an edge – and frankly, it’s a gorgeous piece of kit. Sure it’s a bright shade of pink, and isn’t exactly masculine – but it’s so well made, and really feels wonderful to hold. It works fantastically as a regular body massager, and the added electro function can help put the spark (literally) back in the bedroom (combine this with some handcuffs and a blindfold and your all set).

Is it the best magic wand out there? It’s hard to say, and the Deluxe wand has so many qualities that make it better than the Nalone as well. It’s also a pricey bit of kit as well – but even so, you get what you pay for – and this really does feel incredibly luxurious and as the only wand that’s given my husband an orgasm – it’s worth it.

Note: This product has now been discontinued.

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