Now if you know me well enough, you know I bloody love a good magic wand massager. I’m also partial to a bit of electro-stimulation. So combine the two and you should be on to an absolute winner, right?

We’ve reviewed an Electro-Wand in the past, and at the time – I really enjoyed it. Now that i’ve experienced bigger, better and more powerful toys – it’s smaller hand-held size just doesn’t really cut it any more. I definitely need something with a bit more…bite. So when I saw the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating Estim Wand Massager at MEO, I knew that I would have to give it a try.

MEO have always been extremely generous and friendly, and kindly sent me the ZackZack to review, along with a few other items. Their extensive range of products means there should be something to cover almost any taste. So do check them out when you get the chance. But anyway, on to the review… did the ZackZack rock my spots, or did it leave me drained like a flat battery?

First Impressions

The ZackZack is a cordless battery powered wand vibrator. It requires 4 x AAA batteries in order to get it to work, and these are sold separately. The wand is packaged in a simple box, with the toy nestled in a plastic shell that’s extremely easy to remove. The wand is made from a combination of ABS plastic in the handle, with a firm silicone head. It’s approximately 10.5 inches in length and weighs in at just 329g, making it incredibly lightweight and easy to hold. The circumference of the head of the wand is around 7 inches.

The ZackZack has 2 different settings – vibrations and electric. They both have 5 different levels of intensity and can be controlled independently via 4 easy to use buttons on the front panel. There are 5 LED lights which will allow you to see what setting you are currently on. Compared to other wands of this calibre, it does look a little dated – it has a very ’80’s’ look to it. It is not waterproof, so do not submerge or splash the wand.

In Use

As a vibrating wand, I was genuinely quite surprised at how powerful this battery-operated wand is. It’s obviously not going to be as powerful as anything mains-powered, but in terms of power, I would say it feels like it has a similar output to something like the Desire wand. The vibrations are strong and on the rumbly side – and they stay rumbly – at no point do they get buzzy as you move on to the highest setting.

When used directly against the penis to stimulate the frenulum, it led to an extremely pleasant and satisfactory orgasm in under 10 minutes – and that’s going from Flaccid to OH MY GOD. The amount of power that it kicked out was certainly more than enough to do it’s job. I couldn’t believe it had worked as well as it did. I dug out the Hummer attachment and discovered that it does fit on the head of this wand just as easily as it does with others, although not all attachments will work as this wand head is just a fraction smaller than most standard wands.

As with direct usage, using the ZackZack with a masturbation cup leaves you with pretty much the same result. The wand gets up enough power to really make the cup shake, rattle and roll and it isn’t long before i’m hitting orgasm town again. The MR agrees as well – the vibrations alone led him to some very good times as well. So, for that side of things – the ZackZack succeeds and succeeds very well. But the main draw to this wand was the Estim…

The head of the wand features 2 conducting rings around the circumference of the head. In order for it to work, contact has to be made between BOTH rings. Initially, I thought the Estim mode was totally bust. When I gripped the head of the wand, sure – I could feel the prickles and even on it’s highest setting, it was a deep prickle, but still fairly mild.

But when I applied the wand anywhere else… I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. It states on the back of the box that for a better connection, to use some ‘conductive gel’. I didn’t have any to hand, so I grabbed the next best thing – some water-based lube. I smeared a little bit onto my arm and placed the head of the and on top of it. Suddenly, I could feel the prickle of the electricity this time.

Used on it’s own, the electro-function is a bit…well, meh. Sure, I could feel it and yes, it was nice. But it wasn’t really blowing my socks off. I mean, when using it around the penis/testicles etc, it does create a strong feeling inside, but that alone wouldn’t be enough to really do anything, as it’s just not strong enough. However, when you start to mix in the vibrations, it becomes a different story. The added mix of the electricity in with the vibrations meant that every sensation felt like it was going a little bit deeper. It took me to orgasm slightly quicker than with the vibrations alone.

If you want, the wand can be used to gently tease you to get you in the mood. When slid across a lubed buttock, this created quite an interesting sensation. So generally, the ZackZack impressed me more than I was expecting it to.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The ZackZack is not without it’s problems. Clean up is, to put it mildly, a massive pain in the arse. As the wand massager is not waterproof, you need to take extra care when cleaning it. The head of the wand features a series of 4 deep ridges around the circumference of the head. These are an utter filth trap – catching and keeping hold of all manner of lube and other fluids. It’s a bit of a pain to clean, and you will want to make sure you get into those ridges – cotton buds were quite useful.

Elsewhere, you’ll just need to use a mildly damp cloth to clean the rest, taking care to not get any moisture into the battery compartment. As with most battery powered products, once the batteries start to lose power, the vibrations will generally weaken, so you’ll know it’s time to change the batteries – which is useful, if only because there is no other indicator it’s running low.


My other issue with the ZackZack is the price. It’s currently on sale for €149 (£129 as of 26th September) and for a battery powered wand massager that’s not waterproof – this seems a tad excessive. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly think the ZackZack has a role within the bedroom, and will see a fair bit of use – especially when travelling due to it’s shorter, lighter size compared to something like the Doxy

But when it doesn’t come anywhere near the level of power, and the electric function is only ‘so so’ – I do have a hard time recommending anyone spend that much on this wand. If it was half the price, I would say HELL YEAH. If you want to spend that much on a wand massager, personally i’d say you’d be better off investing in a Doxy or a Smart Wand. Even the Nalone is slightly better value than this, although it’s not as powerful. So it’s swings and roundabouts really…

Where to Buy

You can get hold of the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating Estim Wand Massager direct from MEO for €149.


I would like to thank MEO for sending us the ZackZack Cordless Vibrating Estim Wand Massager free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not sway or alter or experiences or opinions with this or any other product we receive for review. Some affiliate links have been used within this post.

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