Insert Fan Fare… We’re Back! We had a little break whilst we stock-piled some review products and began working on the new version of the site; TBGR 3.0 is coming soon and I can’t wait for y’all to see it. But for now; we must get back to publishing content because I can’t make you wait forever so let’s jump right back on the horse (so to speak). 

Our good friends over at SheVibe were the first to hitch their cart to my wagon once my review queue was open. Today, we are testing out a product from a brand I’ve never tried before; VeDO. The Hotrod is a warming and vibrating masturbator that looked absolutely right up my alley. If I can stick my cock in it, and it vibrates – I’m in. I don’t need telling twice. Now I’ve been sat with it for a couple of weeks, it’s tine to give my verdict. So without further ado, grab yourselves a snack and a cold beverage (it’s very warm here this week) and settle down…

I would like to thank SheVibe for sending us the VeDO Hotrod Rechargeable Warming Vibrating Masturbator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The VeDO Hotrod is packaged minimally. Inside, the Hotrod nestles in a plastic tray, whilst a little flap at the bottom hides the USB charging cable and a manual (although in reality, this is actually. Featuring a smooth silicone body and a ‘sleek’ design that is waterproof; allowing for easy clean-up and aquatic play. It boasts dual motors and 10 vibration modes with 6 intensities. It takes about 2/3 hours to fully charge and will last for about an hour.

On the packaging, it suggests the Hotrod has the sleek design of a sports car… I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Dependent on which angle you look at it, I think it either looks like a muscly back OR a muscly butt… You’ll have to look at the pictures; tell me if I’m wrong. Either way, the Hotrod does feel comfortable in the hand and has a good weight to it.

First Impressions.

Once it was fully charged, it was time to give it a go. The Hotrod is easy to operate although when used in low light situations; it’s quite impossible to see where the buttons are as they don’t include lights for the main operation controls. There’s a little light that comes on to show you it’s in warming mode; but that’s it.

So let’s get down to it. The first time I took the Hotrod for a spin, I turned on the warming function whilst I got myself er, warmed up. I don’t know how long it actually took to warm up (or what the temperature was) however when I first slipped it over my dick – I was genuinely surprised at how warm it was. It was actually quite pleasant. I would hazard a guess it was maybe about 5 minutes between me turning it on and then inserting myself for the first time. If that’s the case, then that ain’t bad!

The Hotrod carefully envelops your shaft (well, mainly the top half) and as you slide in, there are some tactile ridges to gently massage your frenulum. The silicone does have a little bit of give so does stretch out a little bit but for me, it was the perfect size (maybe could have been a bit tighter). Prior to testing it, I had turned the device on to get an idea of it’s power and was pleasantly surprised at how strong the motors were – they kicked out a decent rumble so I was excited to see what effect this would have on my dick. Once I was comfortable, I turned it on.

Sadly, this is where it kind of fell apart for me. Whilst the motors are indeed very strong and rumbly; something about the design of the Hotrod is totally focusing all of the vibrations in the wrong place. I can feel them very strongly in my hand holding the device; but my penis – not so much. There is a very minor tickle; but not the deep intense rumbles I was hoping for. I tried to switch it around in the hope that maybe that might change things but alas, no. Whilst I could stroke and get some residual vibration it just wasn’t enough; even with the lovely warming sensation. I gave up, put it to one side and vowed I would return another day.

And return I did, on several occasions – hoping that maybe I was just having an off day or something; but sadly no. The Hotrod was less a sports car, and a more rusty pile of junk with its exhaust hanging off. It’s such a shame because everything on paper is perfection. How can it all go so wrong?

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Hotrod is fully submersible so can be rinsed under the tap or washed in the sink. Once it’s clean, I just dry it with a gentle cloth and then it can be stored away. There’s no storage bag included (always a shame) but the box is relatively compact enough that you could use that, if you have the room (I just want to be able to keep all my cables together with their relevant toy otherwise it just becomes a nightmare!).


Maybe I’m just broken; I don’t know. I do have very high expectations when it comes to vibrating penis toys and there are plenty out there that do deliver the power right where I want it/need it (like this, for example). The Hotrod by VeDO looks the part, and first impressions would suggest it’s going to rock my world. But the thing backfired in the driveway.

It’s not deterred me from trying out any more VeDO products; because in terms of design and build quality; it does feel very high-end and well made. It just… misses the mark of being pleasurable. At least for me anyway, your mileage may vary.

Where to Buy

You can pick up your VeDO Hotrod Rechargeable Warming Vibrating Masturbator from SheVibe.

Not your thing? Then check out the newest releases; go on – treat yourself!

I would like to thank SheVibe for sending us the VeDO Hotrod Rechargeable Warming Vibrating Masturbator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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