The Magic Wand has been giving orgasm after orgasm up and down the country for a long time now. Programs like ‘Sex and the City’ made them highly sought after bedroom tools.

Armed with a whole army of attachments, the Magic Wand has turned into a bona-fide sex machine. I couldn’t help but feel envious of how everyone was raving about how the wand gave them the best orgasms they had ever had. Last year, I took the plunge and bought a Deluxe Mains Powered Wand for myself, to see what all the fuss was about? Well I soon discovered that there was plenty of fun to have with the Magic Wand and a willing penis!

Not only is the Wand actually great for general massage, but place the vibrating head on the frenulum or the perineum, and you are in for some mind-blowing orgasms. But for some, this is not enough… and now, those of us with a penis now have our own specially designed attachment… It was called ‘The Hummer‘.

Lovehoney were kind enough to send this to me for testing, and I couldn’t wait! Did it have me humming in delight? Well let’s find out…

First Impressions

Like all Lovehoney own-brand products, the Hummer is packaged in a simple cardboard box, with very simple blue branding. Inside, the hummer is sealed in a plastic bag. There is a leaflet detailing use and care instructions.

The Hummer is made from TPE – it’s incredibly soft and flexible. There is a slight smell, but it is absolutely only noticeable when you hold it right up close to your nose – and even then, it’s not at all over-powering. A quick rinse with some toy cleaner got rid of it fairly quickly. But as I said, it’s really not that noticeable, but I feel I should mention it as I know some people are unsure of funny-smelling toys!

There are 2 openings on the attachment – the widest of the 2 openings features a series of pleasure bumps all round the inside, whilst the second opening is super tight and has a series of intense ridges.

In Use

The Hummer is incredibly simple to use. Simple pop the attachment onto the head of the wand (I made the mistake of using a bit of lubricant to help slide it on, as due to past experience, sometimes it was just a bit too tight – and subsequently when using, the lubricant actually was making the Hummer pop off with all the vibrations!). It’s a snug fit, but it is really easy to put on and take off.

You’ll want to use plenty of water-based lube, and coat the inside of the Hummer and yourself. Now I started from 0 (so completely soft) and wanted to see how quickly it could take me to orgasm. I carefully placed the Hummer (widest end) over my flaccid penis, and then switched on the wand. On the lowest setting, it was already having an effect – the Wand’s deep rumble is transferred marvellously throughout the masturbator.

As things started to heat up, I started to slowly increase the speed. As the speed increased, I started to understand why it’s called ‘the Hummer’ – the actual opening of the sleeve actually ‘flaps’ around – and as such, with a gentle hand, you can almost reproduce the sensation of having lips wrap around your shaft. Very pleasing. Once we got passed the half-way point, the Wand kicks up into its intense vibrations, and at this point, the vibrations were way too strong! With the pleasure nodules massaging the glans, I went completely sensitive. So I took it back down again.

I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm – I was getting that familiar feeling in my tummy area. As the feeling grew stronger, I turned up the speed and before I knew it, I was screaming as I had an earth-shattering, knee-trembling orgasm. It hit me so hard, it felt like it had completely caught me by surprise. When I looked at how long it had taken – 4.25 minutes – I was thoroughly impressed!

After calming down, I decided to go again a bit later to see if it was a fluke, this time trying the tighter end. I have a girth of about 5 inches, and whilst this end was very tight, it didn’t feel like it was uncomfortably tight, although I did find that I couldn’t ‘stroke’ with this side as easily. so I just let the vibrations do their thing. After my second nirvana-reaching orgasm, I looked at the time; 4.15 minutes. Okay, I would say it was fairly conclusive.

I still couldn’t believe how well this had worked, so I tried it on my husband last night. We also went for a ‘cold start’. He was a little anxious as when we have previously used the Wand, he’s been a bit unsure – but after telling him how well the Hummer worked for me, he was certainly more receptive. So with a little bit of lube, we got ready. I turned the wand to it’s lowest setting. Immediately, it was having an effect. Slowly, I started to increase the power, and begin to ‘stroke’. His breathing got faster, and I could see him squirming with delight. Turning it up past the half-way point, and this is when it got interesting. Despite not being ‘fully aroused’ he suddenly cried “Oh god..” and had a body-trembling orgasm. In under 5 minutes.

It’s interesting, because other toys, such as the Hot Octopuss or the Apollo, when turned too high – don’t really do anything for him… but this, made him cum without even being at full mast. I was impressed, he was impressed. So this is definitely a resounding success.

Clean-up and maintenance

To clean, you just need to simply rinse with warm water and some toy cleaner and leave it to try. As the Hummer doesn’t come with a storage bag, I’d advise to keep it in it’s box it comes in. It doesn’t take up too much space, and it will stop it from getting sticky or dirty (as toys made from this sort of material usually attracts dust and flies like it’s going out of style!).


OK, I appreciate this is a long review for a toy so small… but oh my god. Never has a masturbator (particularly a vibrating one) brought me (or him) to orgasm so quickly as the Hummer and the Wand – and the great thing is, you have total control over how strong and intense the vibrations are. The fact it was able to induce orgasm without being fully erect is something marvellous. I can see this being used VERY frequently! For couples, this would be fantastic when used in conjunction with some restraints and a blindfold (which is my next plan!)

So whether you want to just ramp up your masturbation sessions, or you are a Dom/Domme looking to indulge in some forced orgasm play, I can thoroughly recommend this product. If you are a couple, it might also be worth getting hold of a second Wand – either because it could be quite fun to have a race and see who can cum first… or just because you will both be fighting over who gets to use it. I’m serious.

Additional notes

This attachment is compatible with ANY magic wand with a 7.5″ circumference on the head, such as the Doxy

Where to buy

You can purchase the Hummer from Lovehoney here.

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Hummer free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion on this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. Please consider supporting the blog by making your purchases through these links. Thank you! 

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