It’s been a wee while since i’ve been excited by a vibrator. In fact, it’s been about 12 months since a vibrator dropped through my letter box and had me salivating with anticipation.

I have to admit, when I received the SenseMax SenseVibe from MEO to review, I was already expecting it to be a fail. Just a few months ago, we reviewed the SenseTube and it wasn’t a huge success. To be fair to SenseMax; it’s not that they had made a ‘bad’ product; I just really didn’t get on with it, but I know there are others who have really enjoyed it. But I hold my hand up and say I was expecting this one to not wow me either. And that’s bad; I know, i’m sorry. I’m only human.

But I am happy to report that not only did the SenseVibe completely exceed all of my expectations; it did it effortlessly and with smacks of class. I will gladly eat my hat (if I wore a hat). So let’s not waste any time, and just get straight onto why this toy has made me a very happy bunny…

First Impressions

Blah blah blah; cardboard box; all the bits inside etc etc etc. Look, the thing I really want to talk about is the SUPER COOL WIRELESS CHARGING DOCK/STORAGE CASE. OK, so the case still needs to be plugged in to charge the toy, but the actual toy itself charges wirelessly when you place it inside the case!! We are living in the future, people. Inductive charging has made it’s way into the bedroom; with sexy results! The geek inside me (oh who are we kidding? i’m just a geek!) is LIVING for the case. It’s sleek and inconspicuous (it kind of looks like an oversized glasses case). You could probably leave this on the side somewhere and no one would really look twice at it.

The actual toy itself is a g-spot style vibrator, but there was something in me that knew this was going to be amazing for prostate play. The SenseVibe is made from silicone, is waterproof, rechargeable and has dual motors for dual stimulation. It features your classic ‘curved’ shaft, that’s slightly more bulbous towards the tip, before slimming out to the base. At the base, it curves to create a prominent point (which is supposed to provide external stimulation to the clitoris) but in this case (hopefully); will provide some perineal stimulation.

The SenseVibe has an insertable length of 4.25 inches. At it’s widest point, it has a circumference of 4.25 inches, and at it’s narrowest, 3 inches. It features 8 modes of vibration with 18 speeds. A 6 hour wireless charge should provide up to 2.5 hours of playtime.

In Use

When this arrived (thanks, MEO!) my first reaction was ‘what are the vibrations like?’. I was honestly expecting them to be buzzy (I was envisioning similar to the Lux LX3+) and not at all exciting. When I turned it on, I let out a ‘WHOOP!’ of delight. Not only were the vibrations RUMBLY, but they were (almost) ROSA RUMBLY. In fact, the vibration patterns reminded me a LOT of the Rosa. And that’s how I knew, without even trying it, that I was going to love it.

But we still need to try these things out. So I set up the little charging dock, and placed the SenseVibe into it’s cradle to charge. And this is where I experienced my first (and thankfully only) problem. There is no indication that this thing is charging. No lights, nothing. I put it down, and just stared at it. What was I expecting to happen? I poked it. ‘Is it doing anything?’, I whispered to myself. ‘I don’t know’ I whispered back to myself. ‘Should be leave it? See what happens?’. ‘Yeah, OK; let’s go do something else…’. I wish I could say this is an exaggeration, but when i’m alone, I do have conversations with myself. You do it know, you know it. Don’t judge me.

After a few hours, I checked on it, and the SenseVibe and the dock were a little warm, so it must have been charging. I picked it up and turned it back on, just to see whether the vibes I felt earlier were as good as they were going to get. No, no they weren’t. When it’s fully charged, it’s a beast! I really do feel it has a very similar, if not the same motor as the Rosa. Oh my god, I am SO EXCITED! I needed it in me ASAP.

After clearing some of my schedule (I know, i’ve gotten so busy lately, what is up with that?); I stole myself away some time to have a play with a few toys. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on your way of thinking) I didn’t get very far. The SenseVibe basically said ‘HERE IS YOUR ORGASM, NOW GO’. OK, it wasn’t quite that fast, but it definitely happened a lot quicker than I was expecting, and it caught me off guard a little. But I kinda like that. Gotta keep me on my toes and all.

So with a liberal coating of Sliquid Sassy (look, I know I haven’t reviewed it, but trust me it’s a great anal lube), I got into position. I’ve taken to laying on my side when inserting anal toys. It just feels more comfortable for me that way. The SenseVibe slipped inside extremely easily, and it’s contoured shape felt comfortable. Once fully inserted, the little ‘hump’ basically nestle right against my perineum, and it’s quite pointy, so I can definitely feel it there. Now, much like with the Rosa, getting to the controls is a little fiddly, but you know, i’ve made my peace with that.

I turned the SenseVibe on and immediately I was feeling tingles. Much like the Rosa (and the Prostate Rabbit), the tip of the SenseVibe was comfortably probing my p-spot. I just lay there for a few moments, doing some kegels, allowing my sphincter to move and manipulate the SenseVibe. It was already feeling pretty good, but I needed to amp it up a little bit. So we cranked up the vibrations to full. At this point, I decided I would try ‘rocking’ on it. Now, I didn’t think this would work, as the base isn’t really designed for that, but I was determined to try (and I have a squishy bed).

It worked. It worked well. It only took a few minutes of rocking and clenching, before I started to feel the familiar sensation of an orgasm building. I could feel it everywhere. In my knees, in the pit of my stomach… it just built up and then… sweet release. I collapsed backwards, breathing heavily and with a moistened brow. It’s a good job I put a towel down…

Clean-up and Maintenance

The SenseVibe itself is completely waterproof, so clean-up is simple. Once you’ve finished cleaning it, you can pop it straight back in it’s case and then… leave it! I wouldn’t recommend leaving it plugged in, though. I’m considering leaving my SenseVibe in it’s case next to the bed, and then i’ll just plug it in as and when I need to charge it; but for the most part, it will just sit next to my bed, ready for the next session (as I definitely do not last 2.5 hrs) and it has a standby time of 100 days!


I LOVE THIS! But, and it’s a small but(t). If you already have something like the Rosa (or Prostate Rabbit) or anything similar… I don’t think the SenseVibe is really going to offer you anything new. At least, not in the way of sensation. The vibration patterns and speeds are very similar to the Rosa, and truthfully, if I didn’t know I was using the SenseVibe, I would have sworn blind it was the Rosa. But that doesn’t mean the SenseVibe isn’t an amazing toy, because I really do think it is. And I think I will probably end up using it a bit more as I LOVE the discreet charging case.

It retails for around £150 (although you might be able to find it cheaper), and to be fair, that’s kind of the price I would have expected a luxury vibrator like this to retail at. The Rosa was around £130 so… it is expensive, but if you don’t have a luxury toy like this and want something good and rumbly, then it’s definitely worth a look!

Where to Buy

Unfortunately, this item has now been discontinued (Edited 30th March 2021).

I would like to thank MEO for sending us the SenseMax SenseVibe free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experiences or opinions of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post; please consider using them to help support the blog! 

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