I had something of a love/hate relationship with Fleshlight. I loved how they felt, but I really hated the clean-up process afterwards. It was just so fiddly!

That said, my first ever masturbation toy I bought was indeed a Fleshjack. We’re going back about 5 years now, but for a while, it was the only masturbation toy I owned. I really did relish how it felt, and I was glad it was my first purchase. But my goodness, it was such a pain in the arse to keep it clean. I slowly fell out of love with it.

For those who aren’t quite sure, Fleshjack are exactly like Fleshlights – but they are marketed more towards gay men – so you have Fleshjack’s moulded after famous gay porn stars.They also produced a series of dildos too moulded directly from stars such as Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett and a whole host of the Bel Ami boys, such as Mick Lovell).

Anyway, I digress. After throwing out my old Fleshjack, I decided that time was right to give them another try, and something about the Ice (‘see through’) range just screamed at me. I’m somewhat of a voyeur, and love to watch my other half pleasure himself (such a turn on for me). Did I make the right choice? Well read on and find out…

First Impressions

When this arrived, I was very keen to get this open and have a good look. I chose the standard ‘Butt’ opening, as the ‘Jack Ass’ opening was the one I had before, and I didn’t really like it, and the ‘mouth’ opening just looks a little too freaky for my liking, so I went for the more ‘realistic’ looking ‘Butt’. The packaging (for Fleshlight) is very basic – just a cardboard box with some see through plastic windows, allowing you to see the toy inside. Inside the box, you get the unit, a little leaflet that basically just tells you what else you can buy and a small sample sachet of Fleshlube.

As you open the box and pull out the actual toy, the first thing you will notice is the weight. It’s a definite work out for the wrist, I’ll say that much! The sleeve inside the plastic casing is a frosted ‘white’ if you like, that’s ever so slightly see through. The outer-casing is completely see through – and the idea is to allow you to be able to see yourself thrusting inside (and that’s where the voyeur in me was desperate to watch the husband give it a go – couldn’t think of anything sexier than watching him slide in and out…). Anway, before I get lost in my train of thought…

The Sleeve inside is made from a very soft, squishy real-feel material, and it’s incredibly stretchy and soft when you first explore. The actual composition of this material is ‘highly guarded’ secret – but there is no Latex, Plastic or Silicone in the sleeve. But it reacts to body temperature, and can be warmed up in warm water before use for an even more realistic sensation. The texture inside this particular unit was quite exciting – the other Fleshlight units I’ve tried have all had the same texture (bumps). This was slightly different – there are nodules, bumps, waves… just putting my finger in and feeling the textures inside had me all excited. Like all other Fleshlight models, there is a screw cap base which serves 2 purposes: 1) It helps keep things clean – stops ‘stuff’ from leaking out and 2) As you unscrew the cap, there are little holes which allow air in/out and helps increase/decrease the suction inside the Fleshlight (dependent on how much you have it open. For me, I prefer to keep it closed with maximum suction – however if you want a slightly more realistic experience, then opening the cap ever so slightly does indeed make a difference. But this is part of the fun – it’s great to just experiment with the different sensations you can achieve.

In Use

They really couldn’t be simpler to use. When you first take it out of the box, the sleeve is covered in renewal powder (or cornstarch) – this is what keeps the sleeve looking and feeling soft,silky and smooth. Before first use, I always give it just a little wipe over just to remove some of excess powder. When it’s time to play, simply apply lube to yourself, and ensure you’ve put plenty of lube inside the sleeve – and then just slide in. As I mentioned earlier, for a more ‘realistic’ experience – you can warm up the sleeve in some warm water first, to bring it to body temperature – I would just fill up the sink with some warm water and let it sit for maybe 5/10 minutes before returning it to the case and getting down too it.

Now I don’t know how well this is going to be interpreted in a photo, but I turned the sleeve inside out to try and give you an idea of what the texture is like inside the sleeve. As you first enter, there is a ring of tightly placed ‘nubs’ which caress the glans. As you go deeper, there is some ridges, which gives way to some more little ‘nubs’. As you get past that, there is some more ridges, which progress all the way down the rest of the sleeve.

The one thing I really loved about the textures on this, is the fact the canal is not the same diameter all the way through. When you first enter, the round chamber with nubs has a diameter of 0.6 inches (15mm). It then narrows to about 0.3 inches (7.5mm) before widening back up to 0.6 inches. As you enter the second chamber of ‘nubs’ – it widens further to 0.7 inches (18mm). As you get past this, it narrows down again to 0.4 inches (10mm) before finishing back at a rectangular 0.6 inch chamber, which narrows to nothing at the bottom.

Unless you are well endowed (over 8 inches) then you probably won’t get to experience everything this toy has to offer. However, as a modest 6 inches, I got to experience all, apart from the last chamber. To be honest, I wasn’t that upset, as the differing sensations before then were just so incredible. You could really feel the different levels of tightness, and the textured sleeve really clings to every inch of you as you slide in and out. Coupled with the alternate levels of suction, it really did have my toes curling.

The ‘clear’ texture and casing was a revelation indeed. As I passed the toy to my better half, I sat back and let him have a go. As he slipped inside, I could see the texture stretching to accommodate his girth. Seeing him filling it was a total and unexpected turn on, so much so that I had to grab hold of the toy and use it on him myself – so I could get closer and watch it in action. Suffice to say, the toy does it’s job, and does it very very well – and has made me appreciate Fleshlight’s/Fleshjack’s even more. But of course, once you’ve had all that pleasure, comes the not-so-fun task of cleaning it up – and it’s a little more involved then my previous Fleshlight/Fleshjack experiences.

Clean-up and Maintenance

That screw-cap I told you about earlier, really does come in handy. Once you are finished, just close the cap (if it wasn’t already) and get yourself to the bathroom. Carefully remove the sleeve from the casing and rinse the internal canal under the tap, to remove as much as possible. Then, with great care, turn the sleeve inside out. Because of all the different textures and canals, it’s quite easy for stuff to get stuck in all the crevices, and you will want to make sure it’s all clean before you store it. So make sure the entire sleeve is clean. Before you turn it back, I would recommend just padding it down with a paper towel or something that’s relatively lint free – just as this will help reduce the time it takes to wait for the damn thing to dry.

Place the sleeve somewhere where it can air dry – and once it is dry, you will definitely want to use some cornstarch/flour to restore the sleeve to it’s soft, silky texture that you first saw when you opened it. Liberally sprinkle it over the outside and try to get some on the inside as well. Then just pop it back in the case (which I simply just rinse out) ready for next time.


Sometimes you just have to take the moral high ground and admit you were wrong about something. Unless you’ve tried to experiment or experience as much as possible – you shouldn’t just write something off based of one/two experiences with something. And that’s what I did with the Fleshlight’s/Fleshjack’s. I hadn’t experienced anything like the texture inside this particular toy, and it really did make me think about ‘judging a book by it’s cover’. The texture is incredible, and the ‘see-through’ aspect added a certain level of voyeurism that really appealed to me. Well I’ve rambled on for long enough. Bottom line – this is a fantastic masturbation device, and is great fun solo and when used with a partner.

Where to Buy

I bought the Fleshjack ICE Jack Bottom from Simply Pleasure for £41.95.

You can also order it direct from Fleshjack.

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