Marketing aside (For the love of all things, can we please drop the term ‘Guybrator’), the newest innovation from Hot Octopuss has blown my expectations out of the water. Is this a sign i’ve become cynical in my old age? Who knows…

But for now, I do want it to go on record to say that I was honestly expecting this product to fail me. My initial experience was less than exciting, thanks to a faulty unit arriving. But to the credit of Hot Octopuss, they arranged for a return and replacement very quickly. If this is the level of customer service they give to their paying customers, than bravo. So without further ado, let’s just get down to the nitty gritty and find out how the JETT completely exceeded my expectations.

I would like to thank Hot Octopuss for sending us the JETT free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

First Impressions

The JETT is simple in it’s design; it’s 2 large wired bullets, slotted into a silicone cradle. The JETT slips around the shaft, and then the bullets vibrate to create stimulation. It’s not revolutionary; but often simplicity is the key to success. What makes the JETT special, is that each of the two bullets vibrate at slightly different frequencies. One bullet pulses at a lower, deeper base rumble. Whilst the other resonates at a slightly higher treble buzz. On their own, they aren’t particularly unique, but together, they seem to create a rather interesting effect. But more on that in a bit.

Packaging-wise, the JETT is simple, but keeps it in theme with the rest of the Hot Octopuss line. Inside the box is the JETT and a little storage bag, along with an instructional leaflet. The JETT is a battery-operated toy, and requires 4 x AA batteries (which are not included). It’s not waterpoof, so care is needed when cleaning the JETT. Each bullet features 5 different speeds, and there are 5 different vibration modes to choose from, ranging from your standard ‘constant’ to varying pulsing patterns.

In Use

The basic idea behind the JETT is that the two different vibration pitches can combine to create a unique vibrating sensation. You can customise the different bullets to find your perfect pitch. The remote control is lightweight and easy to hold, although the buttons are a little on the firmer side which can make controlling with slightly slippery fingers a bit tricky.

You can use the JETT as you would any other Hot Octopuss penis toy; flaccid or erect. This means you can use the JETT to take you from a cold start to an explosive finish; or it can ramp up an already excitable masturbation session. In my experience, this is where i’ve had the most fun. With a little bit of lube on my shaft and the silicone ring of the JETT, i’ve slipped it over, so the bullets are essentially resting just around where my frenulum is. From past experiences with vibrating toys, this is absolutely the sweet spot for me. It can vary from penis to penis, but it’s definitely the place to be.

The JETT is quite a snug fit, which can be both an advantage, but also a bit of a bugger. I’m not the girthiest of chaps and it felt like I was being gently squeezed. My husband is a little wide than I am, and he did note that it felt a little tighter than he was expected, and expressed concern that anyone bigger than 6 inches in circumference might find it a little uncomfortable. But on the positive side, the tightness enhanced the overall vibration sensation, and I didn’t really need to hold onto anything. I could just lay back and let the JETT do all the work.

When you first turn the JETT on, the BASE bullet kicks into life first. Pressing the PLUS button increases the speed up through 5 different settings. A press of the second PLUS button brings the TREBEL bullet into play, and that’s where things get interesting. The bullets resonate at different pitches, and it almost creates a ‘squeezing’ sensation. I honestly cannot really put it into words how it actually feels. Like a pulsing, squeezing… gripping sensation. The vibrations are actually felt a lot stronger and deeper than I actually thought possible. So much so that the JETT rocked an orgasm out of me in less than 2 minutes. The same story was repeated with my husband. Lots of moaning, groaning and grasping at the sheets, before exploding tremendously, as those vibrations orchestrated a symphony of delight. We got a little carried away there… my bad.

But the point stands, the JETT works extremely well, and I was completely gobsmacked. I felt so foolish for even doubting the toy right from the start. The customisable vibrations can produce so many different combinations of sensation, that it really a toy that keeps you coming back for more… and more… and more. Could this be Hot Octopuss finest work to date?

Clean-up and Maintenance

The JETT is not waterproof, so extra care and attention must be paid in order to keep it nice and clean after use. Remove the bullets from the silicone cradle, and carefully clean with a mild damp cloth. Do not submerge the bullets or the remote in water. Carefully pat dry. The cradle can be rinsed under running water, and washed with a little soap should you wish. When dry, you can pop the JETT into it’s little storage bag and tuck it away for the next use. I would recommend removing the batteries in between uses.


The JETT is a surprisingly decent masturbation aid. I actually think I like this over the PULSE. Don’t get me wrong, the PULSE is still a great toy, but I think there is something about the sheer simplicity here that just makes me so happy. Of course, this does mean I need to now ensure I have a stash of AA batteries in my bedside cabinet at ALL times, but it’s a small price to pay for a product that has me potentially spattering the walls behind me, like some erotic Jackson Pollock painting (I said it was explosive, OK?).

Where to Buy

The JETT retails for £49.99 and can be purchased directly from Hot Octopuss.

I would like to thank Hot Octopuss for sending us the JETT free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinions or experience with this or any other product we review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these. Thank you so much! 

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