Praise the sex toy deities! The drought is officially broken. It seems that all is not lost in the world of masturbation. After a series of sub-par, and frankly frustrating pieces of garbage, i’ve found something that makes me happy to masturbate again. I can always count on you, TENGA!

I have always been a big fan of TENGA, ever since I got hold of my first Flip-Hole way back in 2012. I wasn’t sure how they could improve the Flip-Holes, but lo-and-behold, in 2016 TENGA came HARD and completely changed the game with the Flip Zero. Everything about the Zero was better. The design, the texture, the suction control… it just.. blew me away. The MR really liked it as well. It was almost perfect. But once again, I said to myself, there is now way they could make this better.

Enter the TENGA Flip Zero EV, where the EV stands for ‘Electronic Vibration’. That’s right, it vibrates. Such a simple idea, but let me tell you.. it’s GENIUS.

Rachel McAdams Crying Oscars

I have to give a shout out to Girl on the Net for helping me get my hands on one of these devices. You can also check out what GOTN thought of the EV in this delicious post. As soon as I had found out that it was coming, I have been in a constant state of anticipation, and she put me in touch with her TENGA rep, and just a short while later, the EV arrived. It’s been a long time since i’ve been truly excited to receive a sex toy in the post, but the day this arrived, I was ecstatic. Let’s just hope that after all the hype, that the damn thing would actually be good…

First Impressions

The packaging game for the Flip Zero EV has been improved. Unlike the original Zero, the EV arrives in a solid, sturdy box. I’ve often referred to TENGA has the ‘Apple’ of the sex toy world, and I still stand by this statement. It feels like i’m about to unbox and iPhone or something. As you lift up the lid, you’ll find the instruction manual, and underneath that… the beautiful EV. Like the original Zero, the EV is housed in a sturdy plastic case that looks a little like a bell jar. However, in this instance, that case is actually functional.

The base serves as the charging stand for the EV, allowing you to just pop it on the bedside table, and using the USB cable provided, charge up your EV whilst keeping it nice and clean. Once it’s charged, the case offers just about the coolest storage solution for a sex toy i’ve seen (or at least up until that point!). The lid stays on securely, and helps keep everything dust free in between uses.

The EV really is a feat of design. The EV charges via magnets, and at the base of the EV, there are little contact points. But the actual battery is in the removable slide arm that holds the device together. There is a magnetic strip which runs around the outside of the arm, which allows you to charge the device whilst it dries after cleaning. I have to say, I am honestly impressed at the engineering of the EV.

The texture inside the EV is different to the original Zero, and it now has the added benefit of not one, but TWO motors. The is a central vibration core, which is housed towards the opening of the EV, and then the deep vibration core which is located towards the tip. The texture is a series of ribs and flaps, that when the device is closed, wrap around the shaft and encompass it with vibrations. The EV is waterproof and a 90 minute charge should give around 40 minutes of play time.

In Use

After giving the EV a good charge, I was ready to give it a try. As usual, I tested this one on my own, before I let my husband anywhere near it. Partly because I wanted to make sure it worked, before I brought it out during a session, but also i’m a selfish jerk who just couldn’t wait. There, I said it. The EV does come with 2 sachets of HOLE Lotion, but honestly, I discard these because I just do not like the TENGA lube. Like, it’s not bad, it’s just I find it too sticky and I just don’t like it. I prefer to use Sliquid as it’s water-based, but doesn’t dry out too quickly.

As with the original Zero, you remove the slide arms, open up the EV and apply your lube of choice. Close it back up, slip the slide arms back on and then you are ready to party. As always, I wanted to give the EV a go without the vibrations, just to see how the new texture compared to the old one. So I lay back, lubed myself up as well, and then carefully, I edged my way deep into the squishy marshmallow canal of the EV.

Everything went pretty much as I expected. The texture didn’t really feel all that different from the original EV, and with material as soft as the elastomer inside the Flips, texture can sometimes be difficult to differentiate, but still, everything felt pleasurable. Squeezing the sides to implement the suction also created a delicious (if slurpy) effect that felt not too dissimilar to getting a good deep throat blow job. The noise is still hilariously distracting, but you get used to it, especially when it starts to feel so good, and things start to tingle.

I honestly would have orgasmed without the vibrations. Like the Zero, the texture of the EV feels like it’s massaging my shaft, and it just feels so good. But I was itching to try out the vibrations. The button to turn on the vibrating cores is at the opposite end of the EV, a big solid white button. Press and hold it for a couple of seconds and it will switch into it’s low mode. Subsequent presses will move you to the ‘High’ mode, followed by the Pulse mode, Alternating mode and then the Random mode. After I switched on the vibrations, things were a bit of a blur, but before i’d even had time to register what was happening, I exploded inside the EV and let out a bit of a cry. What the fuck?

It was all over so fast, I didn’t really know what to do or say. I cleaned myself up and sat in a bit of a daze. I decided I would come back to it again later, but this time, I will go straight in with the vibrations, so I could really get a sense of what it felt like. On the second try, I turned the vibrations on straight away, and slipped inside. Oh wow… the vibrations aren’t terribly strong, but they seemed to work there way through every piece of the texture, because I could literally feel them all around my shaft. I could feel every single ridge and nub. Squeezing the sides to create the vacuum enhances everything ten-fold.

It’s safe to say on the second attempt, it really didn’t take long at all to reach orgasm, but at least this time, I was certainly able to fully appreciate it. I couldn’t wait to try this out on the MR, to see what he thought. He really seemed to enjoy the original Zero, and I know he loves a bit of vibration on his penis, so I was hoping this would be a big hit for him as well. Well I can indeed confirm that he LOVES the EV as well. More than the Zero. I lay him down, blindfolded him and just went to work; as I slid the EV over his shaft, I gave it a good squeeze to activate the suction, and then released as I pulled up. His fingers were trying to claw their way into the mattress, and his toes were constantly twitching and curling.

We of course, had to take the EV on holiday with us, and naturally, it got a thoroughly good work out, and it honestly gives me so much pleasure to milk an orgasm out of him, then plunge myself inside and orgasm too. I am just, in love, perhaps even low-key obsessed with this device. Masturbation is exciting once again, and I can’t wait to use it again… in fact, i’ll be right back.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Cleaning the EV is simple, in the sense the device is waterproof, so you can slide off the battery and then rinse the actual body of the product under the tap. Like the Zero, you’ll want to pay attention to all the little nooks and crannies, because lube and fluids will seek their way into all of them, and just rinsing alone will not shift it all. You can rinse the slide arm as well, although personally, I prefer just using a damp cloth to wipe that over.

The charging base is NOT waterproof, so do not try to submerge that! If you want to give it a clean, then a barely damp cloth will be sufficient. As always, the elastomer is porous, so you’ll want to make sure it’s thoroughly dry before storage. Once i’ve rinsed it through, I like to take a lint-free cloth, and just run it through the texture to lift some of the excess moisture, and then I can place the slide arm upside down in the charging base, and rest the open body over it, to allow it to air dry. Once completely dry, you can assemble it and pop the lid of the case on, ready for next time.


OK, yes, today was a ‘long review’ and I know half of you probably just skip right down to the bottom, so I will try to be as concise as possible. Is the TENGA Flip Zero EV TBGR approved? YES, very much so. We thoroughly loved the original Zero, and the EV functions exactly the same. But the added dual vibration cores just take everything to another level, and when given the choice, the EV will be my preferred weapon of masturbation.

I  was a little anxious that I wouldn’t be able to justify the price of the EV. The original Zero retails for round £80… the EV is pretty much double the price at £190. That’s… yeah, it’s a steep increase. But when I look at how well made the EV is made, I can understand it. The charging base and case are solid storage items, the battery is a little feat of engineering, and honestly; the hours of pleasure the EV is going to give me… it’s totally worth it. Still, I would totally understand if you waited for a good sale to get one; but it *is* a luxury device, and in all honesty, if I was to stop reviewing toys, I would make the EV the only masturbator I used. I just think it’s that good.

Where to Buy

The TENGA Flip Zero EV is not widely available yet (which is an absolute SHAME), but you can get it from the following locations:

CloneZone Direct / Lovehoney / SheVibe

(As and when more retailers begin to stock, I will update this post).

I would like to thank TENGA Global for sending us the Flip Zero EV free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinions or experiences with this or any other product we receive for review. Some affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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