If there’s one thing everyone (and I mean, everyone) should have in their toy box as an essential, it should be a bullet vibrator. They are so versatile, and almost anyone can get enjoyment from them.

For a long time, the We-Vibe Tango has been my bullet of choice, because it’s one of the most powerful bullets out there – and nothing has been able to come close to matching it. I also appreciate that the Tango is also on the pricier side – so i’m always looking out for cheaper alternatives that may be able to satiate the power-hungry, without breaking the bank.

So I was really excited when Rocks Off included their new IGNITION rechargeable bullet in my prize pack for the RISE masturbator. Although I was hesitant. I will be admit, i’ve not been a fan of the Rocks Off bullets in the past. The battery powered ones i’ve found far too weak. But, I was hopeful that a rechargeable bullet might be a step in the right direction.

This product was sent to me free of charge as part of a prize for an online Twitter competition. There was no prior agreement to write/publish a review. But, in an effort to be totally transparent, I am letting you know that I did not pay for this product. Affiliate Links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The IGNITION arrives in a very simple, but stylish looking box that features a cute little geometric pattern all over. As you open the box, the bullet sits in a little plastic clamshell case. When you remove that, you can slide out the internal tray which doubles as the manual for the toy, whilst hidden at the bottom is the recharging cable, and hidden in the back is a little catalogue of other Rocks Off products.

The IGNITION is made from body-safe ABS plastic, and has this metallic gold finish. I usually have a problem with things that have been designed to look like gold – they often look and feel really cheap and tacky and it makes me cringe – but here, it just works. It does give the bullet a certain level of ‘class’. It’s waterproof and USB rechargeable, and the IGNITION should last for about 60 mins on a full charge. It’s also really lightweight as well (clocking in at just 20g) and as the Rocks Off logo embedded towards the base.

It’s a single button on the base – press and hold it once to turn it on, and then press it again to switch through the different settings. This is where I note my first ‘issue’ – and I guess it’s more a case of semantics but the box calls it the 10 SPEED bullet. This is not entirely true. It’s a 10 FUNCTION bullet. It has 3 speeds and then seven patterns.

Using IGNITION on it’s own

I used the IGNITION in a couple of ways, to test out it’s versatility. I first took the bullet out for a spin during a solo wank session – I wanted to see how well the IGNITION would work when used to tease and stimulate the frenulum – as vibrations there knock my socks off, and pretty much always lead me to a strong orgasm. Turning it on the first time, kicks the IGNITION off into it’s lowest speed. There is a slight rumble, but the vibrations are definitely on the ‘buzzier’ end of the spectrum. Moving on to the two further speeds confirms the IGNITION is indeed a pretty powerful vibrator – but it’s buzzy. However, I wasn’t going to let that put me off.

The RISE had slightly buzzier vibrations, but that still managed to get me off (and fairly quickly) so I was prepared to give the IGNITION a solid change to get me to orgasm city – and I have to say, it did succeed, and surprisingly well, I have to say – in fact, in that respect, it out performed the Tango. Yes, that’s right. I said it out-performed the Tango. But before you lynch me and beat me to death for saying such a thing, let me clarify. The Tango – as wonderfully powerful as it is – it’s not a bullet i’ve ever been able to use ‘that way’ as I find that it’s too… harsh on my sensitive spots. On the lower speed it’s fine, but when I want more power, it’s just painful.

With the IGNITION, I was able to take it to it’s full speed, and instead of being painful – it tickled. The vibrations, whilst shallow, still penetrated to all the right places, and just using the bullet alone, I was soon having a nice, knee-trembling orgasm. On further tries, I mixed it up and used the various pulsing and waving patterns, and the results were always the same. It does take me slightly longer to reach orgasm using the bullet, than say, with the RISE for example… but the road to orgasm is much more enjoyable as I can really take my time and enjoy it. So from this perspective, it’s definitely a winner.

Using the IGNITION in toys

Naturally I wanted to test out the IGNITION inside the various silicone toys I have that have removable bullets – so this meant digging out all my Tantus dildos. In the likes of things like the ALAN, the vibrations were still well received through the toy, however they were obviously not felt as strongly as the Tango. In chunkier toys like SAM, the vibrations were pretty much lost. There was still a feint tickle, but unfortunately, the much thicker silicone is just too much for the IGNITION.

Inside things like the PROSTATE PLAY or the PROGRESSIVE BEADS, the IGNITION held out pretty well, but I definitely found myself craving that extra power. However, if you’ve not used the Tango before, nor do you find you need to have the stronger rumbles, then the IGNITION could be the bullet you need. But again, it’s not a complete loss. A little while back, I reviewed a masturbator by Doc Johnson which featured a removable bullet. So I swapped out the included bullet for the IGNITION and went to town.

As I mentioned in my RISE review, my penis definitely doesn’t care about whether the vibrations are rumbly or buzzy – the IGNITION added a level of power I felt was missing from the included bullet, and once again, the combination of the stronger vibrations and the textured sleeve had me clutching at the bed sheets. A pretty good result, I would say.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The IGNITION is waterproof, so cleaning it is as simple as giving it a good rinse with some water and toy cleaner. Alternatively, you could just wipe it down with a damp cloth. I almost wish a little storage bag had been included – in the past, Rocks Off toys have come with little storage bags – it seems a shame to have not included one in something that could be classed as a little more ‘luxury’.


So the IGNITION cannot really compare to the Tango. However, for under £30, you do get a pretty decent, well made bullet that has a fair amount of power. If you are somebody who doesn’t mind the slightly buzzier style of vibration, then this really could be something you need to add to your collection of pleasure tools. The IGNITION is not something I will be reaching for A LOT of the time – at least, certainly not when it comes to using it with insertable products – I definitely much prefer my stronger, rumblier vibrations of the Tango.

However, for external stimulation, or for use with penetrable toys with vibration functions, it ticks all my boxes and i’m really happy that I can recommend a rechargeable, body safe toy for a reasonable price.

Where To Buy

NOTE: This product has been discontinued.


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