A little while ago, the lovely folk over at Tantus sent me a surprise little package of goodies. Inside was a MASSIVE BUTT PLUG which made me almost cry when I saw how ENORMOUS it was (well, it was the biggest butt plug I have ever held in my hand). There was also a couple of new vibrating cock rings and a sample of a brand new product that was just about to launch – some vibrating anal beads. Now, admittedly, I’ve often tended to steer clear from anal beads. The ones I’ve had in the past have just been enormous and intimidating. However, as I looked at these, I was genuinely quite excited to give them a try.

So how did we get on? Well let’s venture forth and find out…..

First Impressions

I am unsure if the packaging I received them in is the official packaging, or whether it’s just a sample – hence why I haven’t taken a photo of it – but I received it in a plastic bag with a Tantus label on the front. Inside were the beads and a 3-speed bullet.

The toy measures 11 inches in total insertable length, and has 4 graduating beads, starting with the smallest at just under 2.5″ in circumference, right up to 4.75″ at the largest bead. The toy then slims down again at the base to around 3″ in circumference. There is a sculpted T-Bar base which sits flush between the cheeks, ensuring maximal comfort during use.

The beads are made from Tantus blend of 100% medical grade silicone, and as always feels nice and silky, despite attracting all of the loose pug hair floating around. Also included is the 3-speed waterproof bullet which consists of 2 constant speeds, followed by a third ‘pulse’ setting.

In Use

So the thing that bothered me most about anal beads, is the fact a lot of people advise ‘ripping’ them out at the point of orgasm for enhanced sensations, tipping you over the edge, resulting in pure orgasmic bliss.

Well, i’m sorry – but that’s never worked for me. In fact, if anything, ripping out something like this really quickly is just painful (well, it is for me, anyway). I would much prefer to take things much slower, and savour the different sensations the graduating beads can provide.

The first thing I will say about the progressive beads, is they are REALLY flexible. I admit, at first, I wasn’t quite sure of the best way of inserting, but actually it’s quite simple and just requires a little patience. After getting myself prepared, I grabbed my bottle of Liquid Silk and began to apply a good dose to myself and to the beads. I then got myself into position, with my thumb and forefinger gripping onto the small stem underneath the first bead. As this is the smallest, this inserted absolutely easily, and I positioned my fingers underneath the second bead and gave a gentle push.

Bead two went in almost as easily as the third, so I moved my fingers down to the third bead, and again, began to push gently. The third bead took a tiny bit more effort, and this time, there was a gentle ‘pop’ as the third bead went in. It was a very gentle pop, but it was enough to send a tingle down my spine. It’s now time to go for the last bead, and to try and get the base nestled between my ample cheeks.

With a deep breath, I grabbed the bottom of the stem and slowly began to push. As the last bead begins to make it’s way in, I can feel a slight stretch around the sphincter. At this point, I also start to feel something a little weirder further up. At this point, I remember why I never preferred anal beads – it’s because of the weird ‘punctured’ feeling I get when things go ‘too deep’. However, compared to other beads I’ve used before, it was slightly different this time round – I felt like I could progress further, and it wouldn’t be as uncomfortable.

So I kept going. Slowly and surely, the last bead went in with another satisfying pop – and the final few inches went in, and soon, the contoured anchor was now sat between my cheeks. I have never felt so full – which is weird because the toy isn’t vastly girthy – it’s just it’s gone much deeper than any other toy that I have. It took me a good while to get used to the feeling.

After about 10 minutes of laying there with my eyes closed, and deep breathing, it was time to try out the vibrations. Carefully reaching down, I switched the bullet on. On the lowest setting, the buzz from the bullet was providing a gentle tickle on the base of my prostate. On the second speed, it was a slightly harder tickle and then on the pulse setting was the same as the second speed, just intermittent. I have to admit, I definitely prefer STRONGER vibrations, so I was soon reaching for my Tango – but I still wanted to give it a chance to prove itself.

I slowly began to withdraw the beads, one bead at a time. There was another large pop as the larger bead came out first, followed by a smaller pop as the third came out. And then I pushed them back in again – and this is where I was having the most fun and getting the most out of the size and sensation of the beads – taking it slow and feeling my sphincter muscles contract around each bead was simply delightful. However, this alone would not lead me to orgasm.

So I swapped out the Tantus bullet for the Tango, reinserted right up to the hilt and switched the Tango on. Game changer. The vibrations are concentrated around the larger bullet (which was resting just under the prostate) – but now I could feel them ever so slightly further up. By this point, I was super aroused, and with just a little bit of additional stimulation elsewhere, I was soon close to orgasm. Ensuring that the beads were pushed right in, I came and the collapsed on the bed, breathing deeply.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As with all silicone based products, clean-up is as simple as chucking it in the dishwasher/boiling it/bleaching it or just rinsing it with warm water and plenty of toy cleaner – the choice is absolutely yours! (just remember to remove the bullet!). As for storage, best to keep it in a little bag of some description, as my beads were attracting all of Elphie’s pug hair and was starting to look most unattractive.


I have to admit, despite my generally pleasant experience with the Progressive Beads, i’m still unsure as to whether they are the right toy for me. I’m still not quite used to the feeling of having a toy go that ‘deep’ inside – and I admit, it’s probably just me – one of my random little quirks – so i’m not sure whether it’s something I will be reaching for most of the time. However, for those of you are are completely comfortable with things like this, I think you will absolutely love it. It’s challenging enough for a beginner and more intermediate player and the added vibrations add a little something extra – however if you like stronger, deeper and rumblier vibrations – it’s definitely worth considering switching out the bullet for something like the Tango – it makes a huge difference.

If you would like to try out the Progressive Beads, you can pick them up directly from Tantus for $58.00 (£38.57 at today’s exchange rate).


I would like to thank the wonderful peeps over at Tantus for sending this out to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review! All thoughts, opinions and experiences expressed here are 100% genuine and my own. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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