It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed a prostate specific toy – sure we’ve shoved a few dildos and butt plugs up there, but nothing that is specifically designed to take care of a gentleman’s pleasure point.

Then Tantus come to the rescue, and a few weeks ago, kindly sent me their newest release – the Prostate Play.

I was very excited to receive this, as you know – Tantus produce 100% Ultra-premium silicone toys, making them body-safe – and when it comes to insertable toys, it’s how it should be. The Prostate Play is essentially 2 toys in one, at least that’s the way I look at it. It’s comfortable enough to be worn as a standard plug, but also features a 3-speed removable bullet for some delicious p-spot massage. It’s taken me a little bit longer than I would have liked to have gotten this review up – various personal issues have gotten in the way, but I’ve now taken it for a spin a few times, and I just had my last session about, ooh.. 10 minutes ago? So I’m ready to finally commit my thoughts for all of you to see.

First Impressions

Tantus have kept things simple with basic clamshell packaging with just a thin card insert – simple, straight to the point. The P-Play (as I shall refer to it from now on) is made from ultra smooth silicone, making it completely flexible and hygienic. It has an insertable length of 4.5 inches and a circumference of 4 inches at it’s widest point.

At the tip of the P-Play, is a slightly oval tip (not too unlike the tip of the Black Pearl) which is soft and spongy. The neck get’s thinner before widening again down to the base of the toy. The neck has a lot of flex to it, meaning it will work with your body as you move around. Towards the base of the P-Play, there is a series of 4 ribs around the shaft, which are designed to help keep the toy in place during use (it’s happened to me before – no matter how hard I’ve tried, some toys do just want to slip out of their own accord – and it’s usually because the shaft is the same width all the way down, as is the case with the P-Play). The base of the P-Play features an extended arm with a perineal massage bulb, and is shaped similarly to the Tantus Twist butt plug – it’s contoured in such a way, that it allows it to sit between the cheeks comfortably.

You also get the removable 3-speed bullet (needs 1 N-Size battery). I have to admit, I’ve never been impressed with the vibrations from bullets like this – and to be fair, why would I, now that I’ve experienced what the Tango can offer? But tickle me surprised that the vibrations genuinely seemed pretty decent, and better still, when inserted inside the P-Play, they travelled through the silicone well enough that I barely felt any loss of vibrations. Things were looking very promising indeed.

In Use

The first time I used the P-Play, I wanted to see how it would feel as just a manual prostate massager (so without the vibrations, basically). The little press release I got with the P-Play had talked about how it had been shaped perfectly to provide the best stimulation, and they had sought the advice of Mr Wills – a highly respected member of the blogging community to help ensure the P-Play would deliver every time.

Now I’m not going to lie. Initially, when I first went to use this, I did have some trouble getting it in. It’s not particularly big, but for some reason, my brain was interpreting the angle of the tip and the rest of the shaft as something crazy and I was having trouble relaxing enough to get it in there. After a stern word with both my ass and my brain, they started to co-operate, and getting it in was actually far easier than I thought – and this is down to the smooth, flexible nature of the silicone.

When the anchor base finally came to rest snugly between my cheeks, I felt a warm glow spread throughout my entire body. For a brief moment, it was like we became one – it felt so comfortable, and the tip of the P-Play was making friends with my prostate like the cool guy at a party. Just a small flex of my hips increased the pressure, and thus provided a more intense feeling. Before long I had goosebumps, and I was wanted to orgasm. With only a minor amount of penile stimulation, I exploded and breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction.

The next time, I of course had to try it out using the bullet vibe. I was incredibly excited about trying this, as vibrating prostate toys are my absolute fave – my concern was as a power queen, I wasn’t sure the bullet was going to quench my thirst – I like things deep and rumbly – but I of course, needed to give it a try in order to cover all bases.

The bullet has 3 speeds – Low, High and a medium pulse. After getting myself ready and sliding the P-Play in (even easier the second time around) I turned on the vibrations. The vibrations travelled fairly evenly, and I didn’t notice any loss of vibrations. Moving up to the higher speed, things got more interesting, and I have to admit, even though I love my vibrations to be earth-shatteringly high – here, it felt just right. I just lay there, and every now and again, would clench or thrust my hips, making the P-Play press harder on my prostate, delivering those vibrations deeper.

I decided to test out how well those ribs do at helping keep the P-Play in place, so with the vibes going, I got up and had a good walk around. Now, not only was this itself oddly pleasurable, but at no point did I feel the P-Play want to move, and the anchor base sat perfectly nicely between my cheeks, and would certainly be comfortable to wear for extended periods. Eventually, all the walking and vibrations got a bit too much for me so I had to collapse on the bed and again, with minimal effort required, I had another very satisfying and breath-taking orgasm.

As the bullet is removable, there as no way I could go through this whole process and not shove the Tango in there. It just has to be done. Now, the Tango is larger than the Tantus bullet, so it will stick it further, but that’s not a problem – for it still delivers all those powerful vibrations where you need it.

So as the P-Play got comfy between my cheeks, I took a deep breath and turned on the Tango. Dude… this was everything I wish the Pleasure-mate collection had been. The Tango’s deeper, rumblier vibrations were no match for the soft, supple silicone – and I didn’t even need to get it up to top speed before I could feel a tingle all over the lower half of my body, and I was starting to drip. Daring to go the whole way, I got it to top speed and lay back, clutching the sheets – it was like the planets had aligned – it was all perfect. The vibrations, the flexible neck, bulbous pointed tip..  it all worked together to create a truly splendiferous orgasm, and if I’m not mistaken, I may have even shed a small tear.

Clean-up & Maintenance

A good rinse with some warm water and toy cleaner is all that’s really needed to get the P-Play looking good as new. The bullet itself is, as far as I can tell, NOT waterproof, so you will want to remove that before cleaning – and if it get’s a bit ‘lubey’ then just a damp cloth should be sufficient. Storage wise, I would definitely recommend either keeping it in it’s packaging, or in a storage bag – like most silicone products, it will attract dust.


You know what, I have to be completely honest – when I first got this, I was expecting to hate it. Well, perhaps hate isn’t the right word, but I guess I didn’t expect it to do much for me, especially considering how spoilt my prostate has been, thanks to the likes of the Rosa and the Revo Stealth – however in this case, less is actually more. The soft silicone and the flexible shape is enough to provide some intense prostate stimulation, and the added vibes from the included bullet are just enough to help push it over the edge. Of course, if you crave power, then swapping out the included bullet for the Tango is definitely a must.

If you want to get your hands on the Prostate Play, you can get one directly from Tantus.

Also available from


The Prostate Play was kindly sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. As always, this does not affect my opinions or experiences with the toy in anyway, and all experiences presented here are all my own, and 100% honest experience. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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