I’m beginning to feel a bit like a sexy Ollivander, with all these Magic Wands lying all over the place. And much like the wizened old man, I am too convinced that ‘the wand chooses the wizard’. In this instance, i’m certain that this wand is destined for someone else…

The reason I love Magic Wands, is because of their versatility. The fact that almost any body can use them; whether you have a penis or a vulva, there is so much that you can do with them. So whenever the opportunity to review a wand style vibrator comes about, i’m always happy to say YES, because a) you can never have too many wands and b) it’s great to look at varying price points as not everyone can afford a Doxy or an O-Wand.

So Divine reached out to me, and asked if I would review one of their products. After seeing some positive reviews of the Wicked Game Magic Wand, I agreed to review, and soon enough, a wand arrived with a delicious stick of rock (yummy!). I couldn’t wait to give it a try, so as soon as the postman had gone, it was straight out of the packaging and was charging away….

First Impressions

The Wicked Game Magic Wand arrives in a box that has a colour scheme reminiscent of the We-Vibe Touch. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you. As you lift off the solid lid, the wand is inside, snuggled into a foam bed. Underneath the foam insert, is a magnetic USB charging cable and a felt-style storage bag. Provided in the box as well is a 3-pinned USB wall plug that looks very similar to the plugs provided with apple products.

The ‘Wicked Game’ name is to describe the purple colouring of the vibrator. It’s available in pink as well, and called the ‘Sweetest Taboo’; but my understanding is they are exactly the same. It takes approximately 2 hours to charge, for a run-time of around 2 hours as well. The wand has dual motors (one in the tip and one in the handle). Each end has 3 speeds and 7 functions, totally 10 different settings in total. It’s 100% waterproof for easy clean-up and coated in a silky (if a dust magnet) body safe silicone.

In Use

The box describes it as ‘Ultra Quiet but Powerful’, and I would agree; the Wicked Game is fairly quiet. You would not be able to hear it outside of the bedroom (or whatever room you choose to play in). As for powerful? Well, that’s really open to your own interpretation of ‘power’. We all know how much I love my deep rumbly vibrations, and unfortunately, the Wicked Game is just shy of the ‘rumbly side’ in the head. It is very close though, and the vibrations are fairly strong, for a toy of it’s size. But i’ve definitely had smaller and stronger (i’m looking at you, PalmPower!).

The Wand has an ergonomically designed curved body, which makes it super comfortable to hold. The vibrations do seem to stay contained in the head, meaning there is very little travel down into the handle. But this could be down to the fact the vibrations are not as strong as ‘most’ magic wand style vibrators. Still, if you suffer from buzzy hands using any vibrator, then this could be worth looking at.

My first real test of any Magic Wand, is seeing how quickly it can make me orgasm when pressed against my frenulum. Doxy, PalmPower and Smart Wand have all achieved this in record time; how would the Wicked Game compare? As soon as it was charged, I took myself somewhere quiet and stripped off, turned it on and placed it on the the underside of my penis. My penis has proven in the past to be generally unfussy about the type of vibrations it receives; it usually responds well to most. On the lowest speed of the Wicked Game, there was no response. Sure, it felt kinda nice… but something just didn’t feel right.

So I upped the speed to the highest setting; still nothing. Usually, most wands would have me at full mast and I would be close to the edge. But here, there was just… nothing. I decided that I was perhaps not really ‘feeling’ it, in general, that day; so put it aside for a test another day. The downside to sex toy testing, is that your libido can ‘come and go’ whenever it likes; which can be a little frustrating, but we are only human.

To give the vibrator it’s fair shot, the next time I used it, I would make sure that I was fully aroused before attempting to use it. After getting myself in the mood, I reached for the wand again and gave it another try. This time around, the vibrations felt a little better but they still were not ‘wowing’ me. Perhaps things were changing? Like my prostate, my penis is now getting particular with it’s quest for strong, rumbly vibrations? Still, with a lot of effort (and a lot more time), the Wicked Game DID make me orgasm. But it was definitely an orgasm born from frustration, not from pleasure.

The ‘handled’ end of the vibrator is supposedly insertable and has the same vibrations settings as the tip. I would never normally use something like this, as I don’t believe there is any sort of anchor to prevent the wand from getting ‘lost’. Still, I was desperate for there to be a redeeming quality to this wand. There has to be something that I would like about this. Sadly, the insertable end is the biggest disappointment for me.

The shape is nice (it feels similar to the shape of the LOKI), and it does reach my prostate with ease. Unfortunately, the vibrations are even weaker and buzzier on this end. I breathed a heavy sigh. I had so desperately wanted to like this, especially as it was on the more affordable end of the scale. But I just have to resign to the fact that this just didn’t work for me.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Wicked Game wand is completely waterproof, so clean-up is an absolute breeze. A quick rinse with some warm water would be sufficient for general cleansing. The silicone is silky but it does attract a lot of dust (and unwanted pug hair). Thankfully, there is a little storage bag included, so once you have finished, you can pop it inside to keep it clean until the next time.


I realise the above review might come across as wholly negative. Let me just clarify. Whilst the Wicked Game is not my ideal wand vibrator, I do believe there will be some people out there who will enjoy using this. It’s small and lightweight, meaning those with limited mobility who might struggle with larger wands, might fare better with this one.

As a ‘first’ product for a relatively new company, I do applaud So Divine for attempting something a little different when it came to their magic wand vibrator. If I could give some suggestions on how to improve the product for the Wicked Game 2? I think it’s purely going to come down to power. The size is probably the one thing they got right for me. It’s lightweight and easy to move around and hold into position. I just wish both motors packed more power and hit more rumble, and less buzz.

Where To Buy

NOTE: This product has been discontinued.

I would like to thank So Divine for sending us the Wicked Game Magic Wand Vibrator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experience or thoughts on this product or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.