I’m the kind of person who gets jealous real easy. I sit looking at all of the wonderful sex toys marketed towards women, and then look at all the toys marketed towards men, and I just sit and sigh.

I long for the day when ‘gendered’ sex toy marketing just ISN’T a thing any more. And this is why I thoroughly enjoy taking toys that have been marketed this way, and proving that generally, most sex toys can be used by almost any body – thus opening the door to new and exciting experiences that you may not have otherwise thought about.

Then I experienced the We-Vibe Tango. This beautiful little bullet (which is traditionally marketed towards women for clit stimulation) proved that us guys can get some serious mileage out of one these little vibrators. The only downside was the hard plastic casing – on the higher speeds, it could actually be quite abrasive when used against my sensitive spots (and the husband didn’t really like it either) – so now the Tango has been relegated to replacement bullet, for every time I get a toy that’s powered by a sub-standard bullet vibrator.

Then I read about the Touch. It claimed to have the power of the Tango, but was encased in beautiful, silky and squishy silicone. I must have it! Luckily (although, it’s also very very sad as well) – Vibrator Kingdom was having a closing down sale, and I was able to bag one of these little beauties for under £35! I love a good bargain – it’s just a real shame it was in such sad circumstances. (We’ll miss you, Donna! x)

First Impressions

The Touch is packaged in a cute and very sturdy little gift box. As you slide off the lid, you are greeted by the Touch, sat in it’s soft, squishy foam-padding. As you lift up the flap at the bottom, you’ll find the Magnetic USB charger cable. If you lift out the foam padding, and remove the cardboard flap underneath, you will also find a white satin storage bag, as well as a manual and warranty card.

The Touch is essentially a Tango encased in silky silicone (at least, that’s what it feels like). It has this gorgeous hourglass shape which makes it really nice and comfortable to hold between your thumb and forefinger. It has a ‘scoop’ shape towards the tip (which, if you are lady, is supposed to be very good and surrounding your clitoris with delicious vibration). You also have a slightly rounded tapered tip which will also provide more direct, pin point stimulation as well. It’s so unbelievably cute, that for the first hour I had it in my hand, I just kept stroking it and petting it, like it was some tiny little creature. I just wanted to squish it’s little waist. It’s not often I sit there and ‘coo’ over a vibrator, but when I do – my husband thinks I’ve lost the plot.

The Touch measures just shy of 4 inches in length and around the top half, has a circumference of 4 inches, and on the bottom half, has a circumference of 4.5 inches. It has 8 speeds and settings (like the Tango) which include 4 speeds and 4 patterns. Like the Tango, the Touch can kick out a whopping amount of power – however the silicone here softens it just enough that it’s still really powerful, but I can now use it in places where the Tango was just too much.

It’s not often I sit there and ‘coo’ over a vibrator

In Use

So how can a guy use a toy that’s primarily designed for clitoral stimulation? Well, lots of ways! The most obvious (and the one that provides the most pleasure) is around the penis and frenulum. To help demonstrate what I mean, I have grabbed my stunt cock and will demonstrate:

I found this is great fun to use with a partner (but obviously, it’s just as fun on your own). So when I first charged up the Touch (which should take a couple of hours), I turned it on and cycled through the patterns to know what I was dealing with. After switching it to it’s lowest speed (which is still pretty darn powerful), I pressed the underside of the scooped end against the underside of my penis, where the frenulum is. It immediately started to have an effect.

“It’s so unbelievably cute, that for the first hour I had it in my hand, I just kept stroking it and petting it..”

With just a small amount of lube to help keep things smooth, I was able to run the Touch up and down the underside of the shaft, massaging the frenulum. As things started to heat up, I increased the speed. By the time I was on the third speed, it was all too much and I came with such vigour, it produced an all-over-body shiver. WOW, I thought to myself. I think I’m really going to like this…

After a few hours, I was ready to play around again, and this time, I just used the tip to provide direct stimulation to the sensitive areas. Like before, it was starting to have a very positive effect, although this way, it took much longer to achieve orgasm, as the vibrations were pinpointed to a smaller area – but it was still effective and provided me with a second explosive and jittery orgasm.

The next day, I tried another technique – this time, I placed the scoop just underneath the glans, and allowed the entire body of the Touch to rest on the underside of the shaft. This time, I was getting the vibrations throughout the whole of my penis, and it was still providing direct vibration to the frenulum. As I got more aroused, I decided that I would try and ‘stroke’ with it. Now, this is easy, and it can be done – but I would recommend just a small amount of lube to help keep things nice and smooth. As I stroked, the Touch sent it’s deep vibrations all through the shaft – so much so I could feel it deeper down. Like the first time I experimented with the Hummer, using the Touch this way produced another breath-taking orgasm in under 5 minutes.

Other ways that the Touch can help increase or enhance stimulation is by using it around the nipples, the perineum or even around the anus (not ‘IN’ – but around) – the Touch has a slight ‘tongue’ shape too it – and with a little bit of lube, it’s like you’re being rimmed by a robot! (Trust me, it feels better than it sounds).

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Touch is completely waterproof – so you can take it in the bath or shower with you for some aquatic fun. It also makes clean-up incredibly easy and simple too – just a good spritz of toy cleaner and a rinse under the tap will shine your Touch up no problem. The silicone is a little bit of a dust magnet, so when not in use, I would definitely recommend at least keeping it in the box – or, you can use the storage bag provided. The Touch (like the Tango) will flash when it’s battery is running low, so you will always know when to pop it onto a charge to ensure you get the most out of the Touch each and every time you use it – and to be honest, if you are like me, you are going to want to use it A LOT!


I freakin’ love this little guy. As someone who loves cute squishy things, silicone, vibrations and vibrations on or near my penis – this ticks all my boxes! And the sad thing is, because it’s marketed as a clitoral toy, I fear that there are so many penis owners who are potentially missing out on something amazing because of LABELS! I really do wish more sex toys were unisex (granted, sometimes it doesn’t always work – but I admire people for trying). It’s a cute little toy that’s perfect for travel, is incredibly powerful and is great fun on your own (but even better with a partner). If you love the idea of vibrations on your penis – I really think you will dig what the We-Vibe Touch can do for you. Granted, it’s expensive for a little vibrator – but the orgasms it can help induce are worth every gosh-darn penny.

Where to buy

You can purchase the We-Vibe Touch from the following retailers. These are affiliate links. You will not pay any extra and I will receive a small kickback, which helps support the growth of the blog.

NOTE: This model has been discontinued. A new version is available (we haven’t reviewed this yet – but if you are interested in getting a review on the new version, let me know!).

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