People have often emailed me, asking why I have reviewed so many wand vibrators, I mean – aren’t they essentially all the same? All I say is, you can never have too many wands. And No, they aren’t all the same…

It’s no secret that I absolutely love and worship the Doxy wand. And up until LELO decided to be shady as hell, I was a pretty big fan of the Smart Wand as well. I’ve been waiting for a new wand that could offer the same level of power as a plug in (Doxy) but be rechargeable and waterproof, and most importantly, wireless (Smart Wand).

As I was casually browsing my new followers on Twitter, something caught my eye. A new company who were making a brand-new wand, that they claimed to be the most powerful on the market. I was sceptical, because everyone claims their product is the most powerful vibrator, and often, it’s a dud. But I’m an open-minded guy; I don’t like to pass judgement until I’ve actually given it a try. So, I followed and tweeted, and within a few moments, an offer to review was popping up in my inbox.

I discovered that not only had they created a wand, they’d also created a line of attachments as well, and in a moment of pushing my luck, I asked if I could review the wand AND the attachments. Just so I could enjoy the ‘full experience’. And they obliged. A large packaged turned up at the beginning of December and I was genuinely excited. So, without further ado, let’s look at the O-Wand.

First Impressions

Immediately, the first thing I noticed was how bloody enormous the box was. Even with my new photography set up, I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit it all in to take pictures. It was one of the er, larger boxes I have received in a long time. But of course, inside the box was a set of all three O-Wand attachments as well.

The packaging for the O-Wand is impressive and ticks all my boxes. It’s a matte black with shiny gold foiling in places. It does look every bit the luxury product. As you remove the outer slip, there is a keep-sake style box with a magnetic lid. Flip this open and you’ll find the O-Wand nestled in copper-plated foam along with the free included attachment. In a separate box, you will also find the multi-pin charging adapter, which contains the plug and 4 different pin types, which I recognise as UK, US, EU and erm, well I’m not sure what the other one is. Perhaps someone in the comments can let me know?

The O-Wand itself is quite an imposing beast. It’s about the size of a regular plug in wand, but has a curved body, like the Smart Wand. But here, it has a looped handle. It has ‘rose gold’ finish made from ABS plastic, that looks very similar to classic ‘LELO’ styling. It’s coated in a matte black silicone which is moderately smooth to the touch. The head of the wand is almost egg shaped, and has a flexible neck for directing the stimulation.

The wand requires charging before use, around 1.5 hours which can give UP to 3 hours of play time, dependent on setting (usually around just an hour on maximum speed). It has 4 levels of intensity and has 7 different patterns. It is also completely waterproof, allowing for easy clean up and fun times in the bath/shower. One thing I did note, was that when I was charging the O-Wand, there was no indication that it was actually charging. There were no flashing lights or anything. It was a case of trial and error to see if it had fully charged. It would have been nice to see some sort of indication light.

In Use

As soon as I could, I charged up the O-Wand because I was curious to see whether it would truly be the most ‘powerful’ wand on the market. I’ll cut to the chase right now. It’s NOT the most powerful wand on the market. No. BUT (and this BUT does have a caveat) – it’s the most powerful RECHARGEABLE wand that I have ever tried (as the Magic Wand Rechargeable is not available for sale in the EU, I cannot compare to that). But after going back and forth with my husband, we kind of agree that it just edges out the Smart Wand for power, but is still not as powerful as a plug-in (such as the Doxy).

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually liked the vibrations here. On the lowest constant speed, the vibrations are pretty strong and rumbly. Just how I like them. As I pressed the wand against my skin, I could feel the vibrations reverberate through my body. As you get to the ‘maximum’ speed, the vibrations get a little buzzier, but there is still a hint of rumble there. I liked how these vibrations felt (at least, in my hand I did).

As I sat at my desk, I pressed the tip of the wand against my cock, which was still tucked away in my trousers. I switched it on and waited. My cock reacted favourably. The vibrations were strong enough to penetrate the thick denim of my jeans, and I soon found myself shutting the door, and taking it to the next level.

What I like about the O-Wand, is that the shape (and weight) do work in its favour. At least, it does for me. With my fingers through the looped handle, my thumb was within easy reach of all the buttons. The angle of the curve in the handle was comfortable, allowing me to press the head of the wand against my frenulum as the vibrations did their thing. Once I worked up to the top speed, it didn’t take long to reach orgasm, and it was definitely a good one.

Each session with the O-Wand always ends the same. The difference here, is that with the O-Wand, it takes me a little bit longer to get there, but the overall satisfaction of the orgasm is far greater. It wasn’t over in a flash; I had plenty of time to enjoy the sensations of the vibrations as they made my cock dance and quiver.

Another thing I liked, is the fact the vibrations are pretty much non-existent in the handle. As I’m holding it through the looped grip, I couldn’t really feel anything. Even as I moved my hands up the handle, the amount of vibrations I could feel was very minimal. They’ve done a great job at making sure all those vibrations are coming out of the tip. For those who find they get numb hands and fingers after using a wand, this might be your saving grace.

The included attachment is the O-Burst – a cap which is covered in lots of little tiny bumps. When used to stimulate the frenulum, I personally didn’t notice any major difference in sensation. However, the cap did make actual massage a far better experience. I’ve had some tension in my neck and shoulders, and the high speed of the O-Wand, combined with the knobbly top, helped reduce the stiffness (easy) and certainly helped my body feel more relaxed overall.


The O-Wand can be customised with a selection of wand attachments (available separately). There are currently 3 on offer: The O-Gasm (a masturbation attachment designed for the penis), the O-La-La (which looks to offer clitoral stimulation through what looks like a little suction cup) and the O-Spot (an internal prostate/g-spot stimulator). All the attachments are made from 100% body safe silicone and retail for around £20 each. This is the reason this review has taken me a little bit longer (aside LIFE getting in the way…)

The O-Gasm

My personal favourite attachment was the O-Gasm. This attachment features an open ribbed chamber (similar to the RISE). It’s very flexible, meaning most people should be able slip it over their penis. Lube is a definite necessity here. The vibrations transmit through the sleeve very well, even on the lower speed. I found it was quite easy to stroke with the Wand, despite the hefty weight.

The ribbed interior massaged the shaft whilst the vibrations completely surround the penis. When using the O-Gasm attachment, I found that I reached orgasm MUCH quicker, which I can only assume is down to the fact the amount of stimulation and sensation here is far greater. All know is, each orgasm from using the O-Gasm left me breathless and slightly weak at the knees.

The O-Spot

The internal attachment is curved like a typical prostate massager, with a rounded bulb towards the base. On the cap itself, where it was would sit against the body, there is a ridged mound which will stimulate the perineum. It has an insertable length of about 4 inches. Around the slimmest part of the shaft, it’s 3 inches, whilst the orb is about 4 inches. It’s a good size for a beginner, and insertion was easy and comfortable.

The vibrations deliver well through the shaft, however for me, it was just to short/too slim to really offer me any intense sensations. The round orb vibrating nicely around my butt hole, which was pleasant, but I didn’t get any of the vibrations around by my prostate.

The O-La-La

Unfortunately, most of this attachment is lost on me, as I don’t have the best anatomy for it. The O-La-La has what looks like a little suction cup. Inside, is a small little bump. To the best of my knowledge, I would assume that the little bump goes directly on the clitoris, whilst the ‘cup’ surrounds it. Once again, the vibrations seemed to be making their way through the attachment with ease. I just can’t report on how good it might feel… sorry about that.

On the top and opposite side of the attachment, is some more texturing, which again, I assume is just to ‘switch’ things up if you want broader stimulation. Those I tried, but much like the O-Burst, I didn’t feel any difference in sensation.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The O-Wand can be cleaned by simply wiping over with a damp cloth and a little spritz of toy cleaner to freshen it up. It is waterproof, so if you did want to be a bit more thorough, then you can of course rinse under the tap. When using the O-Wand, avoid using silicone and oil based lubes, as the manual dictates this could damage the finish of the wand.

The wand should not be used whilst plugged in, which means it should only be used around water when not plugged in. But hopefully you knew that. You all seem like a smart bunch. As for storage, well it’s a shame the O-Wand didn’t provide some sort of storage bag. As lovely as the box is, it’s pretty big and a bit of a pain to store. But as I share my house with 2 shedding pugs, if it’s not inside something, it does pick up dust and hair very easily. So until I can find an alternative solution, it will be under the bed in its box.


It’s been a long time since I’ve written a review this long. If you’ve made it this far, I am impressed. So what do I think of the O-Wand? Well generally, I like it. It is a pretty powerful piece of kit, and as I stated at the beginning, I’m 99.99% certain it is the most powerful RECHARGEABLE wand I had tried. The vibrations are surprisingly decent, if on the buzzier side as you get to the higher speeds. It’s not quiet, but I expected it to be louder – in terms of volume, I think it’s on par with the Smart Wand.

I like that an attachment has been included; this gives you a little bit of versatility straight out of the box. It’s good that they’ve included multiple plugs for charging, but realistically, you could have saved space and made it USB rechargeable, rather than needed to have a large power box and multiple pins dependent on where it’s being used. But for a first outing from this company, it shows they are thinking – but perhaps this is something to consider for the O-Wand 2?

I think the BIG issue is the price. This will divide some people. The Large Smart wand retails for around £155 (dependent on where you shop). The O-Wand retails for £199. Is it worth the extra £44? Well, I think so. I do believe the O-Wand does have the edge on power, and you do get a nice extra attachment in the box as well. If you don’t own any kind of luxury wand vibrator, than I feel like it’s kind of a no-brainer, provided it’s within your budget.

Where to Buy

Currently you can only get the O-Wand directly from the website.

You can now also purchase the O-Wand from SheVibe (Ships to US/CA/UK/AU).


The O-Wand and Attachments was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Mr and Mrs Toy Ltd, the creators of the O-Wand. This does not sway or affect my opinion in anyway. All thoughts and experiences are 100% honest and my own. Affiliate links have not been used in this post. 

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