Being a sex blogger is terribly exciting. Not only do we get to play around with some amazing products, we sometimes get the inside scoop on products that aren’t available yet.

This is one of those occasions. Technically, I knew about the LOKI, as I had seen an advert for it in the XBIZ magazine and I immediately got in touch with my contact at LELO to see if I could find out any more information – and that’s where I was told that LELO were producing not just one but THREE brand new toys aimed at providing the ultimate prostate massage. Holy cow! Of course, I was told that this was to be kept quiet until the 25th August, when the big reveal will be made. This was made even harder by the fact that I was told I was receiving all three products for review. Never has it been so difficult to keep quiet! So a little while a go, we introduced you to the three new products and today, we are going to spend a little time getting to know LOKI…


First Impressions

When you talk about ‘luxury’ sex toys, LELO is a brand that automatically springs to mind. Everything is always of top quality – everything from the packaging, to the silicone used.. it’s just all exquisite – and the LOKI is no exception. Presented in a faux crocodile skin box, with a clear window allowing you to see the vibrator in all of it’s beauty.

As you lift up the lid, LOKI sits in a form fitting foam bed. There is a flap which when lifted reveals a satin storage bag, a USB charging cable as well as an instruction manual and a sachet of LELO Personal Moisturiser. LOKI is available in 2 colours – Obsidian Black and the very regal sounding Federal Blue – which is what we were sent.

for the first few days, I found any excuse I could to just pick it up and hold it, stroke it…

The LOKI is covered in LELO’s soft, sensual silicone that doesn’t attract as much dust as other silicones. It’s completely waterproof and features a moderate sized insertable shaft which has a curve designed for maximum prostate stimulation. It has an insertable length of 4.5 inches and an average circumference of 4.5 inches – making this fairly accessible to almost anyone. It’s tapered tip is perfectly suited to ease you in gently.

There are 6 different settings – ranging from one single constant pattern to 5 alternating waves and pulses. All feature customisable speeds. The handle has 4 buttons which make it incredibly easy to operate, even when in use. A 60 minute charge should provide around 2 hours of playtime. Overall, the LOKI looks and feels wonderful. In fact, for the first few days, I found any excuse I could to just pick it up and hold it, stroke it… I realise I have a problem – but fellow sex bloggers will know exactly the feeling I felt. But how does it feel in use?

In Use

Upon first looking at the LOKI, you would be forgiven for thinking it shared a few attributes with another very popular vibe from the LELO line up. It does indeed look a little bit like the MONA (which many bloggers have been RAVING about for years) however the LOKI has a flared base making it perfectly safe for anal use.

The first ever prostate massager I bought was the BILLY which I bought about 4 years ago. I never reviewed it on the blog, mainly because I never really got on with it. The MR quite liked it, but for me, it lacked power and the curve wasn’t enough to really hit my spot. Don’t get me wrong, it felt nice inside and all – but it just wasn’t giving me what I needed. The LOKI addresses all of the issues that made me dislike the BILLY.


Side by side comparison of the LELO Billy & LOKI.

In the LOKI, the shaft is thicker, which provides the nice ‘full’ sensation I’ve come to expect from my anal toys – however the shaft narrows towards the base but this makes it really comfortable to use – almost like a plug. There is also a wider flared base on the LOKI which is very much needed. I found the base on the BILLY to be a little too small, and when my ass gets excited, it could very easily pull the whole thing in – so using it was always a risk. Here, the LOKI sits comfortably, and I certainly feel more at ease.

The vibrations are indeed powerful, and are a huge step up from the vibrations in the BILLY which, whilst rumbly, just weren’t strong enough for me – I like my vibrations to be earth-shattering. The LOKI still doesn’t quite reach the same rumbly heights as say, the L’Amourose ROSA – however I don’t think they are that far off – and if this is any indication of how the vibrations are in something like the MONA – it’s no wonder it was lauded by so many. I have often longed to get hold of a MONA because the shape of the shaft looked like it was made for prostate stimulation – but the lack of flared base was putting me off.

So when it came to give it a go, I got myself nice and relaxed. As it had been a while, I dug out the BILLY so I could see how they shaped up. The BILLY inserted incredibly easily with just a little bit of lube. As I lay there, I switched on the vibrations and as I suspected, not a lot happened. So BILLY was soon discarded and I made my way onto the main event.

With a generous coating of water-based lube, I lay on my side and slowly began to insert LOKI. The slightly thicker shaft, and more prominent curve took a little bit more wriggle to get in, but still, with minimal effort it soon slipped right in – and instantly I already noticed a vast improvement over the BILLY. Thanks to the slightly longer shaft and better curve, it came to rest by my prostate. A gentle push on the handle down towards the bed moved it closer until it was firmly nudging it. I was already pretty excited at the thought of what was to come.

It didn’t take me long to get comfortable and I was soon itching to get the vibrations going. Pressing the + (plus) button turns the toy on to it’s lowest setting. It’s a very mild and gentle rumble (but a good rumble) and is focused right at the tip, meaning that even though the vibrations were soft, it was massaging the prostate, getting it warmed up for what was about to happen. With the LOKI firmly inserted, I decided to switch positions and lay on my back. The handle was now resting on the mattress and allowed me the opportunity to grind my hips, in order to manipulate the vibrator ‘hands-free’ to increase stimulation. One thing I did notice that was a mild annoyance, was the LOKI has the tendency to.. well, rotate – once it’s inside. I don’t know how or why, but every now and again, i’d have to ‘twist’ it back round.

I was soon reaching to increase the speed – I am an absolute power-queen – i’m not going to lie, so I basically pushed it all the way up to the top. It felt incredible and with a slightly flex of the LOKI using the handle to push it closer to my prostate, it sent wave after wave of tingles coursing through my entire lower extremities. Instinctively, I reached for the plus button again and starting frantically pressing it, trying to squeeze a little bit more power out of it. And this is my only issue with this toy. It feels like it could give you just a little bit more power… but it doesn’t. It’s almost frustrating. It had me on the cusp of an orgasm, and I was just aching for just that extra boost to send me over the edge. But it just didn’t arrive. But it’s not all bad, as despite it not being able to provide me with that completely hands-free orgasm, it still led me to a completely explosive manual orgasm which took very little effort on my part at all. Which is still a great thing in my book – but it can’t quite reach the orgasmic heights of the ROSA which is, at this moment in time, still my favourite prostate vibrator – but the LOKI has definitely got a spot in my prostate repertoire.

Clean Up & Maintenance

LELO have made the LOKI completely waterproof which makes it an absolute breeze to clean – you can thoroughly rinse it under the tap or in a basin of water, with a healthy spritz of toy cleaner and you are good to go. There is a slight gap between the silicone and the plastic handle, so do pay extra attention when cleaning here, as lube and other debris has the potential to get stuck in here – it should be minimal as it’s not designed to be inserted that far – but lubey fingers etc, it’s worth just paying a bit of attention.

Because it is waterproof (certified to a depth of one metre) the LOKI is perfect to take in the bath or shower for some aquatic fun. I’ve not tried this yet, but I have to say, as this is not a vibrator that can be sat on (due to the large handle) i’m not sure it would be comfortable to use in the bath. LELO provide you with a nice little storage bag, so simply pop it in that, along with the charger and it’s ready to be tucked away with your other toys.

LELO LOKI Prostate Massager


We’ve waited a long time for LELO to produce some new products aimed at prostate and anal stimulation, and they’ve gotten off to a decent start. I personally do think the LOKI is a wonderful piece of kit and I cannot stress how beautiful it is to both look at, and hold. I think the reason it wasn’t able to quite send me over the edge, is the fact that this is a single motor – things like the STEALTH and the ROSA – they both have additional motors designed to stimulate from the outside – and I think that is what is missing here (at least for me, anyway). If you find that vibrations on the prostate alone are enough, then I think you will absolutely love the LOKI straight away – the shape of the shaft and the powerful, rumbly vibrations are all ace.

For those of you who like to sit and ‘rock’ with your prostate massagers, the LOKI is going to leave you unsatisfied as the large handle makes this impossible. However, if you are quite keen to just lay back and let the vibrator do all the work, then you are in luck.

I would hope that if LELO ever give us a LOKI 2, I would really hope they could beef up the vibrations and give us an extra setting or 2. But maybe i’m just too greedy? Next week, we’ll be taking a look at the other 2 prostate massagers that LELO released – the BRUNO and HUGO. How will they stack up compared to the LOKI? Come back next week, and find out!

Where to buy

If you would like to get hold of the LOKI, it can be ordered from the following places:

LELO / CloneZoneDirect / Bondara

I would like to thank LELO who sent out the LOKI to me for free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts, opinions and experiences dictated in this review are 100% genuine and my own. Remember, your own mileage may vary with this product. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 


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