Sex Tech has come along way over the past few years. The rise of VR content has driven a new wave of powered masturbators, to provide that next level of thrill and realism.

Sometimes it works (Fleshlight Launch) and sometimes it leaves a lot to be desired (KIIROO Onyx). I personally have never really been completely fascinated with VR or interactive porn, but I can understand why some people might be. It’s a new way of escaping into a new world, a new fantasy; and for some people, that’s pretty enticing. For me, I just love anything that’s slightly technical. Give me something that looks a little bit geeky and complicated and i’m all over it. I’m also a sucker for a well thought out, well put together package; and when I saw the SenseTube, there was something in me that said “Yes. At some point, we will test this”.

And towards the end of 2017, SenseMax indeed got in touch and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the SenseTube. I of course, couldn’t say no. And a few weeks later, it arrived and I was ready to put another piece of wank tech through it’s paces. I had high-hopes for this device… would it work out to be the hand-job of my dreams? Or was a left with a corrupted floppy disk? Well, there’s only one way to find out…

First Impressions

The packaging for the SenseTube is very nicely thought out. Its a solid white box with some blurbs and a picture of the toy. The thing doesn’t really look like a sex toy. It looks like some sort of expensive accessory you might find in an Apple store. To me, it kind of looks like it’s some sort of bluetooth audio device; so for discretion? I have to give a thumbs up to SenseMax. The only real clue it’s a sex toy, is the list of white text on the very back of the box, but even then, it’s still very cryptic.

Inside the box is the SenseTube, a magnetic USB charging cable and there possibly might have been a little instruction leaflet (but unfortunately between receiving, testing and christmas, I haven’t been able to locate one, so I can’t remember!). The SenseTube itself has a silicone exterior which is soft, allowing you to squeeze the sides of the case to control tightness. The sleeve is removable and made from TPE (and feels similar to TENGA TPE). The charging and drying base is made from ABS plastic. The SenseTube is waterproof, and is charged via a magnetic USB cable. A 2.5 hour charge should give around 2 hours of playtime.

There is an app available for both Android and iOS (SensePlayer) and there is a website (SenseLovers) where you can download and view compatible video content.

In Use

The SenseTube can be used in 2 ways; you are of course, free to enjoy the SenseTube as a standalone luxury masturbator. The toy has 5 different vibrating modes, with 18 (yes, 18) speeds a piece. Simply turn it on, and you can use the buttons on the side to increase/decrease speed or scroll through the 5 patterns. Alternatively, you can connect your SenseTube to your mobile device using the SensePlayer app, and if you have the VR headset (sold separately), you can watch and interact with their curated VR content. Alternatively, you are able to just watch videos, but still have the SenseTube ‘interact’ with the action on screen.

Using the SenseTube Solo

Using the SenseTube on it’s own is a standard masturbation experience. Lube up, slip inside, switch on the vibrations and stroke. There’s not really much else to it. So when I had some free time, I took myself to the bedroom for some quiet time, and reached for the SenseTube. I loaded up some visual stimulation and got ready. After coating myself and the inside of the sleeve with a good splash of water-based lubricant, I began to slip inside. This was where I encountered my first little ‘issue’.

As I began to insert myself, the sleeve was trying to push itself down into the silicone casing. I had to stop, reach in with my fingers to fish it out and then try again. The same thing happened again. On the third attempt, I pulled the sleeve out slightly, and then slipped in. At last, the sleeve was now properly aligned and I was inside. The sleeve has a mild texture; it’s just a series of ribs running along the length of the canal. It feels… nice. It’s not overwhelming, it’s just… nice. I enjoyed a few strokes, just so I could feel the texture of the sleeve on it’s own. The sleeve has a decent amount of tightness, so it does feel like it’s gripping you fairly tightly. I can’t really say I felt much of the texture, but it didn’t feel wholly unpleasant.

By now I was ‘raring’ to go, and I wanted to turn on the vibrations. Pressing the plus (+) button switches the SenseTube onto the first (constant) vibration. Subsequent presses will increase the speed. When I first turned it on, the vibrations in the case were strong and moderately rumbly. On it’s top speed, the vibrations could be felt all around the casing. But for some reason, I just could not feel them inside the sleeve. The sleeve was dampening the vibrations quite significantly. I squeezed the sides of the case to try and increase the sensation, but nothing. I just wasn’t really getting any major vibration stimulation from the sleeve at all.

I put it down to having a bad day, so I put the SenseTube aside, and decided I would come back to it another day. The next time I took it out for a spin, I had my husband with me, and we decided we would both give it a try. I was definitely in a state of arousal, so I reached for the SenseTube and plunged inside. On this try, the textured sleeve felt a little better, and on it’s own, it probably would have given me a fairly satisfactory orgasm. But I have plenty of ‘manual’ strokers; the vibration is the big draw here. So I turned it on and got ready to rock and roll.

Once again, the vibrations that were rocking the outside of the case, were not doing their job of rocking my casbah. There was the teensiest bit of sensation felt, but it felt more like a distant afterthought. Now, i’m not hung like a porn star, but i’m also no shrinking violet either. I’m an average guy of average girth. My issue here, is that the vibrations seem to be focused right at the very bottom, and then they spread down and out. Unfortunately, i’m just shy of reaching the point where the vibrations are at their strongest. And this upsets me, because I would imagine could I reach and feel that point, this might be a whole new story. My husband agreed. He said the textured sleeve on it’s own was ‘alright’ and ‘nothing special’, but also lamented the surprising lack of vibration sensation.

Using the SenseTube with VR/Interactive Content

OK, so this paragraph is a bit misleading, because unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test out the SenseTube with VR or Interactive content. But I still think it’s important to bring it up. Firstly, the VR headset is sold separately (and you know, i’m not going to go out and buy a VR headset just so I can write a review). Secondly, the actual content that is available is very… limited. At least, from what I could see upon my initial investigation.

After signing up using the SensePlayer app, I connected to their suggested site ( and checked out the content. The only video content I could find available were POV VR videos, that all featured cishet models. I couldn’t see a search option, or any option for just standard 2D interactive content. I couldn’t see any gay/bi/trans content or anything. It’s a real shame that their isn’t a more diverse range of content available, and at the time of writing, I hadn’t been able to locate any compatible content from third-party sites either. In 2018, I would like companies realise that the audience for your products is going to be wider than ‘cis hetero males’. There are a whole world of penis owners, who enjoy different things. More diverse and inclusive content is an absolute MUST.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The SenseTube is completely waterproof, and the sleeve removes for easy cleaning. The outside case can be rinsed or wiped over with a damp cloth (depends how, er, messy you’ve been!) but the sleeve can be thoroughly rinsed and turned inside out to allow for proper fluid removal. The sleeve will not need treating once it’s dry; it returns to it’s original slightly silky feel on it’s own. The plastic base that acts as a charging stand, also doubles up as a dryer (it has tiny air holes at the bottom). It works surprisingly well here (as the internal tube is also hollow, allowing air to circulate). Once dry, I can store it safely back in its sturdy box.


So the main question is, is the SenseTube worth a splurge? Honestly, for me, I would have to say no, but not because it’s a terrible product. In all honesty, the actual device is very well made, handles very well and the standard textured sleeve is not bad. My issues are with the vibrations and the lack of diverse content available. If I was to suggest some improvements to the SenseTube, they would be as follows:

  1. Consider adding an additional vibrating element towards the centre and base of the toy. Make that whole side vibrate. That way, no matter how long or short your penis is, you should feel some vibrations. The additional vibrating elements should also improve the overall sensation throughout the sleeve as well.
  2. The sleeve itself needs a wider, sturdier rim, to stop it from disappearing into the case when you try to enter.
  3. MORE Content. I would love to see the SenseLovers site include more videos that would cater to a wider audience. I wanna see me some gay porn there!

If you want to read more about the VR side of things, you can check out this review I found from someone who has tried both the VR Headset and the SenseTube.

Where to Buy

The only trusted retailer I can find of the SenseTube at the moment is MEO

If I find any more, I will update here accordingly.

The SenseMax SenseTube was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our thoughts or experiences of this or anything product we receive for review. Affiliate links have not been used in this post.